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Honor Watch GS Pro : Specifications, Price and Where to Buy

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The Honor Watch GS Pro company continues to focus large of its launches and novelties on wearable devices and MagicBook laptops, of which the current offer is made up of models with 14 and 15-inch screens. 

On this occasion, it has just announced the marketing of its Honor Watch GS Pro smartwatch, a professional model with various awards granted at IFA 2020 for its design and which now reaches the European market with countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. United. 

It has a robust design and the brand highlights the great duration of its battery that can reach 25 days before having to recharge it with the charging base. In addition, it offers improved GPS navigation for your outings abroad or routes in the field. 

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And the thing is that the Watch GS Pro enhances field trips in a way that offers new features such as the GPS return route function to guide you safely to the starting point on those escapes in which the weather gets complicated. 

Honor Watch GS Pro has more than 100 training modes with a clear profile towards the more adventurous, with climbing, hiking, skiing, indoor and outdoor running, and free training to reach your fitness goals.

The Honor Watch GS Pro is available in Charcoal Black and Marl White with fluoroelastomers. Fluoroelastomers are materials that are highly resistant to heat, sweat, and grease, and are less prone to allergic reactions. 

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With regard to their straps, they have different finishes in nylon; the Camo Blue shade now launching in October, and the Camo Gray in November. Employing the Dope Dyeing technique, the strap is stronger and more resistant than previous generations. 

How much does the Honor Watch GS Pro cost and where can I buy it?

The Honor Watch GS Pro arrives with a 46mm diameter dial with Charcoal Black or Marl White finishes. Its recommended retail price is € 249.90 although as a launch offer, you can purchase it these days for only € 199.90 at HiHonor . 

Recently, the company also presented its Honor Watch ES Meteorite Black model at a price of € 79.99 with which it continues to expand the range of models it sells in our country, which is made up of 5 different ones. charcoal black 3

The specifications of the new Watch GS Pro surpass in autonomy and functions the Honor Magic Watch 2 , which we had the opportunity to test in our magazine a few months ago. Take a look at the full review of the Honor Magic Watch 2 , which now costs just € 139.90.


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