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Here are the five biggest iPad issues, because no device is right

The 2018 iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Despite its many advantages, there are some major issues with Apple’s latest tablet, and we have selected five problems to highlight the hope that information can help potential buyers or upgradors make the final decision.

  • External Drive Connectivity

The first problem is less than the lack of hardware compared to one of the software troubles. Applet means that the iPad Pro can replace a notebook, but there is a major feature missing that works as the backbone of any full computer, and it has full hard drive support.

rExternal Drive Connectivity

Apple has built in limited support for external hard drives for iPad Pro’s USB-C port.

If you are professional using a notebook, then it is likely that you are taking files back and forth on flash drives or other external storage. Although it can connect to such hardware, iPad Pro can only detect photos and videos from these peripherals.

To further worsen the situation, you have to import image files in the camera roll, which in some cases can trigger an automatic synchronization with iCloud. When Apple’s file manager app is on the iPad, it is very limited with those users who are easily unable to drag and drop files with the same level because they will be on the notebook.

For video developers who store on the hard drive to protect video footage and projects, you just can not do this on iPad Pro.

  • Lack of Mouse Support

Like a MacBook, Apple touts the ability of the iPad Pro to connect to the external display, which provides users a large working area. The MacBook also receives ClashShell mode, which basically allows you to separate the MacBook and work with a mouse, keyboard and a larger screen.

image001 1

iPad Pro can mirror its display to an external monitor, but a lack of input peripherals hurts the experience.

On iPad Pro, there is no mouse support. Even if you can connect to an external display, you still have to hold the iPad in your hands and see below to control it.

Apart from this, being a trackpad or mouse to make a computer a computer is another fundamental requirement, because it is very fast and easy to navigate and move files around. There are so many things on a computer that are difficult to handle touch controls alone.

The iPad Pro offers limited cursor control over soft keyboard via a two-finger gesture, but its implementation is a lot of crying from dedicated touchpad.

  • Storage and flash memory costs

The limited amount of storage and RAM you get with iPad Pro’s base configuration, which is still priced at a hefty premium over competing hardware.

ipad pro 97 review mrv 009 28 100653690 orig

iPad Pro in landscape orientation.

The 2018 iPad Pro now starts at $ 799 for the 11-inch model, which is already $ 150 more, and it still comes with only 64 GB of storage. If you are a professional who is ready for a high level of iPad Pro offer, then you will not have enough storage for 64 GB, especially if you have to import photos and videos directly to the disc instead of working outside. Drive.

Increasing to 256 GB will cost you an extra $ 150, and 512 GB will cost $ 350. If you are looking for 1TB storage then be prepared to pay almost double the price of the 64 GB model. Add $ 130 apple pencil to it, which is not compatible with 2018 iPad Pro’s first generation pencil, and you’re looking at the price of an eyeball.

Apple said that 2018 iPad Pro is faster than 92 percent of all portable PCs, and it can be true, the base model comes with only 4 GB RAM. Many professional applications can benefit from a decent amount of RAM, especially when multitasking.

Yes, iPad Pro technically performs technically better performance of last year’s 15-inch MacBook Pro in Geekbench 4 test, but the base 15-inch model also came with 16 GB RAM.

You can go from 4 GB to 6 GB RAM on the new iPad Pro, which is good, but to do this, upgrading to an additional $ 750 for 1TB-capacity model is included.

Do not take all this wrong way, because the new iPad Pro is definitely the best iPad and tablet ever. This makes the Form Factor revolutionary, so that you may be planning to upgrade to a new iPad Pro in the next few years, it may be worth a direct upgrade. The sticking point listed here is to inform buyers, so when they take their shiny new device they are not dark, they are not exactly right about their new purchase to find something.

Overpowered for Daily Use

IPad Pro packs in the startling volume of processing power, doubles the benchmark score of 10.5-inch iPad Pro in many tests, and even exports 4 HVC videos in less than half times. Here’s the issue: that power will be wasted.


iPad Pro performance compared.

Almost every one app is already feeling incredibly smooth on the 10.5-inch model, so it would be difficult to feel extra speed in day-to-day use.

Yes, you can see a difference with the demand software like Adobe’s Photoshop for the iPad reaching next year, but currently there are not many apps like Photoshop in the iOS App Store.

As previously mentioned, the limited files app and other restrictions are holding back the iPad Pro with its full potential. Now with A12x Bionic in service, we hope developers begin to tap into the raw power of the chip to deliver more powerful applications for the iPad.

Goodbye Headphone Jack

The Fifth problem is that the 2018 iPad Pro is the first iPad to crush headphone jacks, and to be honest, I thought the apple will keep it for at least some more years.

froont pyblisher dribbble06

2018 brings a relocated Smart Connector and Headphone Jack Removal

I have personally gone on an applepad airplane for my audio needs, which is one of my favorite apple devices, but there are still many professionals who work on wired headphones and audio equipment.

Of course, removing headphones jack helps to make the iPad Pro slender, but how does it actually look like?

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