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Harry Potter : Wizards Unite: worldwide launch,and gameplay

When Pokémon Go was launched in 2016, it did not take long to become a global phenomenon and still has many daily players. Soon after this, a trailer that suggested the possible arrival of Harry Potter AR game, became viral.

Although the expectations of Hogwarts’ cosmic fans disappeared immediately, they returned to see the dream of completion in November 2017, when Warner Bros. announced that Niyantik Video Game is developing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The long-awaited game will finally come to mobile and tablet in 2019. Keep reading about what we know about the game so far. 

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: is it worth your purchase?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is more than just Pokémon Go with magic. It contains game elements that you will love if you are a Pokémon Go fan. You will also enjoy new and exciting features designed exclusively for this new game that brings to life the world of wizards and witches of Harry Potter.

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Game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

When the Pokémon go incident flooded the world in the summer of 2016, fans of Harry Potter started thinking: Imagine if we had such a game in Wizard World. It seems that the developers were listening to Niantic and Warner Bros. games because we are doing what we have asked for.

Our associate of Tech Advisor United Kingdom could spend an hour playing games for the mobile version in the streets of London with some of the game’s creators.

They told us that they were strictly forbidden from taking photos, screenshots or videos while playing them, so the ones whom you see here are images provided by Niantic and WB Games.

However, we can share many first-hand experiences of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which can give you an idea of ​​what you can expect when you arrive at the App Store.

The interesting thing is that we still do not know when Wizard unite will come on iOS and Android. We all know that it is going to come this year. If we had to guess, then we would suggest that June or July is a good bet, because it is important to launch during the summer months, when it is more likely that the players want to get on the road to play.

What is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

When you have the opportunity to start playing you will see that you have become a magician or witch who has just been signed by the Statute of the Secret Work Group to help save the world of wizards from being discovered by Muggles.

The Statute needs all possible help because a horrible disaster has caused magical people, artifacts, beasts and more magical creatures to be scattered all over the world, which anyone can discover, including the Muggles .

These various items have been dubbed as ‘fungible items’ in Wizards Unite, rather than collectables. You will have to dispel the confused magic that surrounds them to send them back to the world of the magicians they belong to. So actually, unlike in Pokémon Go !, you will not be collecting creatures

You will run into familiar characters like Harry himself, who will be an adult Auror in Wizards Unite (the game is played in the present time). WB Games has created additional characters only for Wizards Unite, including Constance Pickering and Gareth Greengrass.

01 harry potter wizards united

Although you will realize that the story is much broader than what we just told you, this will surely serve as a summary to make you to the idea of ​​the adventure you will undertake when you start the game.

There are “mysteries” throughout the game that the players will have to discover and dig deeper to find out more about how the great disaster happened. In the teaser, we saw mentions of the “Five of London“, which seem to be missing, but beyond that there have been no more clues as to who the five are and the circumstances surrounding their disappearance.

Niantic and WB Games describe these mysteries as a multi-year narrative, and have suggested that Wizards Unite is a game that lifelong Harry Potter fans will understand perfectly.   

Release: when will Harry Potter: Wizards Unite be released?

Niantic and Warner Bros. Has already confirmed that the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s global release will be held this Friday, June 21 after testing the beta version of countries like Australia and New Zealand a few weeks ago.

If you wish, you can register on the official website to receive all game updates. In addition, those who are Android users can also pre-register through Google Play.

Platforms: in which operating systems can Harry Potter: Wizards Unite be played?

The platforms on which this Harry Potter RA game will be available are still to be officially confirmed. However, it is more than likely that, as with the Pokémen GO , it can be played on both iOS and Android.

This is the simplest way to introduce games in augmented reality, especially thanks to the ARKit and ARCore tools. However, it is possible that it is also available for Nintendo Switch, a portable console with a rear camera.

Harry Potter Trailer: Wizards Unite

Warner Bros. announced the arrival of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for this year by publishing the first official trailer of the game. As you can see, nothing in the gameplay of the game has been shown, so you can be disappointed.

Harry Potter Gameplay: Wizards Unite

The big question of Harry Potter: How Wizards Unite can be its gameplay? We can expect great equality with Pokémon Go, because Warner Bros. has confirmed that its developers, Niyantik, are also behind the new game.

Thus, the great goal of Harry Potter game will be to pick up their players and explore their players. In this case you will not have to search Pokémon, but magical creatures and characters from the universe of the most famous magician.

You can learn mantras and magic, catch magical creatures and hide Harry Potter’s unique artifacts from the world. All this is under the premise that something referenced in the form of calamity has exposed the magicians around the world.

Your mission will be to help save the magical world. It will not cost you to put yourself in situation, because the interface is very well set. The owls and the circular ones floating around your head will remind you of the magic of the universe created by JK Rowling.

As you play, you will encounter characters, magical creatures and artifacts in augmented reality. The novelty is that you can explore them from any point of view and take a 360º round around them.

With Harry Potter: Wizards Unite , you will not have to throw Pokéballs, but you will have to cast the corresponding spells to return the object to the magic world. This will suck energy, so you should recharge eating in a tavern.

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