Google Photos ends your free unlimited storage

Google has surprised us all, but unlike other occasions, leaving many speechless by stating that they change their storage policies and will stop offering unlimited free storage for the photos we take with the mobile. 

According to TechCrunch sources , the company will stop offering unlimited storage for all users who decide to store photos and videos in HD quality, something that it had been offering until now since 2015. 

In fact, the end of unlimited storage affects not only Google Photos, but also other services such as Google Drive documents, and Gmail emails. All three will be included in this capacity cap set at 15 GB for free.

When do the new restrictions go into effect?

It will be from next June 1, 2021 when the measure comes into force, so that any photo or video that is synchronized with the Google One service, from that date, will be discounted from the 15 GB of storage that will be free for each account.

The company has already started an information campaign, through which, it sends an email to users informing of the new conditions. Basically, it mentions that you won’t be able to keep using Google Photos to back up your photos and videos. 

It also indicates that before the date of June 1, 2021, the company will put in the hands of users a new storage management tool with which they can find all the content to filter or eliminate unwanted video and photos.

Owners of Google Pixel mobiles, also affected

From Google they clarify that all those photos and videos that have been previously uploaded, will be kept without adding to the global GB count since they were synchronized and active before the measure came into effect.

Initially it seemed that Google Pixel mobile users could get rid of this measure, but everything seems to indicate that the owners of these Google terminals will also be affected by the new restriction. 

What are the prices of the Google One cloud?  

Currently, the prices that Google offers on its cloud storage rates are among the lowest in the market when compared to the competition. The 15 GB free is followed by the 100 GB modality for € 1.99 per month. 

Subsequently, the capacity is increased so that the 200 GB have a monthly cost of € 2.99; 2 TB for € 9.99; 10 TB for € 99.99 per month and thus, progressive increments of 20 TB for € 199.99 or 30 TB for € 299.99. 

This measure that Google now adopts seems to be associated with its artificial intelligence technology. Until now, the purpose of offering this service for free was associated with training your 

What alternatives are there to Google One?

Obviously, there are many other similar services offered by companies such as Apple with its iCloud , Amazon with the plans associated with Amazon Drive , or even Microsoft with OneDrive . Most limit free storage to 5GB. 

The Amazon Drive proposal is a great alternative since it offers unlimited storage of your photos and content for a price of € 70 per year, with an additional 3-month free trial period. 

In the case of users subscribing to the Amazon Premium service, they can access unlimited space for photos and up to 5 GB for the rest of the documents that they want to upload to the cloud. 

It should be noted that while other services such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive allow you to view and edit photos and documents stored in the cloud, from the mobile app or via the web, Amazon Drive only allows storage, without the possibility of editing.

In this way, if what you want is to modify a photo or photo album, you will have to download them to your computer beforehand to be processed before uploading them to the cloud again, without the possibility of doing it in real time. 


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