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Google Calendar is a very useful application to organize our lives, which allows you to share all the events, appointments and important dates with your family, friends or colleagues.

You should know that it is not installed by default in iPhones, which means that you must activate the synchronization option in your Google Account so that these entries also appear in the iOS Calendar app.

How to use the Google Calendar app

If the iOS Calendar app does not refuse you, you always have the option to download and use the Google Calendar app on your iPhone. If you have a Gmail account and are used to use Google Apps, then it will be particularly useful.

Google Calendar is compatible with iCloud, Microsoft Exchange and other servers, and has a much more colorful and attractive interface than the simplest design of the Apple app.

Despite all these advantages, Google Calendar does not have the same compatibility as its calendar app with Apple devices. In this sense, the app designed by Cupertino will always be the default.

Synchronize Google Calendar with the Apple Calendar 

If you prefer to use the iOS Calendar app instead of the Google app, you have the possibility to display all the events and placements in your Google Calendar in the default calender

1. First, on your iPhone, tap Settings ‘Open the App and Settings Accounts and Password‘ option.

2.On the new screen, tap ‘Add Account.’

3. Then, select the ‘Google‘ option and sign in to the Gmail account with which you associated the calendar that you want to synchronize with your iOS Calendar app. Tap on ‘Next‘ to move to the next step.

4. Now you should see a list of all the Google services you can synchronize: Mail, Contacts, Notes and Calendar.

5. Make sure the ‘Calendar‘ option is enabled.

6. Next, you should make sure that the Google Calendar option is also enabled in the iOS Calendar app. To do this, you first have to open that app.

7. Tap the ‘Calendar‘ option below to see the list of available calendars. Ensure that one has been selected according to your Google Calendar.

8. To select the color that corresponds to the entries in your Google Calendar, tap the spherical icon with an ‘i‘ on the right side of your Gmail account

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