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Gift ideas for Apple fans at Christmas

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There is less and less left to bring Christmas and, although this year will be different, surely you still want to surprise your loved ones with a nice gift.  

At Macworld we want to make things easier for you, for this we have collected a selection of the best gift ideas to surprise the most fanatical of the Apple brand. 

So now you know, if you know someone with a new iPhone or you have the typical friend who only uses Apple or Apple products, then you are in the right place. 

And now yes: the best Christmas gift ideas for Apple fans.

AirPods Pro

  • $ 249
AirPods Pro

Apple has gone to great lengths to improve its AirPods wireless earbuds by launching the new AirPods Pro. If they’re as popular as the old ones, we know Pro’s will be on many Christmas gift lists. 

They have improved their design, are now more comfortable to wear and fit even better in either ear. In addition, they have included a noise cancellation system and a transparency mode that greatly improves the sound quality of the AirPods Pro. 

If you want, you can read more about the AirPods Pro in our full review.

Sonos one

  • $ 199
Sonos one

Sonos was the first company to popularize multi-room speaker systems, as well as the first company to include voice assistants in the speakers. Sonos has carried out a software update that includes support for AirPlay 2. 

This makes it compatible with Apple’s HomePod and with it you can play music and audio from any app on your Mac or iOS devices. 

The One is one of the best AirPlay speakers you’ll find – it has incredible sound quality despite being just 162mm tall, which is surprising. 

Many Apple fans may prefer to go directly to the Apple Store and get the HomePod, but if you are open or open to more options you should know that the Sonos One is one to consider. 

RHA MA650 with Lightning

  • $ 59.95
RHA MA650i with Lightning

As you surely know, Apple decided not to include a headphone jack on its latest iPhone and iPad Pro models. However, if you still want to use cables, you have options like this RHA MA650 with Lightning input.

They have a premium design thanks to their dome-shaped aluminum frame and nice metallic touches on the connector and control panel. The cable is also braided fabric until it separates from each earbud. The control allows you to do the usual but also to interact with Siri using the microphone.

Its cushions are lightweight and offer a comfortable fit, especially if you use the double flange cushions or the Comply Foam cushions. Both result in excellent noise isolation. There are eight different types to choose from, so you will find a few to suit your ears. 

And finally: the sound quality is very impressive especially considering its price.

Moshi Otto Q Wireless Charger

  • US $ 44.95
Moshi Otto Q

If you want to take advantage of the wireless charging of the new iPhones, then you will be delighted to know that the Moshi brand has wireless charger models that are very much in line with Apple aesthetics. 

The quality of its design is incredible, with gray fabric finishes and metallic touches, as well as non-slip rubber so that your iPhone does not slip when you place it on it to charge. 

The charger includes an LED that allows you to see the charging status of your device. At we use the charger in our day to day life and we can assure you that it is a device that does not disappoint, so it is worth taking it into account for a good Apple gift.

Xtorm XW205 Wireless Dual Charging Pad (QI) Magic

  • € 69 (around € 79)
Xtorm XW205 Wireless Dual Charging Pad (QI) Magic

More and more new smartphones include wireless charging technology. This means that it is not necessary to connect them to a cable, although we must have a base that allows the battery to be recharged.

There are also more and more companies that manufacture wireless chargers . This is the case of Xtorm and its wide range of devices of this type. We especially recommend the XW205 , as it allows you to charge two devices at the same time.

It is also the only model compatible with iPhone -the iPhone models that have this technology, it is understood-, although it can also be used quietly with any Android terminal.

Included in the box is a USB Type-C to USB cable that will allow you to always have the dock plugged in, without having to worry about finding an available cable. Of course, you must buy a separate plug to connect it to a power outlet.

IPhone ESR Cases

  • $ 51.99
BW-LT7 LED Lamp with Wireless Charging

ESR is a brand that always earns a place in our rankings of best iPhone cases for the excellent value for money they offer. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to surprise with a quality cover capable of protecting any BlitzwoliPhone BW-LT7 LED lamp with wireless charging. 

If you take a look at their website you will see that they offer all kinds of models: from silicone cases very similar to the original Apple ones , to transparent models with metal support to hold the phone in case you need it. 

Helios Mini designer backpack

  • $ 163.41

Apple users who love the delicate style of the apple signature will also love the elegance and sophistication of this Moshi model. The Helios Mini Backpack is the ideal complement for owners of a 13-inch MacBook.

It will also be a perfect gift for those who are aware of the environment and are concerned about the use of animal skin to make bags, since the leather used in this case is vegetable and completely vegan.

We especially like the Napoleon style back pocket. It is the ideal size to hide a passport, a card holder or even your smartphone , but the best part is that its arrangement in the part that touches the back makes it very safe.

You will not lack space to store your possessions. In addition to transporting your MacBook and protecting it at the same time, you can take all your essentials with you: iPad, chargers, wallet, sunglasses, house keys …

Nanoleaf Aurora Starter Kit

  • $ 199.99
Nanoleaf Light Panels Starter Kit

We love the Nanoleaf Aurora Starter Kit light set that works seamlessly with Apple Homekit and allows you to control lights and colors from your iPhone or iPad.

This set has Wi-Fi connectivity and you can install it on the wall of your living room or bedroom giving a chic, elegant and futuristic touch to your home.

It comes in different patterns, sequences, and shapes so you can choose the one you like best. This can be one of the most elegant and original gifts you can give someone for Christmas.

Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen

  • $ 299
Sphero Lightning McQueen Car

We have loved the original Sphero toys that can be controlled with applications from your mobile. In addition to being able to have your own manageable robot R2-D2, you will also be able to control the famous animated racing car Lightning McQueen.

It is fun and original, it will be able to surprise boys and girls and even more than one adult.

Gamevice Controller

  • $ 99.95
Gamevice Controller

Is that person to whom you want to give a gift an addict to playing video games from their mobile? If the answer is yes, the Gamevice controller is the perfect gift for her.

You can make your experience playing from your mobile much more satisfactory thanks to this control compatible with iPhone and iPad.

It connects to both sides of your Apple device horizontally, which can make the game even more intense and exciting.

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