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Ghost Recon Breakpoint game First impressions

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: is it worth your purchase?

This is nothing compared to the release of other new games, but if you are attracted to the idea of an existence-type challenge, then it is definitely worth checking.

Retail price (PVP)

$ 59.99

First impressions of the game Ghost Recon Breakpoint


Following the success of Wildlands, Ubisoft has a new addition in the Tom Clancy series. Ghost Rickon Breakpoint sees a nomadic accident on a deserted and dangerous island.

Breakpoint moves from Bolivia to the series of fictional world of Auroa Island in the style of Pacific Island. Aurora no This is one of the biggest changes and as you might guess, this is the configuration of an open world.

We played through a level set in a jungle, which started under the steep rocks with a steep race. However, Aro promises wide-ranging scenarios ranging from snowy peaks to uninhabited urban areas and sandy hilly areas.

The gameplay is very familiar if you have played the past game of Ghost Rican, there are no important details which attract attention.

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You can still use the drones to locate places and spy on enemies. In fact, you will need to do it to be really successful. If you are trapped, trying to find a way to enter a particular area or just want to save some time, the ability to cut through the fences is welcome.

In E3 we have performed cooperative for four players, but you will also need more drones in single player mode when there is no AI partner to help you. You will face the voice of John de Burnthal (Shane of the Walking Dead) and his mysterious agents, under the name of Walsh, Cole de Walker.

Whenever you choose, new injury system becomes an important part of the game. Survival is a major part of breakpoints and different injuries will affect you in different ways. As you can imagine, your mobility or shooting skills will be hampered.

This is the main attraction of the game because you have to plan according to your physical condition, which is very different from other video games, almost always almost impossible to die.

Take a shot, conceal it as Wolverine, hide behind a tree, and then continue as if nothing had happened.

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Rather than sloping through sludge to camouflage, the enemy is occupied by some sophisticated techniques for scalping facilities on the island. We also get drones with arms and vehicles. This technique is fast autonomous, so you have to be smart to knock it.

In addition to simple and cooperative mode, you can test your skills against others in multiplayer PvP mode. During the first year of its launch, Ubisoft will present new content, such as history related material, new equipment and special programs. New raid for the series will also come.

Although many games announced in E3 this year will not come until 2020, but on October 4, 2019, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Rican Breakpoint will go on sale. It will be available in a confusing number of different competitions on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Early verdict

The breaking point can be very much the same Ghost Rican Action in the same scenario, but the game is much more strategic than the Wildlands, so careful planning requires espionage. However, if you want, you can go around the island like Rambo, if you wish.

What we especially like is the injury system, which can look like a small element, but has a big effect, which takes you twice before doing any movement.

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