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Get More Storage and Free space on your iPhone

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Thanks to our advice, you will not have to worry about this problem anymore. Then stock tricks you learn to properly manage the available space on your iPhone, and you can avail maximum of every Giga byte.

If you follow these tips, you can create new photos or videos and download more apps.

Despite not being able to extend internal memory, you can add capacity supplements through various external memory accessories.

However, here are some tips that will help you increase the storage of your iPhone in various ways, and thus empty the space without spending money on external memory accessories.

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Delete applications from your iPhone

This is the most obvious and straightforward way to start: Delete the iPhone app.

It’s normal to have a downloaded app some time ago but only some time (or never) has been used.

Get rid of them. If you delete many of these apps, you can get enough megabytes and all with very little effort.

To delete an app from the Home screen, press on its icon and wait to move from side to side. This means that you are in ‘edit mode‘.

Then click on the ‘X‘ in the top left corner of the icon to delete the application.

In ‘edit mode’ you can also drag the application icon to the new position on the screen.

How to delete many messages at the same time

So far, we have explained how to delete documents and application data. However in this section we recommend one more winning: Remove old messages from your iPhone.

With less than a minute of work you will be able to reduce your occupied position by releasing old messages.

Remove all old messages stored on your phone, it may look like an endless process, but do not panic: you do not have to delete them individually one by one.

You can get rid of them quickly for an option which allows you to eliminate all messages that have been on the device for more than a month, for example.

You can do this via ‘Settings> Messages’. Press the ‘Keep Message’ option under the heading ‘Message history’ and select the correct age of messages that you want to delete.

To finish the press on ‘Delete’.

Delete data that you do not need from applications

To further analyze applications and go back to ‘Settings> General> iPhone Storage,’ touch the arrow next to one of the applications listed in the list.

This way you can see how much data the application is using itself, and how much extra space the app is storing.

As an example, Garageband application itself is 1.53GB, but it also has an extra space of 41KB for all files and data attached to this app.

By pressing the date next to the application, you will find an attractive way to say “Remove unused applications“, “Remove the application“, but keeping in mind the documents and the data.

In the next section we explain this topic in depth.

Bag, Game Center and other difficult to eliminate applications

Removing a few apps is not easy because Apple integrates them in your phone by default.

This includes apps like Stock Exchange, Game Center, Notes or Calendar.

Apple first tried to stop the iPhone or Mac owners from removing these predefined applications from their devices.

However, currently, since iOS 10 was launched, it is possible to eliminate some of these already installed apps and thus more space is vacant on your iPhone (e.g. Bolda, FaceTime or Mail).

Anyway, you have to be careful that you will not be able to completely erase the app, but you will “hide” it.

This means that you can delete data associated with that application. In this way you will get some space, though not much, because the application will remain on the phone itself.

Not all apps include this tool. For example, the map or time can be removed, but the safari, phone, and message can not be deleted.

Delete the iMessage images

If you do not want to delete all your messages at large, you can at least delete images or media files attached to iMessages.

Open one of the conversations, press on an image and you will see the series with the reaction icon on it: hearts, thumbs up etc.

At the bottom you will see another menu. Click ‘More’ and you will see a small blue circle with the tick next to each message or image. (Click on the image you want when you view a spherical tick.)

Now you can select as many images (or messages) as you want. To delete them, click the trash icon in the lower left corner.

There is also the option to ‘delete everything’ in the upper left, but remember that this option will erase all the conversations, texts and images.

To quickly see all the images and files related to the conversation, press the ‘I’ button in the top right corner and then choose ‘Images’ or ‘Attachments’.

Press the long image and then select ‘More’.

Then mark the tick with as many images as you want and click the trash button.

Discover which applications are taking up the most space

A practical way of finding and removing those applications that are occupying the most places is to go to ‘Settings> General> iPhone Storage’.

A list of applications will appear on the basis of the number of people living in each place; Those who do more “weights” will be located in front of them.

Possibly your photos and music apps are the ones that occupy the highest position, because the shape also includes multimedia files that store or organize the apps.

Scroll down to see the full list and collapse: If an application that you rarely use takes 300MB or more, then delete it.

If you are sorry then you can download it again for free because your purchase is registered and your Apple ID knows that you have such applications.

Create, change, reset and delete your Apple ID

iOS shows that this was the last time you used each app. This will help you find applications that are not worth keeping.

For example, if there is a game in your app list that you have never used and which takes a lot of space, then it will be an ideal candidate to finish it.

Along with this trick, besides, you will be able to eliminate the part of the cash memory-which occupies so much space on your device.

Update iOS

Apple introduced a new file storage system in the iOS 10.3 version launched in March 2017.

This option will provide you with more storage space on your device, as 7.8GB additional storage was added without deleting anything.

If you’re still using the old iOS version, open ‘Settings’ and go to ‘General> Software Update’ and follow the update instructions.

The trick of renting movies

This “Magic Trick” can empty your iPhone (from 1 / 2MB to 1GB). We do not really know how it works, but what we know is that this trick can be very useful if your iPhone is full of its maximum capacity.

And no, to do this “trick“, your phone does not need to be released nor will it void your warranty.

Go to the iTunes Store and find a title for a movie that has a lot of space. We recommend, for example, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, because it is at 6.83GB

Once the film is found, click on the ‘Rent‘ button twice (do not worry, you are not actually hiring it) and close the pop-up window that tells you to download There is not enough space for the file.

Now go back to the ‘Storage‘ section and take a look at the available space. If everything was okay, then now you should have few hundred megabytes of space.

Although it does not work for everyone, many users have said that many times they have been allowed to release a lot of space while following these steps.

We are not ensuring that Apple is removing what happens because it does not have apps, photos or other important data.

On the contrary, we believe that you will get rid of the cache and other files included in the ‘Other‘ section in the summary, which specifies what each megabyte is being used for.

Disable the option ‘My photos in Streaming’

If you have the active streaming of your photos, you will be able to see the photos you have taken from your iPhone or iPad and that you have downloaded from Mac to your camera.

These images, despite not having much occupation, they take a lot of space on your iPhone. So if you think you need space, then disable the ‘Photo Stream’ option.

Go to ‘Settings> Photos’ and disable the ‘My Photos in Streaming’ option.

Unfortunately, this option means that photos can not be displayed on other devices on your iPhone. After solving your space problem you can always activate this option.

Do not join the streaming photos of others

You can create and share photos in streaming with other people.

This is a great way to share images of events that you have gone with friends, or family gatherings, but keep in mind that joining another person’s streaming photo may keep your iPhone’s storage saturated.

Make sure you have the option to share the ‘Shared photos in iCloud‘ in ‘Settings> Photos’.

If you have an image in an album that you are sharing in Icloud Photo Sharing, which you do not want to show in your iPhone, then you can delete it.

Go to the top of that image and click on the name of that album to see it full.

Then click on ‘Select‘ and select the items you want to delete. You do not have to press on them all if there are many, you can just slide your finger on the screen to select them all.

Once you do this, click on ‘Delete Photo‘. Warning: This can also remove photos from your customers’ devices, so if you feel that they will bother, do not do this.

Subscribe to iTunes Match

You do not have to save every iTunes track you want to listen to on your iPhone. If you subscribe to iTunes Match (for € 24.99 per year), you can have all your songs available to you in the cloud.

This means that you can erase the music from your iPhone knowing that your songs will always be available after a simple download.

Once registered in this service of Apple, all your music on all your Apple devices will be in the iCloud (including tracks that you have imported from CD).

Thanks to this you can download every song you want to listen to on your iPhone according to your mood.

You can download a single song, an entire album and even a playlist. Simply click on the download button of iCloud.

If you later want to delete the song from your iPhone, simply swipe left to erase it.

It will still be available to download from your iCloud for the next time you want to listen to it.

Beware of the iCloud photo library

There is also the ‘iCloud Photo Library’ that allows you to automatically download and store your entire library in iCloud to access photos and videos of your devices.

This may sound like a solution to your problems if you have limited space on your iPhone or iPad, but … do not get excited so quickly.

The problem with ‘Fototeca de iCloud’ is that it will store the photos taken on your iPhone (and all your other devices).

They are stored in a small file size, but still they will continue to occupy space on your iPhone.

So instead of solving your problems you are going to add one more.

If you do HDR photos, do not save the original copy too

If your phone can take HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos to capture high quality photos (including brightness, highlight and shadow), you can choose to save your photo to normal photo (which is the old model Being quite practical) is because of the iPhone because they are more volatile with HDR mode due to their slow camera.

HDR works quite well like the new iPhone model. It is not necessary that you save the normal photo too. So make sure that you are not saving both photos.

Go to ‘Settings> Camera’ and disable the ‘Keep General Photo’ option.

The iBooks you delete

Delete iBooks that you are not reading

Do you have iBooks that you do not download on your iPhone? Do you really need them?

If the deletes are available in Icloud, then you can download them again, so why not release some megabytes on your iPad, which you are reading on your iPhone?

Instead of removing it from all the devices, you can choose to only copy the copy in a single device.

Also, take a look at the ‘Settings> iTunes and App Store’ option and close ‘Automatic download‘ from iBook while shopping on other devices.

You can download iBooks by clicking on this link.

Record video in low resolution

The most current iPhones offer you the possibility to reduce the quality of the videos you record.

As the screenshot shows, one minute of video can occupy 175MB of space on your iPhone if you record at 1080p HD, so you probably do not want to keep recording in that quality.

The iPhone should record by default in 1080p HD at 60fps, but you can save space if you record in 720p HD at 30fps, which is only 40MB per minute instead of 90MB.

You can change the settings in ‘Settings> Camera> Record Video’.

Check your photo editing applications

There are editing tools in ‘Photos’, but you may still want to use different applications to edit your images. These applications may be storing some images in duplicate without you being able to eliminate them.

Thoroughly clean your ‘Notes’

Many times we collect a lot of notes in the Notes apps in our iPhone.

If you have not come to ask yourself all those places to get rid of all the old notes you can get?

In the list of ‘settings of the iPhone‘ list appear under ‘Settings> General> Storage and Use of iCloud’.

When located within the iCloud section, you probably think that notes are stored in the cloud.

After all, this is synchronized for all your devices.

Unfortunately, this is not the case (or maybe not unfortunately, because at the end of the day, if ‘the notes’ were in the cloud then you could not use it if you were offline).

To see how much storage is in ‘Notes‘, go to ‘Document and Data‘ in your iCloud’s storage summary.

As you have seen, this amount will not make much difference. Although it may be that your notes take up more space if you have used them to store attachments or other multimedia files.

When we remove a good number of notes, the memory of our phones changes hard, so we come to the conclusion that dedicated efforts to erase all notes are not meaningful (although this small difference can be a major change Is) if you are a desperate situation).

Restore your iPhone

The ‘Other’ section of the memory breakdown of your iOS can be frustrating, especially when you have very little space available for your favorite applications, photos or music.

However, there is one thing you can do to make the ‘Other’ section disappear, which usually consists of Safari bookmarks, attached text files, calendar entries …

Make sure you make a backup of your iPhone first. Go to ‘Settings> General> Reset> Delete contents and settings’ to delete all the content and with it the annoying ‘Other’ section.

Then restore the phone from your closest backup.

Although the section of ‘Others’ may still be in the memory breakdown of your iPhone, it should not occupy as much space as before, since this option will have helped you to free up hundreds of MB of space.

Optimize the storage of your iPhone using iMyFone Umate

As you probably already guessed, there are many ways to optimize the storage of your iPhone when you run out of space, although some of these methods will take a lot of time.

That is why you should know that there are countless applications from third parties that will make this cleaning process easier and faster.

One such application is iMyFone Umate, the application for Mac and Windows that can free up a lot of space on your iPhone.

Simply connect your iPhone, start the initial scanner and the application will tell you how much you can earn in space after the removal of temporary files, junk files, backup copies, photos, large files, etc.

It will also show you all your collection of applications in the same section to proceed to a simple removal.

One of the features of this application that has caught our attention is that it offers the possibility to compress your photos instead of permanently deleting them.

That is, it backs up the original photos on your Mac or PC, and then compresses them to free up space (up to 75 percent depending on the company).

You can start with a free trial of iMyFone Umate , or you can pay $ 19.95 for the application (€ 16.15).

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