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Flash installation guide on your Mac

Flash installation guide

(Flash installation guide) Since Safari version 10, which was introduced alongside macOS Sierra in 2015, discontinued Adobe’s Flash Player support, successive versions of Apple’s browsers show the plug-in disabled by default.

This means that when you browse the web with your Mac, you will see some kind of alert that a display plugin is missing to play the content, asking you to install the corresponding Flash Player plug-in .

Flash was removed by Apple due to multiple vulnerabilities suffered through its plug-in for Safari. In fact, in April 2010, Steve Jobs himself wrote a statement titled ‘Reflections on Flash ‘, making it clear that the days were numbered for the application.

At this point, many web pages have dispensed with Flash, betting heavily on HTML5 as a serious alternative. Although there are still some older sites and services that require Flash to run and display, so you may need to use it.

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If that is your case, then we show you how to install it and how to ensure that it is safe. If you want to run Flash content on your Mac, you must follow the link to the Adobe website to proceed with the installation of the latest version of Flash.  

Flash installation guide on your Mac

With some older websites still using Flash, you may have to install the software . Here we indicate the steps to take:

  1. Click the missing plug-in button .
  2. Click ‘Download Flash’.
  3. This will direct you to https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ which is a legitimate site; If you are ever directed to a site that is clearly not Adobe, pay attention, as it could be a tactic of a malicious website.
  4. Click ‘Download now’. The download is approximately 20 MB.
  5. Please wait while the download starts.
  6. Next, you will see that the installer appears in your download folder.
  7. Double-click the installer.
  8. Click ‘Install’ Adobe Flash Player.
  9. A window will appear warning you that the application has been downloaded from the Internet: this warning appears every time you download an application from the Internet. It is intended to protect you from installing non-legitimate applications. You already know that this is a legitimate Adobe download. Click on ‘Open’.
  10. Enter your password.
  11. Wait for the program to install.
  12. You must close all programs that also require Flash before you can install the update, so it closes everything associated with it.
  13. Click ‘continue’ and wait for Flash Player to install on your Mac.
  14. Finally, click on ‘finish’.

Why doesn’t Flash Player work in my web browser?

Your Mac may show you a “plug-in missing” warning message, or earlier versions of Mac OS X may show you “Flash out of date.” You may also see a “Plug-in blocked” alert when trying to view content from Flash in Safari.

Flash Player often stops working on a Mac. This is because Apple automatically blocks Flash if your system version is out of date. By preventing older versions of Flash from running, Apple can protect your computer against security vulnerabilities that could allow malware to be installed on your Mac through Flash Player.

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The latest information provided by Adobe clearly expresses that the company will stop supporting the Flash plug-in in 2020, as countless websites have stopped using it in favor of HTML5.

Despite this, there are some people who want to use Flash on their iPad or iPhone, perhaps to allow them to play games and watch Flash videos in this format. 

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Is Flash Player safe?

Over the last few years we have seen countless security vulnerabilities associated with Flash, putting users of Mac computers at risk, so we really cannot give the green light to their use. If you do it on time, don’t forget to disable it when you’re done as a security measure.

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