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Fix your locked Mac in simple steps

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If you came here by chance, you’re probably wondering: “If Mac never hangs up.” You are half right, because although Macs are excellent performance computers that rarely hang or break, it is also true that it can be.(Fix your locked Mac )

However, it is most likely that you have reached this article because your Mac is already hung up or frozen or not working properly. In this case you will be interested in further reading.

When this happens, you will definitely see that a specific application does not react, or sometimes even the entire MacOS operating system. So if you own one of these Apple devices or not, you are interested in following these steps in the event your Mac crashes.

If your Mac works very slowly then you would love to know our guide to improve the performance of your Mac. And if you think your Mac doesn’t have a solution, learn to format your Mac from scratch, so that it works again as if it had left its purchase box.

Has an application or the entire OS operating system been hung?

The first task is to check if the entire operating system is affected or if the problem occurs in only one application.locked Mac

Generally, if the problem is only one application, you will receive a notification informing you that the application has closed unexpectedly.

If, on the other hand, your Mac crashes without receiving any type of alert, chances are the problem resides in the macOS operating system.

Before knowing how to fix a Mac, we (some entire operating systems), we offer some tips that you can follow if an app is hung:

  • Click on “reopen” to start the app again and send a report to Apple
  • Click OK to ignore the alert notification.

1. Stop reporting errors to Apple automatically

MacOS reports problems to Apple by default every time an application freezes. Apple uses this information to manage and provide a more stable operating system in the future.(locked Mac )

If you don’t want your Mac to report to Apple every time an application crashes, then you can disable this option in ‘System Preferences’:

  1. Open ‘system preferences’
  2. Click on ‘security and privacy’
  3. Select the ‘privacy’ tab at the top of the window, and click on ‘analysis’
  4. You will have to click on the lock icon in the lower left corner of the window. Enter your password to continue
  5. Check that the options for ‘share Mac analysis’ and ‘share with app developers’ are disabled.
  6. Click on the lock icon again to avoid unwanted changes and close ‘system preferences’.

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2. What to do if an app crashes

Closing and restarting the application is the best way that MacOS may have to fix the crash of the app

It can also happen (although it happens less frequently), an application stops working.

You’ll see this happen because the app’s menus and icons don’t respond, and you’ll often see the rainbow circle as a cursor. (Also known as Apple’s annoying “beach ball”).

Click on another site outside the application (desktop or any other application). Alternatively you can press ‘command + spacebar’ to switch to another application
Press ‘Control’ and click on the ‘Dock’ application icon
Choose ‘force stop’ option
Deleting an application from the Apple menu will automatically force its stop.

3. What to do if macOS has been hung (or if you cannot force an application to stop)

If you can’t force an application to stop or if macOS stops responding, follow these steps (in this order):

  1. Open the Apple menu on the left side of the screen, select and click on ‘restart’
  2. If you can’t even use the Apple menu, press ‘command – control – eject’. This will cause your Mac to restart immediately
  3. If it doesn’t work, press the power button on your Mac until it turns off. Press the button again to turn it on again.

Once you restart your Mac, you may feel that the file you were working with is damaged or corrupted. You should try to recover what you can from that file, transfer it to a new one and get rid of the damaged file.(Fix your locked Mac )

4. Find the solution to the problem

You should investigate the cause of the problem to prevent it from recurring in the future, especially if it is a problem that occurs frequently. Check the following points:

  1. Check that you have enough space on your macOS hard drive
  2. Check that all installed applications and the same operating system are updated to the latest version. 
  3. Update manually those applications that you have not downloaded in the App Store
  4. If you are having problems continuously with your Mac, we recommend you update the software and disconnect all your peripherals. Check if they are the reason for the problem, and otherwise reconnect them one by one
  5. Disable or remove plug-ins or application add  ons, to check if they are causing your Mac to hang
  6. Use the ‘disk utility’ option to eliminate any problem on your hard drive
  7. Run the Apple Hardware Test, an Apple web support tool that detects problems on your Mac.  

5. What if my Mac crashes because of a virus or malware ?

Although the impossibility of a Mac being infected with a computer virus has been talked about for many years, there are malicious websites that use malware attacks to infect Mac computers.

An example of this was an attack known as “Safari-Gate” that caused the infected Mac to open a large number of e-mail drafts or iTunes windows, saturating system memory, and causing the Mac to hang.

If this is your case, then it may be convenient for you to know the best antivirus for Mac to protect your computer from getting infected by viruses again.

You will also have to complete another series of steps to be able to eliminate the virus from your Mac, if you are interested, (Fix your locked Mac )

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