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Fix the iPhone fingerprint sensor: Touch ID does not work

 iPhone Touch ID

iPhone fingerprint Most iPhone and iPad users have Touch ID, a device with Apple’s fingerprint recognition technology. This is without a doubt, a very practical and safe task to unlock the screen and use Apple Pay.

However, you’ve probably come here because Touch ID is giving you a problem. If your sensor has suddenly stopped recognizing your fingerprint, chances are you can fix it with one of these solutions.

(iPhone fingerprint) Trick 1. Clean the start button

When you find that the Touch ID of your iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro does not work, the first step to take is to clear the Home button. We recommend that you use a soft cloth to clean your glasses or mobile screen.

Although it may seem to you that this will not solve your problem, we recommend that you try it. When using the sensor, it takes a high resolution photo of your finger and compares it to the fingerprint you recorded in your day. If it is dirty, the photos will not match.

Trick 2. Set the fingerprints of other fingers

It is also worth trying to solve the problem by adding more fingerprints to your Touch ID. You can configure up to five different people, which will allow you to use five different fingers to unlock your iPhone or iPad.

So, go to the ‘Settings‘ of your smartphone or tablet and open the ‘Touch ID and Code’ section. Once, you can go to the ‘Touch ID‘ section and configure all the fingerprints you think is convenient and the device allows you, of course.

Trick 3. Update the operating system (iOS or macOS)

If it still does not work, then it is worth checking that you are using the latest version of the operating system available on your iPhone or iPad. All you have to do is go to ‘Just Settings‘, followed by ‘General‘ and ‘Software Update’.

It is well known that Apple constantly updates its system to introduce small fixes and resolve potential bugs. It may be the case that your sensor needs a little correction to work properly.

If you have a problem with Touch ID of your MacBook Pro, we also suggest that you check that you have the latest MacOS installed. In this case you have to click on the Apple icon, followed by ‘About this Mac‘ and ‘Software Update’.

Trick 4. Set your fingerprint when it’s cold

This may sound strange, but when your fingers are cold the fingerprints are different. Although differences are usually minimal, sometimes they may be sufficient for the sensor not to detect them.

This is why, especially if you experience problems when the temperature drops, we recommend that you reconfigure your fingerprint or set it to zero in a cold environment. It is advisable to use a different finger.

Trick 5. Place your finger in the correct position

Apple recommends placing your finger on the sensor so that it covers the entire start button. It is also advised not to move your finger quickly, press too hard or shake your finger while the scanner is being performed.

Trick 6. Reconfigure an already registered fingerprint

If you encounter these problems with only one finger that you have configured, we suggest you to register it again. Then, you will have to go to Settings, followed by the code Touch ID and Code and must touch ID and click to edit.

Once there, you can remove the pre-registered fingerprint and follow the instructions to reconfigure it. Thus, you may have replaced the fingerprint that did not work. Make sure you are replacing one that is not working well.

Trick 7. Remove the case you are using

It may also be the case that the culprit for all your problems is the case you are using to protect your iPhone or iPad. Thus, try to replicate the scanner without attaching the housing or looking for another one made of other material that is compatible. iPhone Touch ID

 iPhone Touch ID

Trick 8. Clean your fingers

Finally, before going to the Apple Store for help, make sure your fingers are clean, free of any creams, lotions, or oils that prevent them from scanning correctly. If your finger is sweaty or your skin is dry, this can be a problem.

This is why it is not advisable to use Touch ID when you are exercising, taking showers, swimming in the pool, or cooking, as exposure to most fluids makes it difficult to recognize fingerprints.

Trick 9. Check the Touch ID settings

It’s worth checking that you have Touch ID enabled on the device. To do this, you must go to the ‘Settings’, followed by ‘Touch ID and code’ and ‘Touch ID’. If the switch is green, it is that you do have it activated and you will have to find another solution.

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