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Fitbit Inspire 2: Review

Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit Inspire 2: is it worth your purchase?



  • Cheap to be Fitbit
  • 20 exercise modes
  • Fitbit platform


  • Small screen
  • No altimeter or GPS

Our verdict: 

It’s cheaper than the Charge 4, and it offers an amazing value for money with extensive fitness tracking features, mobile notifications, and health and heart rate information.

Retail price (RRP)

$ 99.95

Fitbit Inspire 2: Review

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a feature-packed activity tracker that offers the best value for money of any other Fitbit product.

Although it is the company’s entry-level tracker, it packs nearly all of the fitness features of the high-end Sense at 70% of the cost. It’s also nearly a third cheaper than the company’s other tracker, the Charge 4.

Once positioned, it clearly lacks the complex health features of smartwatches, but it offers almost everything most people will need in terms of fitness tracking with step count and sleep quality measurement. 

The Fitbit Inspire 2 replaces both the Inspire model and the previous Inspire HR, and joins the other activity tracker that is not considered a Fitbit smartwatch, the Charge 4; read our comparison of the best activity bracelets of the year.

hile the Inspire 2 lacks an integrated GPS and altimeter, we think it’s a better option for many in terms of features for the price. 

To be realistic, the Inspire 2 version doesn’t offer enough to tempt Inspire HR owners to upgrade, unless Inspire owners now do want the benefits of a heart rate monitor. 

Design and qualities

The Fitbit Inspire 2 resembles the model that the Inspire HR replaces, although in reality, it is slightly thinner and loses the physical side button to rely on the touch-sensitive touch or grip. 

It’s a tracker instead of a smartwatch, so it has a monochrome OLED touchscreen instead of a color screen that allows you to follow certain workouts on screen and consult smarter applications.

Fitbit Inspire 2 models

Now you can brighten the screen if you want better visibility outdoors, and Fitbit claims it is 20% brighter than previous generations. 

That said, it is undeniable that it is easier to see the statistics on a color smartwatch screen with a larger size, such as a Fitbit Sense (see review) or Fitbit Versa 3, but the slimmer design could be better. for your wrist. 

And the size of the screen means that you will have to resort to the mobile application to consult certain functions (such as setting alarms).

The tracker itself is water resistant to 50 meters and comes with two sizes of silicone wristbands included, so you can choose the size that best suits your needs. 

Weighing 37 grams, it is light and comfortable to wear at all times.

It has a sturdy aluminum buckle that is secure; in fact, it feels more secure than the new Infinity Band with which the new high-end Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 watches are marketed. 

The Inspire 2 is available with bands in black, ivory white or grapefruit pink, a better selection than the options that the older Inspire family had. It can also be complemented with others available. 

Changing bands is pretty easy when you get the hang of it, although we found it a bit more complicated than with newer smartwatches. You can also opt for printed silicone or mesh , leather or stainless steel straps at prices of € 29.95.

Another option is to purchase a black clip for € 19.95 that you can place on a belt, pocket or bra if it is more comfortable for you when playing sports. You need to set it to On Clip mode and of course while it’s on the clip, it won’t measure your heart rate. 


Functions and monitoring

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is an activity tracker that replaces the Inspire and Inspire HR, and it does it quite well, offering measurement of steps, distance and calories burned. 

The ‘Reminders’ feature to move is a great motivator to get up and start moving, and reach the goal of 250 steps per hour. This has become one of my favorite goals to overcome every day.

It can automatically recognize when you are exercising: running, walking, biking, swimming, yoga, dancing, kickboxing, exercising, and more. In fact, there are more than 20 exercise modes that you can monitor with the Inspire 2.

Fitbit Inspire 2 displays

You can set goals for calorie burn, distance, and time, and the Inspire 2 will give you real-time updates when goals are met. Swim Tracking includes lengths, duration, distance, and pace. 

You need to add the pool length first in the ‘Exercise’ app, but the swim tracking is automatic. The Inspire 2 starts its water lock when you start swimming to avoid accidental bumps.

Importantly, it has an optical heart rate monitor, just like the previous Inspire HR, but it’s better than the Inspire without this measurement. 24-hour heart monitoring offers a global view of your exercise and day-to-day life. 

It’s not the latest version 2.0 of Fitbit’s PurePulse, but it’s the same one you’ll find in the Inspire HR. Fitbit sets heart rate goals that separate you by zones: fat burning, cardio, and peak.

As you enter or exit these zones, you earn ‘Active Zone Minutes’ which are a better fitness metric than the number of steps you take. The tracker beeps when you reach each heart rate considered on target.

Knowing your resting heart rate (RHR) is also a key indicator of fitness. A lower resting heart rate may indicate more efficient heart function and cardiovascular fitness. 

Lack of sleep, stress, and weight gain can increase your RHR. Walking, biking, and swimming are great exercises to lower your overall resting heart rate.

Fitbit Inspire 2 steps

Compared to higher-end Fitbits, it just lacks the altimeter to count the number of floors you climb during the day, a great stair motivator, but it’s probably the activity metric you can do without, in addition to GPS.

Instead, connect the Inspire 2 to your phone’s GPS to get pace and distance stats. If you run with your phone, you will not have the same precision as having a device with integrated GPS, but you will save on battery. If that’s what you want, consider the Charge 4.

Sleep monitoring and tracking

As with all current Fitbits, the Inspire 2 offers sleep tracking. You can verify both the duration of sleep and the quality of it by checking the different periods of awake, light, deep and REM sleep with the final score. 

The final sleep score allows you to motivate yourself to go to bed earlier and in a better state for adequate rest: quitting caffeine and practicing some mindfulness with Fitbit guided breathing sessions can be good habits. 

Fitbit sleep monitoring

Under the ‘Relax’ app, there is a two minute guided breathing session that delivers motivating vibrations as you inhale and exhale. There are more mindfulness features within Fitbit Premium. It also includes menstrual health tracking features. 

Autonomy and load

The Inspire 2 offers the longest battery life you can expect from a Fitbit device, with up to 10 full days, twice the Inspire HR it replaces, and several days longer than any other Fitbit on the market. . 

The charger is slightly different than the one used in the older Inspire and Inspire HRs, but it works the same way, holding tightly to the back of the tracker to carry the current. 

Fitbit charging base


Smart apps and features

It belongs to the family of trackers or smart bracelets, which lacks the typical functions that you will find in the brand’s range of watches as well as its ecosystem of apps that you can install. 

That said, it will give you mobile notifications on your wrist, including caller ID, text or WhatsApp messages, and alerts for other messaging apps (for example, Facebook or Messenger).

There is also a handy countdown timer and stopwatch. And you can set alarms, although they must be managed from the Fitbit application on the mobile rather than from the tracker.

There are tons of different watch faces or faces to choose from, and swipe up and down to set and view their metrics.

What sets Fitbits apart from their rivals is the excellent mobile application that groups together all the statistics you can see on the tracker and many more, and more, and more if you subscribe to the Fitbit Premium service , now with a 90-day free trial. 

Fitbit Premium has pricing plans that start at € 8.99 per month, or you can opt for an annual subscription priced at € 79.99. 

There’s the competitive Friends Leaderboard, where you compete for the most steps in the last seven days, an abundance of achievement badges, and a large selection of virtual challenges and “adventures.”

While the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 is possibly a better option as a tracker for the price you pay, its application and platform has no point of comparison compared to what Fitbit offers you. 

Prices and where to buy

The Fitbit Inspire 2 arrives with a sale price of € 99.99, so it is in the same price range as the Fitbit Inspire HR , but falling below the previous generation Inspire , which happens to cost € 69.95 . 

With the original Inspire you save € 30 in the final price, but it is true that you lose heart rate monitoring, a very necessary function if you want to maintain good healthy lifestyle habits. 

Take a look at our complete comparison of the 10 best fitness bracelets. 


Ultimately, the Inspire 2 covers the basics very well: steps, calories burned, active zone minutes, distance traveled, heart rate, sleep tracking, swim tracking, guided relaxation breathing, and the ability to automatically detect training. 

It’s much cheaper than the Charge 4 , and while you lose detail on the screen, it offers incredible value for money for its extensive tracking and monitoring features.

You may not have a built-in GPS, but you can connect to your mobile phone’s GPS to get better statistics and sports maps. Everything else is built into this advanced bracelet.

So it’s a great price for a smart-looking, lightweight device with a solid feature set. Fitness fans will want something more advanced, like the Versa 3 or Sense, but for most users, the Inspire 2 will be all they need.


  • Monochrome OLED touch screen
  • Lithium battery
  • 20 exercise modes
  • 2 hour charging time
  • Autonomy of 10 days (basic use)
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
  • 15 gram weight

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