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How you can find someone is using Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone

Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone

With the advent of iOS version 6, no disturb mode was introduced on iPhone and iPad in 2012. When your Apple smartphone or tablet is activated, all incoming calls, notifications, and alerts are silent.

When you do not want to be disturbed, it is very useful, because you are sleeping, working or driving. Now, this is not practical for those who try to call someone who has Do Not Disturb mode active.

If you suspect that this is your case, then we will teach you to determine that your friend or family member is actually using this function. If there is any possibility of calling them equally, then we will also tell.

What happens when you call someone with Do Not Disturb activated?

When you call someone who does not have Do Not Disturb mode active, you will hear a beep and then leave the voicemail. The person you are calling will not have a mobile ring or will be disturbed by a notification which makes sound or illumines the screen.

Once they deactivate the function, they will receive a specific missed call notification from iOS, and of course a text message from their operator will also warn them that they have received or received a call without a voice message.

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What happens when you send a message to someone with Do Not Disturb activated?

On the other hand, if you send an iMessage to a person who does not have Do Not Disturb mode active, then you will not realize that they are using this function. The message below will appear in the normal blue bubble with the label ‘Deliver’ below.

Similarly, the person who keeps his iPhone in Do not disturb mode will not get any kind of notification, neither will he have sound in his mobile, nor will the screen be illuminated when sending a message. They will only see it when they disable the mode.

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How to know if someone has blocked you?

It is not always easy to know that anyone has Do Not Disturb mode enabled or if they have blocked your phone number directly. There are several ways to know if this is the second option, which you can learn in this tutorial.

If that person is using Do Not Disturb mode, then it is likely that at some point they will disable it and you can finally talk to them. However, if someone locked you, then it would be for some reason, so it is better not to stress.


How to know if you are using Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone?

There are several ways to know if you have activated the Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone. For example, you can see that a magnified icon icon appears at the top of the screen or not. However, this iPhones do not appear on X, XS, XS Max and XR.

You can also see it on the lock screen. A message will appear on all the iPhone and iPad models, indicating what is the Do Not Disturb mode active. It also indicates how long it will be active if you have programmed it.

Finally, another way to check it, however, is to go to the ‘setting’ of your iOS device, a bit more detailed, and to select the ‘Do Not Disturb‘ section. On the next screen, you can check whether the switch is active next to ‘do not disturb‘.

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How to call someone who has Do Not Disturb mode activated?

Would you like to know that Do Not Disturb Mode also thinks about the possibility that someone is calling for an emergency. Next we will review three simple tricks that you can use to talk to that person.

You should also know that all this can be configured in the ‘Settings‘ of your iPhone or iPad, if so, you want to use Do Not Disturb mode. You will see that you can program manually and configure this function.

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Method 1. Call back

By default, the do not disturb mode is set in such a way that the call of a number that calls you for the second time in 3 minutes will be called again. Thus, instant calls are received.

Therefore, if you suspect that the person you are calling is having a Do not disturb mode, then the first thing you should try is to call again. If they still have the default settings, then you should be able to talk to them.

Now, we recommend trying the trick if the call is really necessary. If your friend has activated this mode, that’s because he does not want to be disturbed and your call may not be well received.

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Method 2. Call from a different phone

Do not disturb mode also allows you to configure which numbers you want to receive calls and which not others. In this way, you can choose to mute all calls or allow your favorite contacts or members of a particular group.

Most likely, your friend or friend is not using this function because this setting is not enabled by default. And if you have configured it and you have not included it, then calling it can not be a good idea.

However, if you need to say yes or yes with that person, then you are likely to use another number that you suspect is one of those privileged numbers. Of course, you may be disappointed to know that your friend has blocked you.

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Method 3. Call later

Finally, do not disturb mode is often used on specific occasions and at certain times of the day, especially at night. It can be manually configured in the dedicated section for this function in the ‘Settings’ of your iPhone or iPad.

In this way, it is best to call back the person who you suspect is using a do not disturb mode at some other time. Whatever the reason, at that time she does not want to be disturbed and you should respect her.

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