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Find duplicate files and delete them on your Mac

01 honor20 fecha rumores

Surely you have seen that there is very little cost to fill the computer or laptop’s hard drive with duplicate documents and files. This, in the long run, can negatively impact free storage space and performance.

Finding and deleting all these unnecessary files manually can be an unbreakable task. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of all those duplicate documents in a fast, simple, and efficient way. We show how.

Why do duplicate files accumulate on the Mac?

In most cases, the reason we have duplicate files is that you have downloaded the same document more than once. Of course you have clicked on the download link twice without meaning.

Other reasons can be songs that you have added to iTunes, in which the original, documents related to your mail, without removing many others. Avoiding duplication of files on both Mac and Windows seems inevitable.

How to delete duplicate files on Mac using third-party apps

There are several duplicate file finders in the Mac App Store that will scan your system and find duplicate documents that you should remove from your Mac or Macbook to free up space and improve performance.

Many of them are also free, such as in the case of duplicate file finder remover or duplicate cleaner. You can also take advantage of the trial version of the toolbox and you can use the ‘Find Duplicate‘ feature.

Most of them provide similar features: The app analyzes your Mac’s hard drive and gives a list of duplicate files next to the original file so that you do not make mistakes and know what you should save.

Generally you should pay for the upgraded version, in which you will have premium features like duplicate folders, hidden files and similar tasks. The price of paid versions will depend on each software.

One of our favorite apps is Gemini 2: The Duplicate Finder. You can download it for free but you will have to pay to use its smart cleaner function, which is able to find duplicate files on your Mac as well as hard drive and cloud services.

How to delete duplicate files on Mac manually from Finder

If you do not trust external applications, you can trust the Finder to find the same files that you saved more than once and then delete them forever. For this you must use the macOS smart folders.

So, click on the ‘ File ‘ tab in the menu bar, followed by ‘ New smart folder ‘. Within it, you must click on the ‘ ‘ icon in the upper right corner and you can search for documents, photos, music or other types of files.


The key is how you organize the results. We recommend ordering them by name, as this should help you find duplicate files with just a glance. Then you will only have to eliminate those that you no longer need.

You will see that it is a simple process, but the truth is that it is not practical. It will take a long time to review all your documents and delete the duplicates, so our recommendation is to bet on a program that does the work for you.

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