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FIFA 21 : Release Date, Rumors, And What We Hope To See


EA Sports’ FIFA video game series is one of the longest and most successful of all time. It continues to surprise that, year after year, the new game released by the American distributor manages to be the same or more popular than the previous one.

That does not mean that gamers around the world have complained about how little EA Sports prioritizes offline game modes , as well as the promotion of internal purchases in the popular Ultimate Team version.

However, it seems that FIFA continues to gain in popularity to Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), its great rival when it comes to football simulation video games. Don’t miss out on everything we know about (and want to see in) FIFA 21.

Launch: When will FIFA 21 go on sale?

EA Sports decided to officially present FIFA 20 at its EA Play event last June. The decision of the company was surprised, which in previous years had taken advantage of its presence at the annual E3 event to launch a new video game.

For FIFA 21, however, from EA Sports they have decided to schedule its official launch for next October 9 . You can now reserve it on Amazon .

There are several editions. If you pre-purchase the Ultimate Edition or the Champions Edition , you can start playing a few days earlier, on October 6 . If you are an EA Access or Origin Access member, you will enjoy them already on October 1 .

Price: How much will FIFA 21 cost?

The standard version of the FIFA 21 is priced at € 59.90 in presale. On the other hand, the Champions edition costs € 79.90 and the Ultimate edition costs from € 89.99. These prices may vary depending on the platform.

For which platforms will FIFA 21 be available?

On the day of its release, FIFA 21 will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Later it will arrive for the PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X and Google Stadia .

You should know that the PC version will be the same as for PS4 and Xbox One, and not the improved one for PS5 and Xbox Series X. That means you will not be able to get the most out of it. Luckily, you can access it from Steam or Origin.

On the other hand, it is most likely that the PS5 and Xbox Series X are not yet on sale next October 9. It has already been confirmed that those who buy the version for PS4 and Xbox One will be able to get the game for the new generation for free.

We don’t know when the Stadia version will arrive either, but EA has already confirmed that they will offer more details before the end of the year.


FIFA 21 Trailer

For now, only one authentic FIFA 21 trailer has been released, which was released in July 2020. In its 2 minutes long, not much is revealed to us, but we can see its impressive graphics for the PS5 and Xbox Series X .

A few weeks before, a small preview of how the game will be in the next generation of video consoles had already been published:

FIFA 21 news

In addition to the usual updates to team kits and squad, EA has also released some new updates coming with FIFA 21.

Improvements in Career mode

For years, there has been a demand for the Career mode to be improved, but EA has ignored fans until now. With FIFA 21, players should be able to lead their team to success by managing their every step.

However, only two things would have been improved. An “interactive simulation” should leave simulated matches less to chance, while a player’s growth system has been redesigned to be more realistic.

New VOLTA modes

EA added VOLTA for the first time last year, which brought a bit of the FIFA Street experience into the main game. This year will be heavily focused on multiplayer with the introduction of VOLTA SQUADS.

This will allow four players to join forces in a small street soccer team. This would be the equivalent of Pro Clubs on the street, which seems very interesting.

Cooperative FUT

EA rarely passes up the opportunity to significantly improve their Ultimate Team, and that was the occasion again with FIFA 21.

This new option will allow you to team up with your friends and compete to win prizes in various modalities. In previous editions, Ultimate Team was very individual.

Gameplay improvements

EA is also very focused on this area, but this year it has done it especially. Improvements include a new, more agile dribbling system, controls for running after the ball, and a “reimagined” collision and movement system.

Eric Cantona as ICON

In recent years, fans have called for Cantona to introduce himself as an ICON player. After his participation in the FIFA 21 trailer, it is confirmed that it will finally be like this.

On the cover of the game there is Kylian Mbappé, in case it wasn’t obvious enough from the trailer. At 21, the World Cup and Ligue 1 winner is one of the youngest players to do so.

Change in celebrations

The celebrations have also been redesigned. On the one hand, the silence symbol has been removed, while also the typical Dele Allis symbol, which resembles too much the OK symbol used among white supremacists.

On the other hand, new celebrations have been added, such as Kylian Mbappé pretending to cry, which will surely also unleash controversy.

Improved matches

To make the pace of matches more agile, EA has made some changes. The celebrations will be faster and certain animations are removed after scoring a goal in online matches .

Split time is also cut. In a planned play, players will have 10 seconds; 12 to launch; 15 for goal kicks, corners and penalties; and 20 for free throws.

Without VAR, with public in the stands

Finally, there are two things that have not changed. On the one hand, EA has again decided not to include VAR in FIFA 21, considering that in such a game it does not make sense.

On the other hand, it will not reflect the current reality of the coronavirus and the stands of the FIFA 21 stadiums will continue to have an audience and none of the attendees will wear a mask.

What we would like to see in FIFA 21

Little is known so far about the news that FIFA 21 will bring, so we have chosen to also list what are the functions that we would like to see in the new edition:

  • Not having to pay so much to win in Ultimate Team . Unfortunately, there is a direct relationship between how much you pay and how good your team is. We would like a game based on progress more.
  • Improvements in the artificial intelligence of the goalkeepers . The goalkeeper is the only player that you have no control over, so we would like him to at least make better decisions and be able to rely on him for defense.
  • The return of Juventus and the Camp Nou . We miss being able to play for Juventus or at the Football Club Barcelona stadium, so we hope that will change in the future. It would certainly give it an air of more authenticity.

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