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Explain Mac Auto Fixer, and best way to remove it?

Do not stop receiving messages on your Mac or MacBook from an application called Mac Auto Fixer? These alerts will try to warn you of potential infections on your computer and suggest that you upgrade to the premium version to solve it.(virus)

If you’ve got it here, then perhaps it’s because you’re wondering what the Mac Auto Fixer is and how it’s installed on your device. Do not worry, in this article we tell what it is and how to eliminate it.


> Is Mac Auto Fixer a legitimate program?

The Mac Auto Fixer software is part of some applications of external developers which include other programs in their package to download. This is the way that they try to install the application that you did not want earlier.

This type of program is potentially known as Unwanted Program or PUP, which corresponds to the Initials Potential Unwanted Program in English. Antivirus often ignores them because they are not dangerous, but are only annoying.(virus)

> How to remove Mac Auto Fixer from your Mac or MacBook

The applications we have just mentioned are your best allies to eliminate the Mac Auto Fixer from your system, because this software is usually hidden in different sites. These apps will find it and finish it till the final trace.

If you prefer to manually remove the Mac Auto Fixer, then you should follow the steps below:

  1.   Open the Finder and click on the ‘Applications‘ folder in the menu on the left.
  2.  Use the search engine at the top to detect the Mac Auto Fixer on your system. When you find it, then drag it to the dumpster.
  3.  Unfortunately, this is not enough to completely eliminate the program. You should also find ‘Mac Auto Fixer‘ and ‘maf‘ folder in ‘/ Library / Application Support‘ and drag them to the Trash.
  4.  Next, you should take a look at the folder ‘/ library / launch events‘ and see if there is a file related to the Mac Auto Fixer. If so, you should also drag them into the trash.
  5.  Now, you can clear the trash by right-clicking on the icon in the dock and selecting ‘empty garbage‘.
  6.  Finally, reset your computer and, with a little luck, there will be no trace of the Mac Auto Fixer.

> Is it safe to use Mac Auto Fixer?

Not really, though it is not technically a virus or malware. It looks like a permanent advertisement that tries to convince you to switch to the paid version. Anyway, when your system finds it, we recommend removing it.

Should I switch to a paid version of the Mac Auto Fixer?

When it comes to the security of your Mac or MacBook, then Mac Auto Fixer and similar programs are not very reliable. In fact, we recommend that you bet on other programs such as malwarebites or cleanmex X and you install antivirus for MacOS.

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