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Excellent software to create music with the Mac

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All new commercial Mac devices come in standard with free copy of the powerful garageband music production software related to the operating system. However, if you want to try options or simple programs, then you should know that there are options for big prospects.

In this article, we have brought an analysis of 10 best musical production programs, as well as specifications, key data and download links of all, some of which are free or provide a trial period for you to compose music with Mac.

Logic Pro X

LogicStudio large

Price:  $ 257.96

Download: Mac App Store

Features: If it has been found that the garageband is not powerful enough to meet your needs, then upgrading to this major music suite should be one of their priorities.

Logic Pro X is a software that emulates a professional recording studio that includes a comprehensive library of all types of virtual music instruments, as well as libraries, synthesizers and audio tools.

Some of them made it worth acquiring by making a comprehensive collection of effects such as smart tempo, ftfx, stepfx, chromaveb and vintage eq, which have been recently added, which already strengthen a great offer.

With Logic Pro X, it is possible to record a total of 255 tracks for each composition, with the ability to keep track of multiple tracks at the same time and apply various effects while manipulating the track.

The editing work may be a bit complicated for some novices, but you should know that they are tremendously powerful, which allows to control many aspects of MIDI patterns as well as audio tracks. It is also possible to automate the changes on the fly.

There is also a flex pitch, which is a type of automatic tuning that allows you to correct any wrong singer or guitar solos. Flex time can solve the problem of any execution time.

Ease of Use: Garageband and logic share a very similar design, so if you like the free version look and feel, you will feel at home while selecting for your older brother’s version. Some other advanced tasks are initially hidden for the convenience of handling, but only a few clicks are required to activate them.

With the Touch Bar, the owner of MacBook Pro will see that the Touch bar is a blessing, which provides the ability to control various aspects of editing, as well as use it to run some virtual devices.

Logic allows you to use an iPad as an additional control surface. In addition, the Apple iPad and iPhone users have the option of uploading logic files in Icloud and then adding them when away from home via the iOS version of Garageband.

Supported formats: AAF, OMF, OpenTL and XML (Final Cut Pro). Apart from output options, AIFF, WAV, CAF, SDII, MP3, MP4 and MIDI.

Supported third-party add-ons: Yes, although they should be 64-bit

Compatible third-party hardware: The core-audio device is compatible as a MIDI controller and several control tables.

Reason 10 Intro

lg 84e235d9ce14259fd13511a00e562b10

Price: $ 88.61

Download: Reason 10 Intro

Features: Reason 10 is one of the most popular music creation platform among those who compose music, but on the basis that it sells for € 349. The reason we are looking for our younger brother is 10 as a more comparable option with garagebands.

This reduced version proves capable of putting too much influence and is undoubtedly a good starting point to get acquainted with the tools given by the full version.

The synthesizer is shown in the rack format and each person comes with their respective dials and sliders that look consistent with nature. It is also possible to rotate the frame and keep the virtual cable to maintain the look of an analog mixer.

Except the design aspect, it presents effects that allow the audio to turn into a new attractive texture and allow the creation of new patterns of different instrumentation. In fact, version 10 intro has 10 devices, 11 effects, 16 audio tracks and MIDI recordings, plus a large collection of editing functions.

Ease of Use: There is no doubt in it, as most of the programs have been analyzed here, there is a learning curve in it. However, due to the 10 intro, you get one of the best scores with Eblton Live because it can be fun and surprising with the results you have made.

Keep this fact in mind that the MIDI controller is an indispensable assistant in this suite because many features reside in this section.

Supported formats: AIFF, WAV, REX

Supported third-party add-ons: Reasons Rack Extensions and VST

Compatible third-party hardware: Virtually any MIDI controller

Presonus Studio One 4 Prime

studio one family

Price: Free (Professional Version: $ 447.84 )

Download: Presonus

Features: Studio One Range has gained a great reputation as a musical composition software among professional users. Now, in its fourth edition, Studio One is available in three different levels: Free, Studio One 4 Artist and Studio One 4 Professional.

The free Prime Edition is a fully functional package that offers audio tracks, midi tracks, as well as limited extent effects. They complement many types of samples, loops and a new instrument editor.

Paid versions include a more advanced options and a whole host of content, including the new Advanced Cord Detector and the Powerful Sample One Extra Sampler. However, as a serious alternative to garagebands, Studio One Prime is an excellent starting point, especially if you start in the music world.

One drawback is that we look at the free version that it is not compatible with third party add-ons like AU, VST2, VST3 and Reverse, which limits its possibilities to some extent.

However, if you are interested in purchasing the above versions, Studio One offers a complete modern suit capable of competing with most of the features offered by its main rivals.

Ease of Use: Studio One’s presentation interface design is modern, clean and easy to use. It is quite similar to logic and garage bonds, in which there are dark palettes that have similar functions.

The goal is for everything to work on the main screen, so do not confuse pop-up windows that are hidden behind one another, keeping things simple. This means that the software works better on the big screen.

Supported formats: A wide range with standard MP3 coding and decoding in all editions.

Third-party add-on: Not compatible in open version

Compatible third-party hardware: Audio interfaces compatible with core audio, MacKeep interface and MIDI controllers.


7 audacity

Price: Free

Download: Audacity

Characteristics: Although garagebands have become an application for mass use among Apple users’ computers, Audacity has been able to benefit those followers who maintain and maintain the tools that are kept free by volunteers.

From the beginning, it may look like an original product with which you will not be able to handle big projects. After the initial hours of use, you verify that it is possible to get effective results.

Apart from the usual recording and editing tasks, which can be expected, there are also options to record multiple channels, add cross fade and even record existing tracks at the same time, for example, intelligent vocal harmony or To get solos.

Advanced tools, such as noise elimination function, allow you to test any discussion or background effect and then apply filters to a specific track.

Another interesting feature is the ability to change the pitch of a track without changing the tempo (and vice versa), as well as a decent amount of underlying effects that can be applied for recording.

Ease of Use: Audacity has the capability, but its interface is certainly not compatible. Undoubtedly, this may be their main problem in front of competitive solutions. While Garage Band is clean and clean, and with modern design, Audacity looks like a program created by engineers and for them.

The menus and keypad are somewhat misleading, with an initial effect that can be thrown back. Once you become accustomed to its superficial nature, things matter more and you can produce complex projects.

Compatible formats: WAV, AIFF, AU, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis. MP3, AC3, AAC and MP4 are also available through free downloadable add-ons.

Third-party compatible plugins: LADSPA, Nyquist, VST and Audio unit.

Compatible Third-Party Hardware: It’s not an official list, but it is known that many USB devices and microphones work.

 Ableton Live 10

3 ableton 2

Price:  $ 88.60

Download: Ableton (free trial also available)

Features: While most apps that are part of this more traditional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) article, Ableton Live proves to be a unique option.

And that is, there is a timeline for recording and mixing most concerts sequentially, Ablton has this option, in which there is another mode called Session, which allows you to create small music clips. Which are saved for later use.

With a clip in playback, it is possible to experiment with the construction of texture and riff. When you are satisfied with the various elements that make up the project, you can click on the global recording button and activate the live clip, usually through the MIDI controller.

Understanding the concept takes some time, because you essentially become a DJ of your own music, but when you use it, it is quite inspirational.

Ease of Use: Ablton Live is almost like playing a new musical instrument, so the learning curve can be a bit tedious. Under normal circumstances, you will also need to invest in any type of control device, but you can assign a computer keyboard to activate different clips.

The software has a large number of sound construction modules and sample libraries, as well as innovative editing controls that run in real-time. The moment you master the controls, you can create new creations through a computer program as a concert.

Supported formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC.

Supported third-party plugins: VST, Audio units, Rever.

Compatible Third-Party Hardware: MIDI Controller, Ableton Control Table (Push).

Reaper 5

8 reaper

Price: 60 dollars (approx 53 €)
Download: Reaper

Features: Reaper name is very aligned with audio output, engineering and recording environment. The program itself has a comprehensive list of features with which you can create albums and projects from scratch.

Multitrack recordings for live or midi audio include editing features and even tone correction software which are included in the price. Reaper is also very customizable, in which many GUI elements are available to modify the user with new masks.

Ease of Use: The clean design and customizable nature of the interface makes it possible for the users to reaper. Now, let’s not fool yourself.

If you have worked with Garbagebands then you have to spend more time knowing your work. It also means that once you master the environment, it will be better if you master the environment.

In fact, the Reaper Forums also populate advanced users who help in learning advanced moves and tasks, many of which also create new add-ons for platforms that are shared with everyone.

Entered format: Almost everything, and even something that we had not heard.

Compatible third-party add-ons: VST3, DX, AU, ReWire, JS (user plug-in with script), and others.

Compatible third-party hardware: Reaper creators claim that they are compatible with almost any audio or MIDI interface or sound card.

Cubase Elements 9.5

4 cubase elements 1

Price:  $ 112.14

Download: Steinberg

Characteristics: While composing music with a computer, there is a Cubby platform from the unconditional suites, which has provided excellent creative tools to musicians for many years.

Those who want to try their talents regardless of money, they can do so with the Elements 9.5 package as the initial proposal.

Elements are equipped with many features that make your older brother one of the most popular. Its professional level editing and mixing tools provide a substantial amount of control to the user, among which there are more than forty audio effects processors.

It is also possible to run 48 audio tracks and 64 MIDI tracks simultaneously, with which a very wide sound palette is provided.

Ease of Use: Steinberg has created a complete series of video tutorials to help customize the new ones in the complex environment of sometimes 9.5. Cubase is still a sophisticated product for those who are new to digital music. If you are already familiar with these programs, you will definitely receive an important update in the Cubby Options.

Supported formats: WAV, AIFC, AIFF, MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Wave64.

Supported third-party plugins: VST and ReWire

Compatible third-party hardware: ASIO, MIDI and Mackie devices

MuLab 7MuLab 7

9 mulab

GarageBand for MacPrice: Free (UL version: $77.40 )

Download: MuTools

Features: This production suite is another complete recording studio that allows you to handle aspects of the audio track recording, editing and mixing process.

It comes with a great understanding of the music field, because its responsible were the creators of Free Seamusic Sequencer which were provided for years with Computer Music Magazine.

Now, in its seventh edition, MuLab focuses more on the newcomer in DAW, with a simplified user interface and a simple color palette and works just to customize with drag and drop.

However, this does not mean that the equipment is minimal because both synthesizers and built-in editing controls allow a good job from the beginning.

The free version limits it to four structure tracks, which are not many, but it becomes unlimited for that moment when it is updated. Essentially, the free version is a test, so if you really want to make an appropriate recording, you will need to perform tasks in the UL version.

Ease of Use: The MUAL interface has received all kinds of criticisms positive and against it, ensuring that the user interface is easy to reach due to its original design with the emerging frame. On the other hand, those who think that the task is more complicated than it should be as complex as it should be.

Supported formats: Not listed.

Compatible third-party add-ons: VST and ReWire

Third-party hardware compatible: Not found in the list.

GarageBand for Mac

5 garageband

Price: Free

Download: Mac App Store

Features: For years, Garagebands have made it possible for countless users to record their songs without any knowledge of advanced software and mixers using a simple and accessible interface.

The latest versions of Garagebund have been added with Logic Pro X in style, whereas other compositions along with impressive features such as the ability to simulate the drum, relieve the hours of MIIDI programming have been introduced.

The included amp simulators make guitar recordings (both six-string and bass) very simple, while the richness of the loops, with new instrument samples and sound effects, gives a professional advantage to the compositions.

Ease of Use: The lack of elegant design and control options of garagebands creates an ideal solution for all those who begin to make their first steps.

There are simple graphical representations to handle the tools, while the menu is arranged so that you do not feel lost between so many buttons.

It lacks some very useful editing features like crossfade and podcast, but there are things to help in making great sound quality songs. You can also get the program available through interactive lessons to teach you a new tool.

Supported formats: AIFF, CAF, WAV, AAC (excluding protected AAC files), Apple Lossless, MIDI and MP3. 64 bits.

Compatible Third-Party Plugins: Audio Units.

Compatible third-party hardware: Core audio device and MIDI controller.

Reason 10 Intro

6 reason jpg 1

Price: $ 88.63

Download: Reason 10 Intro

Features: Reason 10 is one of the most popular music creation platforms among those that compose music, but on the basis that it sells for a price of € 349. We are looking for his younger brother Reason 10 Intro as a more comparable alternative with GarageBand.

This reduced edition proves to be able to have a lot of impact and is undoubtedly a good starting point to become familiar with the tools offered by the full version.

The synthesizers are shown in rack format and each one comes with their respective dials and sliders that look analog by nature. It is even possible to rotate the frame and place virtual cables to maintain the look of analog mixer.

Leaving aside the design aspect, it offers effects that can transform the audio into new fascinating textures and allow the construction of new patterns of different instrumentation. In fact, version 10 Intro features 10 instruments, 11 effects, 16 audio tracks and MIDI recording, plus a large collection of editing functions.

Ease of use: There is no doubt that, as with most of the programs analyzed here, it has a learning curve. However, the Reason 10 Intro gets one of the best scores with Ableton Live, as it is fun and surprised by the results you can create.

Take into account the fact that a MIDI controller is an indispensable accessory in this suite, since many of the features reside in this section.

Supported formats: AIFF, WAV, REX.

Supported third-party add-ons: Reason Rack Extensions and VST

Compatible third-party hardware : Virtually any MIDI controller.

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