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Excellent Review Vtin Punker Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth Speaker Vink Punker: is it worth your purchase?

We will deceive you if we said that this Vtin speaker is one of the best in the market. There are many others of more recognized brands that provide better sound quality and even more sophisticated designs.

However, you will find some speakers more affordable than Wink Panker, which at the same time, has good features. Thanks to your portability, resistance and battery life, you can take it anywhere.

Retail price (PVP)

$ 33.99

Bluetooth Speaker Review Vtin Punker (PVP)

Some people like to spend a lot of money in electronic devices with this hope that it will guarantee many years of use. However, the reality is that everyone stops working, at some time or at some other time.

It is based on the fact that other users do not want to spend a fortune on new smartphones, laptops or Bluetooth speakers. If this is your case, then Wink Pankar is ideal for you, because it offers good quality at very affordable prices.

Do not miss our review of the best-selling Vtin loudspeakers. It has surprised us very positively, although its design is not the most attractive in the world. After that we analyze its value, features and sound quality.

Price and availability (PVP)

Ventin-Weavens website from Waiting – does not provide a good user experience, therefore, we recommend that you buy Pimp Speaker directly from Aliexpress, where it currently sells at a price between 36 and 37 €.

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Design and manufacturing (PVP)

Certainly this is a matter of taste, but in our humble opinion, Pankar’s design is not very attractive at all. In this sense, we prefer the minimal design of BlitzWolf’s BW-AS1 or the futuristic wind of flare sound 360 Flat.

The punk and sophisticated aspect of Pankar shows that it is a cheap speaker, but at the same time its strength allows it to make a shock-resistant device. This resistance is undoubtedly its strength.

Lying in aesthetics, Panker achieves excellence in performance. You can take it anywhere without worrying to spoil it, it is also thanks to the resistance of water splash, as it contains IPX4 certification.

Its dimensions are small (180 x 70 x 55 mm) and weigh 458 grams, which makes it ideal for storing it on any shelf in your house and moving it to your next journey. In this sense, you will also use the carbiner which is incorporated.

If you want to transport it in a more secure way then you should buy a different case, because Vtin provides only the cardboard box in which it comes next to the USB charging cable and AUX cable. Nor could we have asked a lot while looking at the price.

The rubber covering the speaker should be sufficient to remove any shock, although we do not advise you to take it and that you try to save the two front speaker and the rear subwoofer.

As with this type of speakers, the control buttons are above the stamen, which when you want to turn it on, increase or decrease the volume and want to change the song.

Another button is used specifically to answer the call. Vtin wants to emphasize this function with a microphone which should work to talk to the person on the other side of the phone, but the truth is that the quality leaves little to be desired.

Returning to the button, two small drawbacks emerge. On one hand, if you want to use in a less light environment, then you should remember their situation. On the other hand, you should take the move to use the same button for the volume and change the song.

The ‘+’ button, as you guessed, works to increase the volume. To do this you should keep it down, while one touch lets you move on to the next song. The same goes for ‘-‘ button to reduce the volume and go to the previous song.

The LED at the top is also very useful for knowing what the speaker is state. Therefore, if it is blue, it means that you are able to link it correctly with other device, while a red light indicates that you are running out of batteries.

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Features: Connectivity and battery autonomy (PVP)

Vtin Punker is a wireless speaker that works via Bluetooth. Specifically, its version is 4.0, with the bandwidth of 24 MB / s, which is enough to connect it to any compatible device.

However, you should have a device that you have connected to the speaker’s 10 meter ratio. Alternatively, you can connect using a 3.5 mm port. Although this will improve the quality of the audio, it will give you some limitations of the movement.

We will not be worried that VTN has decided to include an SD card slot in this model as it has done in others, but of course, the most common is that you connect it with your smartphone or laptop and there Play music from

In the previous section we have already described what the top buttons are for, but we have not mentioned the most important thing: how to add the speaker to any other Bluetooth device. Surely you have already guessed how.

First of all, until you hear a beep, you have to hold the power button for a while. Then, to pair you, you must select Punker Speaker from the list of devices available in the Bluetooth section of the device.

So, there is no secret of it. In our experience, we have no problem or complexity while adding the speaker. It is done quickly and effectively. This is what happens when we want to do it unheard of.

Another feature to highlight Punker is its battery. It has a capacity of 4400 mAh, which Vtin says that you should offer 25% continuous playback in excess of not more than 70%.

Although we can not confirm this figure, the truth is that if you do not increase the volume to the maximum, then the external charger will not be required to be lifted up. Vtin reduces these hours of autonomy until you do so.

This excellent autonomy of the battery reinforces the idea that it is a good option for those who are looking for a speaker that can be taken out. Of course, once this is over, you should let it charge for about 7 hours.

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Audio quality (PVP)

It must be acknowledged: anyone considering buying a loudspeaker at this price can not expect to have excellent audio quality and at the level of other, more expensive brands. Even so, the sound produced by the Punker seems sufficient.

Surely because it was designed expressly for use outdoors, we can demand less in terms of audio quality since, after all, it will end up confusing with ambient noise.

If you are going to use it indoors, you will notice something else the difference with other more expensive speakers, although the sound is clear and balanced. We recommend that you use it to listen to music, since it costs a bit to understand the voice of the podcasts.

The fact that the quality of the high and medium frequencies is prioritized also indicates that it is intended for outdoor use. In fact, in general terms, bass is not heard clearly and is distorted quite a bit as you turn up the volume.

The efficiency and power of this speaker is due to having two drivers of 10 W in the front and a passive radiator that separates them located in the back that manages to emit serious bass more naturally.

In summary, the sound of this Vtin speaker is clear and perfectly meets the expectations of a device at this price, especially outdoors. With a frequency of 90 Hz to 20 kHz, the basses are practically nonexistent.

List of specifications

  • Connections: AUX / Bluetooth 4.0 cable
  • Frequency range: 90 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity:> 80 dB
  • Drivers : 2 10 W speakers
  • Battery life: 25 hours
  • Dimensions: 180 x 70 x 55 mm
  • Weight: 458 g


The Vitin Punker is one of our favorite cheap Bluetooth speakers. Surely Vitin is not the first brand we think of when we want to buy an electronic device, but the truth is that this speaker does not disappoint.

At a very affordable price, you will take home a very portable device, not only for its dimensions, but because it is made of a material resistant to shock and splashing water. This makes it ideal to take to the pool or picnic.

While it is true that it is not the best speaker to enjoy songs with many bass, the experience in general terms is good, especially if you go more pop than rap. In addition, undoubtedly one of its strengths is the long duration of its battery.

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