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Excellent Review: Origem HS-3 headphones

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Origem HS-3: is it worth your purchase?

During the trial period that we have had the opportunity to use them, the sound quality they sell is pleasantly surprised.

The brand seeks to gain a foothold in this competitive market with solutions for wireless headphones that are cabled to each other to prevent damage or to facilitate transport around the neck.

Against them, it has to be said that they lack the extra charging base, as they are offering a full range of headphones that emulate the Apple Airplus. On its side, fast charging mode that will prevent you from hanging in the middle of the day.

Retail price (PVP)

$ 59

Excellent Review: Origem HS-3 headphones

There are a lot of wireless headphones on the market based on blueboth connectivity. This is the case of the new Origem HS-3 which we have the opportunity to try for over a month. Here we tell you my experience with them.

At the outset, you should know that these are the head-in-ear types that have headphones with hooks to improve the fact of attaching them to the ear and avoiding them during a sport activity or practice. Can fall or fall.

Price and availability

Origem HS-3 headphones are the development of the first generation Origem HS-1, which has allowed the Hong Kong-based brand to develop some aspects of audio quality and ergonomics, so that they can now improve the experience of use in situations such as sports. .

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The company has expanded its marketing to several countries, including Spain, where the HS-3 now has a special launch price of only $ 59 compared to $ 99, which is its normal retail price.

Design and finishes

You can find them with three different finishes that are based on the color of the headphones and the cable that connects the two players. This cable allows you to carry them throughout the day and hang their neck to facilitate their transport or prevent damage.

Unlike opting for independent headphones that can be recharged by placing them in a charging case, these models are somewhat more traditional, with a charging system that uses a micro USB connector located next to the control keypad.

Next to the package you buy, you will find ear tips of different sizes to better customize the size of your ears.

A small plastic protective cap protects the connector so that they are not exposed to exposure to water or sweat during exercise. In fact, the Origim HS-3 complies with the IPX5 specification of water jet resistance, which is common in sports headphones.

So, you can take them to the gym, or go jogging with them, but when you’re working long hours, forget about being able to dive into the pool to listen to music, because its For this, the device must comply with IPX7 authentication.

origem hs 3 headphones 05

The package you purchase has a USB type charging cable, as well as a protective case to store them when you are not using them and have the convenience of transportation.

Characteristics and sound quality

Before going into detail about the sound quality offered by the Origim HS-3, it should be noted that they are comfortable to wear for hours and hours of music playback. Our ear-hung hook is lightweight and comfortable with rubber material.

In the case of headphones, they provide a complete hands-free experience to the point that you can lift it by ear without fearing that you might lose one of the two units, something that happens to those people Which emulate Apple AirPods mode.

Going in detail, the HS-3 is covered with 10mm Graphene material that creates the sound experience quality, guarantees good bass and the fact that the sound is huge. They have aptX CSR technology that takes advantage of all the benefits of wireless transmission.

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Connectivity with the smartphone takes advantage of DSP digital signal processing via Bluetooth 5.0 without audio degradation and guarantees HDR sound, according to the company.

It is pleasant to verify that the frequency range sounds in a balanced manner, handling a sufficient dynamic range and quality and without distorting as a result of increasing reproduction volume.

It seems obvious that you won’t be able to enjoy the audiophile sound quality, but frankly, the quality has pleasantly surprised us if we take into account the purchase price they offer and the range in which they Are included within the market.

Modes of use and handling

The guaranteed coverage range or range reaches 10 meters, which will allow you to travel a certain distance from your mobile phone with full operational guarantee. We have three buttons to control playback, manage volume, or move forward or backward in your playlist.

Pairing with your mobile is not complicated. Just press and hold the main button known as ‘MFB’ for 2 seconds, which performs the power-up function, and the HS-3 will enter synchronization or pairing mode.

You can handle two mobile devices at the same time, so that you can answer incoming calls from both of them via headphones (one or the other, not both). You can also perform optional functions, such as listening to music with one device and receiving incoming calls from another.

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The HS-3 also stands for offering hands-free operation based on voice commands. Try to mention ‘Hello VoiceQ’ and the headphones will be put into listening mode. Now, this section is improved because you have to stop playing music before using the command.

These controls are somewhat basic, but you can accept an incoming call, reject it, as well as handle music playback to forward or return a song. If you synchronize contacts, mention the name, you can also make a call.

Another utility that we found and whose efficiency we can test is that you can use the ‘MFB’ button on the control of HS-3 headphones to capture photos whenever you pair the mobile. And you have the phone in camera mode. Works!

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Last but not least, we address the autonomy and battery charge section. It is evident that we do not have a case that provides additional load, something that the Origem brand compensates with the fast charging mode that the HS-3 have.

Autonomy and charge

We investigate how it is possible to 100% charge the battery of headphones with an estimated time of 45 minutes, guaranteeing music with autonomy reaching 6 hours of use, which is not bad.

The manufacturer claims that 5 minutes of charging is enough to use up to 2 hours. This is something important that we can also verify. There is a small LED to indicate the low level of the battery, which emits a blinking red light in addition to a voice message, which warns of a low battery.

What will we improve on these Origin HS-3? Without a doubt, the fact of being able to be an application for Android or iOS and which allows us to control the voice command, equalization as well as the charge level of your battery.

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Apart from the pairing done with your mobile device, you will not be able to do another series of additional tasks. If you find them at home, then forget about being able to do something that others provide.

Without a doubt, the development of an application by Origem will allow us to make the most of the quality offered by these headphones, as well as to ensure greater integration with voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. There will be a possibility. Origem HS-3 headphones 


The Origem HS-3 surprised us with its audio quality offering. Do not expect a headphone model with advanced noise cancellation systems, but it is something you will not find among your rivals included in this price range.

We liked the fast charging system that will allow you to enjoy them during hours of use. The use of voice commands responds well, but we should also add that the correction path is.

The development of a dedicated application for iOS and Android environments will be a leap forward for these headphones and for the brand, with the possibility of offering more control, especially the section on knowing the battery level left in your day Day in

For the rest, they are a solution that we recommend at a price point and more that they currently coincide with their launch. You can also find them on Amazon, but without the launch offer price.

Origem HS-3 headphones


  • Origem HS-3
  • Hearing aids with ear hook
  • AptX CSR audio technology
  • 3 control buttons on cable
  • 180 mAh battery
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Voice control
  • IPX5 water resistant
  • 6 hour autonomy
  • 40-minute full charge time
  • Micro USB type charging port
  • 70 cm cable length
  • 20 gram weight

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