Motorola One: Review price, specifications and rumors

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1. Motorola One: is it worth your purchase?

The highlight of this new family of Moto is Android One and its update is guaranteed over the next two years. For this fact we need to add the security bonus offered by Google.

In essence, with the possibility of taking advantage of their cameras, a terminal with enough facilities to satisfy the general public. To improve the high resolution and brightness section of your screen, and as we always ask for, a better quality in capturing snapshots in low-light environments.

Retail price (PVP)

$ 302

Excellent Review of the Motorola One

Where to buy the Motorola One?

Motorola One is a mid-range smartphone model, which is compared to Motorola G6 Plus of the same company. The main difference is that it is a terminal listed in the form of Android One and it is a footnote or a notch in its screen.

One of its strengths is its large 3,000 mAh battery, which is with turbo-charger charging mode, which can be used for up to 8 hours after only 20 minutes of charging. It is possible to buy € 289.42 at both the recommended price at Amazon and MediaMarkt.

If you consider the possibility of getting it through operators linked to the tariff, then the company is selling it with Vodafone from November last year.

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Motorola One: Analysis

Lenovo continues to extend the offer to his smartphone, especially focusing on mid-range and to make it clear that there is no war at the top of the range. Thus, in its heavy offer that has Moto Z3 and Moto G6 models, a new member has now been added to Android One.

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If the G6 family was renewed before summer with the models Moto G6 Plus, Moto G6 and Moto G6 Play, the new Motorola One has certain similarities with them, starting with the price to be just below € 300.

However, four months of difference have helped Lenovo to implement interesting developments aligned to what the market demands. Thus, the screen of the new Motorola One is 5.9 inches and 19: 9 format, also implementing the notch or dotch that allows you to win in the display area.

One competes with strong rivals such as Honor Play, Nokia 7.1, Galaxy A7 or BQ Aquaris X2. All of them with double camera sensor and depth detection to achieve great results in the photographic section.

Motorola One: Design and usability

In terms of usability, the One keeps the fingerprint reader in its back, easily locatable to the touch by the index finger, having a small indentation.

Also its elongated format makes it especially handy for those users with small hands to reach with their thumb anywhere.

The disposition of the lenses of his main camera also varies in front of what we had customary Lenovo, with a system of dual rear cameras of 13 and 2 megapixels displaced to the side that will allow to take advantage of the functionality that offers next to Google Lens.

The unibody finish of the Motorola One shows a perfect combination of glass and metal in its finishes, with Gorilla Glass protection of 2.5D both front and rear which gives it great strength. Despite this, Lenovo includes its typical transparent silicone case to protect them from the first moment of use.

The symmetrical design of the terminal is only slightly disfigured by camera sensors that project slightly from the surface, despite which, the 162 grams of weight make it an ideal companion to carry around everywhere.

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The Motorola One does not have any type of IP certification that responds to liquids or dust, but its coating complies with the P2i, also present in other Motorola models.

Moto Display and Moto Actions

To talk about the experience of better use in Motorola Forest, talk about the functions involved in Lenovo’s terminals. Actions related to Moto Actions allow you to turn on the terminal to launch camera mode, or simply activate the flashlight by shaking the terminal twice, very useful actions with a simple gesture.

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In the use of day-to-day we also found the section of notifications with the screen off. In a low power mode and without unlocking the screen, the Motorola One allows you to consult a WhatsApp message at a quick glance, as well as respond to it without entering the application. These are the typical features you miss when you change terminals and do not have them.

Motorola One: Specifications and features

The point of your screen, a trend that already prevails in many mid-range models, is a way to offer more viewing areas in a phone that is not too big for their generous 5.9 inches.

Thus, it is much more sized to make an aspect ratio of 19: 9 with the iPhone X, where lateral rungs of the footpath are used to indicate information and continuous information.

We asked Lenovo engineers for the possibility of configuring Dot, as some other brands allow, and they responded that at the moment it is something that has not been considered for personal change or disappearing.

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On the screen there is a HD resolution of 1520 x 720 pixels on the same IPS panel as the HTC U12 Life. The colors are clearly shown in terms of sharpness, something that is extra for fonts.

However, the price of 278 dpi offered by Lenovo in Moto G6 and G6 Plus is low, with a density of 400 dpi pixels. During more than 2 weeks of testing, we have seen how the brightness of the panel is one of its weak points, because we miss another level of intensity.

We do not have any complaints about the automatic setting of the Motorola One screen brightness, although on this occasion, you have to resort to the quick settings of Android One to maximize it.

motorola one 5

If we continue with the experience of use, the interface is quite fluid with nothing to object to the higher-end models. The lack of software customization layers makes the eight-core Snapdragon 450 processor show fluid performance, accompanied by 4GB of RAM. Its 64GB of storage can be expanded by the microSD card slot.

Note at this point that the owners of the Motorola One can enjoy the high quality unlimited storage offered by the Android One service when they are stored in Drive ‘Photos‘.

Motorola One: possibilities of your cameras

As we had guessed, one sensor from the dual camera is 13 megapixels, in which f / 2 aperture, phase detection and autofocus of LED flash are supported by the second sensor of 2 megapixels. This has become a general configuration in the 2018 phone, which provides good performance in portrait mode, for which we have an 8 megapixel camera and f / 2.2.

This allows to get good results, especially when it captures external photos with good performance. Autofocus is quite sensitive and shooting time demands your time. In general, the results are good, but sometimes it becomes dull and faded.

1000 Motorola one 1540547781

The level of detail is reasonably good and in the HDR mode the camera does a good job of differentiating between the subject and the background, playing with the blur mode. In portrait mode, the detail level is high, but the background when it is overlit loses the desired level of detail.

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About the video part, it is possible to get a 4K resolution at 30 fps, but over time you see that it is better to go to full HD at the same frame rate because the phone guarantees more image stabilization.


Something that invites you to make the most of your lens, is the brand’s included photo and video mode. Playing with the cinematic or direct color mode allows us to highlight the subject of a color and leave the rest of the scenes that appear in black and white around it. This is something that we have seen so far in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro Pero that also the average gamma shows cue puide of tracer.

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Motorola One: Performance

If we compare the level of performance compared to its Moto G6 equivalent, then we see that in the Geekbrain Test, it improves overall thanks for its better processor (Moto G6 matches Snapdragon 450).

Various tests conducted in the sports section allow us to conclude that this is at an average level of performance of their counterparts, but do not expect excellent results for this segment. If you are looking for a smartphone with which to spend hours playing throughout the day, then our recommendation goes through Honor Play, whose current price is 329 euros (€ 40 more expensive).


Motorola One: autonomy and turbopower

At this critical point for most of the audience, it should be noted that, like the Moto G6, the Motorola One has a USB-C port, adopting the fast charging feature through the Turbopower mode.

In our tests we could see how the 15-watt charger allows the One to get a 36% charge in just 30 minutes. We used the Geekbench tests to obtain an average usage of 8 hours and 25 minutes before switching off.

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This makes the battery of its interior of large capacity (3,000 mAh), can exceed 8 hours of use with only 20 minutes of connection to power. The phone optimizes consumption by offering screen usage ratios close to 7 hours of use. 

Motorola One: Best Conclusions

For practical purposes, we liked the immediacy and speed shown by the fingerprint scanner located at the back. It is not necessary to press any additional button to unlock the terminal, just position the registered finger. 

For expansion purposes, the Motorola One supports dual SIM to simultane- ate two operator lines, and it is possible to use them together with the microSD card slot (the use of one of them does not imply the loss of the other functionality). 

Also noteworthy is the attractiveness of Android One and its updates guaranteed over the next two years. To this fact we must add the security bonus offered with the monthly updates by Google. 

Also useful is the physical headphone jack that can be used together with the FM radio tuning function that the serial terminal also offers. Right in this section, we can take advantage of the benefits of Moto Audio and Dolby Audio support to customize and set the equalization to our liking with audio settings. There are predefined selections for game mode, movie, voice or user preset values. 

In short, a terminal sufficient in features with the possibility of taking advantage of its cameras. To improve the section of higher resolution on the screen, and as we always demand, a higher quality in the capture of snapshots in low light environments. 

Motorola One: Excellent Specifications

  • Android 8.1 Oreo (Android One)
  • 5.9in 19: 9 IPS, HD + (720×1520, 287ppi)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 GHz
  • Adreno 506 Graphics
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 64 GB of storage (expandable to 256 GB)
  • Double rear camera of 12Mp + 2Mp, aperture f / 2, LED flash
  • 8Mp front camera, f / 2.4
  • Connectivity 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz + 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.2 LE
  • Dual Nano-SIM, GPS, NFC and FM radio
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Speaker and headphone jack
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • 15W Turbopower Charger
  • Dimensions of 153 x 72 x 8 mm
  • Weight of 162 grams

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