Excellent Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: is it worth your purchase?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ will not disappoint anyone. The new note generation premium model has everything that makes this range one of Samsung’s most popular. And all this with a larger screen (albeit at a higher price).

The 6.8-inch panel is the main difference with the Note 10. We like the design and Samsung has decided to include the specifications of the first line. The high quality of the cameras will make you forget that this mobile has no jack port for headphones.

Retail price (PVP)

From $ 1,099

Excellent Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

As you know, Samsung announced the new generation Galaxy Note a few weeks ago. To surprise some, the company launched two new models: a standard version and a more premium version.

Price and availability

Although the new generation of Note Generation was announced in early August, it was not released until 23 August. This means that you can now buy your Note 10+ through the website of Samsung, Amazon, Fnac or El Corte Inglés.

For the official price, it varies according to the specifications you choose. Thus, the 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage in the Note 10+ costs € 1,109, while you will have to pay € 1,209 for the model with 512 GB RAM.

Design and manufacturing quality

The design of the new Note 10 resembles that of previous generations, but Samsung has also added new touches that enable them to have a significantly different identity. The main change is the screen, with virtually no bezels.

Samsung has screwed up the upper and lower frames and this has allowed it more room for the screen. This means that, despite having a larger panel, the device size is very similar.

This is achieved, in part, by embedded the camera in a hole in the screen, as Samsung had already done with the S10 range. The only difference is that the lens is in the center of the screen, something that will improve the angle of the selfie.

The Note is by far the largest model in the 10+ range and, as expected, is not always easy to handle with one hand. It is somewhat lighter than the Note 9, but the difference is so small that you will hardly notice it.

Everything in this mobile is practically glass. This has the advantage of making the smartphone elegant and attractive, but also has the great inconvenience of being quite fragile. You will want to save it from a case or a case.

We welcome that the company has chosen materials and a manufacturing that allows the Note 10+ to be water and dust resistant (IP68), but we don’t like it so much that it has decided to join the fashion of getting rid of the headphone jack port .

Samsung has justified itself by saying that, in order to get a cell phone so thin and still have room for a powerful battery, they had to free up space by removing the 3.5mm port. Thus, you should use the USB C helmets that come in the box.

There have also been changes in the physical buttons. On the one hand, the power button and the volume buttons are now placed on the left side, a rather unusual decision but not uncomfortable. On the other, there is no Bixby button.

As for the design, the range of colors in which the Note 10+ is available is also remarkable. As with Note 10, you can buy it in Aura Glow (rainbow) and Aura Black (black), but instead of Aura Pink (pink), you can choose it in Aura White (white). 


As we have already said that the Galaxy Note 10+ is the model on which you need the most advanced features. While it is similar to the Note 10, it does offer some differences that justify it as the premium version of the new generation.

A mobile with phablet size

First, the Note 10+ screen is 0.5 inches larger than the standard model, as it measures 6.8 inches instead of 6.3. This puts it very close to the size of 7-inch devices, known as phablets.

Both have a dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O panel with curved edges and support for the HDR10 +. The difference is that the Note 10+ has a higher resolution and pixel density: 3040 x 1440 and 498 ppi, respectively.

Of course, you have to change the settings to get the maximum resolution. By default, the Note 10+ is set to Full HD + resolution. You can also change other settings to activate night mode, change screen hue, and so on.

Below the screen of Note 10+ we find the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. On occasion, it is somewhat more than the Galaxy S10 and it makes it more comfortable to use. Apart from this, you can also use facial recognition.

Both unlocking methods work quite well, and you can also use it at the same time. Thus, if the camera does not recognize your face, then you will only need to use the scanner. While the iPhone’s Face ID certainly works better, we have no complaints.

Latest generation internal components

The Note 10+ processor is very similar to the Note 10, i.e. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus or Exynos 9852 depends on the market in which you buy it. Of course, performance is better in 10+ thanks to other components.

On one hand, the Note 10+ has 12 GB of RAM, ie 50% more than the standard model. You can choose between 256 GB or 512 GB of storage space and you will have the possibility to expand it with microSD up to 512 GB.

Not surprisingly, this is an outstanding performance smartphone. With Note 10+ you do not have to wait until an application loads. Here are the results of benchmarking tests.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ benchmarks


The premium model also includes a more powerful battery with 4300 mAh capacity. While this difference certainly means that it has more autonomy than the Note 10, you also have to keep in mind that its screen is larger.

Although battery life will depend on your mobile usage, in our experience you can use it for a full day without charging. You can activate the battery saver mode if you feel necessary.

The loading process is also improved compared to previous generations. The mobile can be charged with 45W, although you will need to buy a separate charger for this. It also supports wireless charging and reversible charging at 15W.

More cameras

If you look at cameras, the Note 10+ also has more features than the Note 10. Thus, although other lenses are practically identical, the premium version has another sensor at the back.

The DepthVision sensor should provide some more depth in the photo and improve modes such as Portrait or Live Focus entirely, depending on the software with the Note 10.

At the rear, there is also a 12 MP dual-aperture (OIS) lens, an ultra-wide 16 MP lens and a 12 MP telephoto lens with X2 optical zoom (OIS). The front camera is of 10 MP and has an aperture f / 2.2.

As you might expect, the photographic quality of their cameras does not disappoint. The results will be full of details and very rich in colors. The exposure is usually good, ideal for bright environments.

The major problem with these cameras is that they cannot compete with other rivals when using night mode. For example, comparison of photos in low light environments of Note 10+ and Pixel 3 makes no sense.

Connectivity and 5G version

Indeed, Samsung has not announced two new models, but three. The Note 10 is also available in a 5G version which, as you might have guessed, differs in its compatibility with the fifth generation of mobile telephony.

Although the normal Note 10 can only be used with 4G, it has very good connectivity specifications: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and GPS. Instead, you will no longer be able to use the heart rate monitor because Samsung has decided to remove it.

News in the S Pen

The novelties that Samsung introduces in the S Pen with the new Note generation are the same in both the Note 10 and the Note 10+. It is still used by Bluetooth and has a similar design, but now its battery lasts up to 10 hours.

The big difference is found in the introduction of Air Actions, some air controls with which you can operate the cameras using the S Pen as if it were a wand. For now the uses are limited, but it is a good start.

On the other hand, you can easily convert a note in your Note 10+ into a Word document or other formats such as PDF. Of course, it is not perfect and usually ignores those drawings that you have also made by hand. We hope this improves in the future.



There is no difference in software between Note 10 or Note 10+. Both operate Android 9 Pie with a UI interface from Samsung. We celebrate that this time Galaxy came with less preinstalled apps.

Although we recommend you take a look at the mobile settings to understand all its possibilities, you should specifically focus on the section that allows you to connect Note 10+ with your Windows computer or laptop. .

You can do any task without unlocking your phone and you will also have all your photos on your PC. This is a version of the app.Your phone with better connection, Bluetooth is not required to work with faster connection.

Obviously not perfect. You have to unlock your Samsung screen and it will consume battery (probably unnecessarily). Furthermore, not all applications are compatible, as some are designed to be cleverly controlled.

Specification List

  • Operating system: Android 9 Pie + One UI
  • Display: 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED (Infinity-O, 3040 x 1440, 498 ppi, HDR10 +)
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 | Exynos 9825
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • Storage: 256 GB | 512 GB (expandable with microSD up to 1 TB)
  • Rear camera: 12 MP wide angle lens (f / 1.5-2.4, OIS) + 16 MP ultra wide angle lens (f / 2.2) + 12 MP telephoto lens (f / 2.1) + DepthVision lens
  • Front camera: 10 MP lens (f / 2.2)
  • Battery: 4300 mAh (wireless charging, Wireless PowerShare)
  • Dimensions: 162.3 x 77.2 x 7.9 mm
  • Weight: 198 g
  • Colors: Aura Glow | Aura Black | Aura white


Needless to say that the Galaxy Note 10+ is one of the best phones ever made by Samsung. Thus, there is a lot of improvement on the Note 9. For example, it has a larger screen for reduction in bezels.

Most importantly, the Note 10+ has incredible specifications. Some of them clearly mark differences with the Note 10, such as expandable memory, depth sensors, or faster loading.

Now, everything is not right. We are disappointed to see that Samsung has decided to get rid of the headphone jack port, or new features such as Air Action need improvement.

In short, if you want to get a Note 10+, you should be satisfied with the price above € 1,000 as well as the larger dimensions we use. Otherwise, you can place a bet on Note 10.

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