Excellent Review iPad 10.2-inch “(2019)

With the advent of the 10.2-inch iPad (2019), Apple focuses its attention on users who purchase a branded device for the first time, giving them access to applications and services such as the Apple Store, Apple Arcade, Apple TV + and iCloud. is. Access. .

10.2 “iPad (2019): is it worth your purchase?

It is not Apple’s most powerful iPad, nor is it intended to replace models that were previously released, such as the 9.2-inch iPad and the 2018 iPad Air.

However, the new 10.2-inch screen size and large accessory ecosystem support such as smart keyboards and Apple Pencil make this product an interesting device for the specific use of tablets at home.

Those who have not bought an iPad for their high prices will no longer have an excuse to curb their impulses to buy. It stands as the most interesting Apple device if you want to be able to enjoy the company’s services and application ecosystem.

Retail price (PVP)

  • 32GB $ 329 | 128GB $ 429

IPad Review 10.2 “(2019)

The new iPad of 2019, with a screen size of 10.2 inches, comes with a very surprising selling price making it one of the cheapest for those that Apple currently has for sale in its stores. It was the final one despite being released.

Price and availability

And it is that the company has decided to offer a versatile tablet tool that is compatible with smart keyboards, along with the S Pen digital pen, to make the product more expensive. Let’s see what makes it different from other models.

But first, you should know that this space is for sale in gray, silver and gold and with a finish in 32 or 128 GB storage mode. The Wi-Fi model starts at € 379, while the iPad 10.2 with a WiFi + cellular connection in 2019 starts at € 519.

Apple iPad 10.2 (2019): Full analysis

When we first saw the new seventh generation iPad, we wondered if it was necessary for Apple to launch what it has said as a new model with components on paper that are from the previous generation .

It is true that the screen is now 10.2 inches, so there is a slight increase in size compared to the 9.7-inch iPad last year. Apple has also added Smart Connect Smart Connector to use Smart Keyboard.

But as we will see below, there are other aspects of the tablet, which remain in relation to previous generations, such as having the same camera, the same A10 processor as last year’s model, as well as the form factor, what is more Heavier.

Both models are sold with 32 and 128 GB configurations, which guarantee a battery life of around 10 hours. So, to be clear, if you are one of those people who has a 9.7-inch iPad from last year, then we have no reason why you should upgrade to this model.

Apple says that this tablet has nothing to envy the most expensive models. It is already on sale with the premiere of the iPadOS 13 operating system, which for the first time focuses on exploiting the possibilities of the iPad except for the iOS version for the iPhone, which is no longer shared.

With the expected success of Apple Arcade, as well as Apple TV + services, those who are not familiar with the ecosystem and are looking to enjoy these services are definitely a very interesting price point in this new iPad of 2019. I will find a great ally in .

Key differences with the 9.7-inch iPad

As we have already mentioned, the biggest external difference between the two iPad models lies in the small increase in screen size. The new model is over the iPad Air, whose advantage is slim in terms of Air.

But there are also differences in attention to screen details. The LED screen of the new 2019 iPad is not laminated and its resolution is 2160 x 1620 pixels compared to the 9.2-inch iPad which is laminated with a resolution of 1048 x 1536 pixels. Both have a pixel density of 264 dpi.

Here you can see an image with three models. The resolution of the iPad Air screen is 2224 x 1668 pixels, this data is slightly larger. Left to right: iPad 9.7 inch (2018), iPad 10.2 inch (2019) and iPad Air (2019).

On paper, this is a small difference you won’t appreciate, but will note that if you’re one of those people who usually uses the first generation Apple Pencil, text or scribble notes with an application like ProCreate Or to highlight drawings.

Technically, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is not much larger than the iPhone 11 Pro, but when you take it into your hands you will notice a difference in size. The extra space means you have more space to enjoy the enhanced multitasking features of iPadOS 13 and more space to enjoy games.

We would have liked a larger viewing area that we could find in the new iPad Pro of 2018, adopting the edge-to-edge design, but in return, Apple might not have priced it lower.

These commented models use Face ID and True Depth sensors, which greatly simplifies device unlock and sign-in apps. In turn, the cost of the product is higher by integrating these more advanced technologies.

So, we still depend on the use of Touch ID for these functions, with a thick bezel that reminds us of previous generations. They work well, but identify with the initial model to create a stranded look in time.

Smart Connector but without many options

Now that the new 10.2-inch iPad (2019) has a Smart Connector Smart Connector, you can also connect the iPad Air’s Smart Keyboard, known as the Smart Keyboard, currently priced at € 179. You should know that it also works on the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

It will take you some time to get used to the origami design, plus it only accepts a tilt angle when writing, but it is lighter and thinner for transport and coupling, something that third-party keyboards are not capable of. to match.

We also like the sensitivity of the keys and their arrangement, with some more travel and maintaining the chillet design that facilitates writing. We prefer lining as a canvas that prevents certain pieces of bread, grain, or similar items from entering between the keys and affecting their efficiency.

Unfortunately, the Smart Connector is not as useful as it could be. Four years later, we see that smart keyboards as the case are the only valid accessory for this connector.

It should be noted that if at the current price of a 10.2-inch iPad (2019), we add € 179 of the smart keyboard, the solution reaches € 558. Now add € 99 Apple Pencil Digital Pen and the final price will be a much higher increase. We are approaching decent laptop prices.

With iPadOS 13, fortunately, the usage possibilities offered by the iPad have increased and are now much more multitasking. Prior to their arrival, we saw that the iPad was a full power device, but without equalizing the laptop’s possibilities.

With Apple’s new operating system, it is possible to connect a disk drive or pen drive independently, organize files, and move files from one side to another using applications developed specifically for it.

We also have a ‘Today’ panel on the home screen that allows you to view various widgets with relevant information for your day-to-day tasks, with isolation between icons for easy handling.

When Apple launched the macOS Catalina system, you can use this iPad as a secondary display for your Mac, which provides additional functionality to the device. Although the mouse function is improvised, you should know that it is now supported if you want to handle a pointer.

The iPad is not yet as versatile as the Mac, but makes iPadOS more comparable to the current low-cost laptop offering line than before.

Petrified Performance

As a general rule, processor performance in this way will attract more attention in an analysis, but unfortunately we don’t have much to add about it. It maintains the use of the A10 processor and as you can see in the reference points, it is still almost identical in iPadOS 13.1.1.

The graphics speak for themselves, with similar figures. In fact, by absolute numbers, the 9.7-inch iPad model has some advantages (less to tell the truth), both in the same single-core performance as the graphics.

So, if you are looking for raw power for the future, the A12 Bionic chips present in both the new iPad Air, and iPad Mini will serve you better and guarantee you long-term performance.

This does not mean that the 10.2-inch iPad (2019) cannot do most of the work. In fact, we tested with various Apple arcade game titles and the iPad feels good, what could happen next if you handle it with a full version of Photoshop.

According to a recent report by iFixit known for decoding devices, Apple may have increased the RAM from 2 to 3 GB, but as we can see in the benchmark, it did not significantly increase performance. The iPad Air also has 3 GB of RAM.

Nor should you worry about battery changes. With our Geekbench 4 test, we managed to reach 6.6 hours of continuous use with the brightness set at 200 nits on a white screen.

This performance is similar to what we saw in last year’s model, and we see no reason to argue that the iPad can exceed 10 hours of usage in normal conditions, such as streaming video.

Regarding the rest of the features, there is not much else to comment. You will find again a pair of speakers at the top, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom, next to the Lightning connection port. 

We also have the front camera for FaceTime of poor quality of 1.2 megapixels and a decent rear of 8 megapixels, enough to scan documents or capture certain images or videos. They are the clear indication that you don’t have a ‘Pro’ device in your hands. 


Now we ask ourselves, who would be more interested in this iPad?

This is definitely not intended for those who bought the iPad last year, as they will get better performance in this model. However, with the new 10.2-inch iPad (2019), Apple has managed to balance price and usability.

You now have support for a case in the form of a keyboard, which will allow you to use the iPad to write with ease, facilitated by a physical keyboard and not write to screen long emails or documents.

From what we are able to verify, you can play with any title of the new Apple Arcade platform without any problems, browse the web, watch the series, or do countless specific tasks involving leisure and free time. Can use it for (why not educational).

For first time iPad users, we find this model a serious alternative to other Android solutions on the market. Suppose this will be the definite profile that Apple wants to achieve by price, which is something new and which you will not find on the iPhone.

Forget about the more advanced aspects that other Pro models have, such as a laminated screen or promotion update frequency of 120 Hz, but the lowest-priced iPad on the market now gathers and justifies its purchase.

Apple Pencil’s new support, Apple’s commitment to all of its iPads, including the iPad Mini, also makes this model interesting for educational environments where it should be used to encourage creativity.

In short, the new 10.2-inch iPad (2019) is the device that will allow you to access the full ecosystem of Apple’s services and applications at the best price, and more than likely to buy a smart keyboard or Apple Pencil later on from the device. get receive.

You will not find sales of any other macOS, iOS or iPadOS device that offers you the Apple Store, Apple Arcade as well as Apple TV + service, which is why it becomes a recommended product for first time buyers. is.

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