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Excellent Review Apple iPhone 11

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Excellent Review Apple iPhone 11

Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone XR as the cheapest offering within its line of iPhone mobile phones. We liked the XR, though, to improve some aspects. Its obvious successor is the new iPhone 11, and the new name used by Apple says a lot about this new product.

However, can this phone adopt the naming of the iPhone 11 without the pro’s tail? May. Significant increases in speed, dual camera configurations and longer battery life that we have experienced combine to make it better than last year’s iPhone XR.

Since its price is still relatively low, it is likely to become the best iPhone (among the new family) for most people.

You can read the review of the new iPhone 11 Pro here and discuss it with the discussion here.

Apple iPhone 11: is it worth your purchase?

Apple played its cards with the launch of the iPhone XR and it went well. Now, with the launch of the iPhone 11, he wanted to give continuity to this category of entries, which has led him to change the name to clarify more things to users.

As we have seen, the new iPhone 11 relies on camera requests, which may have been considered for possible updates to users of the iPhone XR a year in advance.

To make matters worse, the iPhone 11 is priced. As you know, it starts at € 809 for the 64 GB model, which means that the iPhone launch is 50 € less than the price of the iPhone XR a year ago.

Retail price (PVP)

  • $ 699 (64GB), $ 749 (128GB), $ 849 (256GB)

Best cameras

The main feature of the iPhone 11 is its dual 12 megapixel camera configuration. It seems that Apple decided that with this year’s phones, they would intentionally bump the camera. The only camera on the iPhone XR is barely noticeable, and the iPhone XS’s dual-camera design doesn’t make you think twice about how it looks.

akrales 190914 3666 0154.0

The iPhone 11 now features a wide-angle camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera with 2x zoom, both 12 megapixels, providing a wider area for group photos, landscapes, and larger spaces.

They are similar to what you will find in the iPhone 11 Pro as well, including a third telephoto camera with which you will be able to capture close planes or objects at large distances.

The ultra wide angle camera is a great addition when it comes to capturing better photos and different modes. Fortunately, Apple has cautiously worked on the possibility of switching between wide-angle and wide-angle photography.

When you frame an object in the ‘Camera‘ application, a ‘1x‘ button appears below the image frame, which means that the panoramic camera is in use. Press that button and the phone will turn into an ultra wide angle camera. The button will become another one that shows 0.5x.

Apple has worked to present this experience to you in every respect and always in the traditional native photo mode, nothing in a professional way that can complicate a user’s life.

phone 11 mural wide foto2

Photo captured with 1x angular mode of iPhone 11

phone 11 mural ultra wide foto3

When using panoramic camera mode, you can see a preview of ultra wide angle without switching to ultra wide angle.

phone 11 mural wide foto2 1

Here you can see the resulting image with the iPhone 11’s ultra wide-angle camera.

In terms of actual image quality, both panoramic and ultra wide angles produce very good quality photos. The colors are accurate and the cameras provide a surprising level of detail and image clarity.

Something special for the iPhone 11 (and 11 Pro) is a new night mode that completely reinforces Apple’s lens system when it comes to capturing details with more or less brightness.

In fact, if you’re looking for the same reason to buy a new iPhone, this is probably one of them. Night mode captures images taken in low-light conditions and uses artificial intelligence and advanced software processing to reveal details that might otherwise be lost.

Low-light enhancements have long been available on Android phones, especially by consolidating with the launch of the Huawei P30 Pro which you can view here for an in-depth review published on Ontrendingplus.

As on previous occasions, Apple adopts this as a repentance but clearly reveals the results that improve the match or that is already established in the market. Simply put, this feature gives excellent results as you can see in the following photo.

iphone 11 night mode foto5

Shooting without using night mode

iphone 11 night mode foto6

Photography with night mode on

The only problem we have with the iPhone 11 rear camera compared to this year’s Pro model is related to optical zoom. With the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 only has a digital zoom of up to 5x.

In some cases, especially when you pass 2x digital zoom, you get quite noticeable image noise, resulting in unwanted photo results. So, if you are one of those people who use Zoom, then you should think very well about buying iPhone 11.

iphone 11 6312 Edit

There is no zoom optical on iPhone 11, but Zoom Digital 5x will be available

Notably, Apple has finally updated the iPhone 11’s front camera with TrueDepth, which runs on a 7-megapixel sensor that records video at 1080p / 60fps, to a 12-megapixel camera that’s 4K / 60fps video Records.

Thus, now the front camera can record slow motion video, which was not available before. Thus, it is possible to achieve the results that the company exposed during its presentation, known as sloffie (slow selfie).(Review Apple iPhone 11)

IPhone becomes faster

There is a new processor inside the iPhone 11, known as the successor to the A13 Bionic, which had the iPhone XR. The A12 Bionic has already proved to be a great chip, so what else can the A13 Bionic do to improve it?

With performance associated with CPUs (single-core and multi-core), it seems that enhancements are not particularly significant. In the Geekbench 5 benchmark, the iPhone 11 experienced a 14% increase in single-core CPU performance over the iPhone XR, and 18% in terms of multiple cores.

geekbench 5 iphone grafica

In a benchmark highlighting the iPhone’s graphic performance, the iPhone 11 showed impressive improvements over the iPhone XR. In the 3DMark Sling Shot benchmark, the iPhone 11 was 29% faster and 20% in the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited test.

3dmark icestorm iphone 11 3dmark 2

In general, the number shows an increase in performance, but how much do you earn with the iPhone 11 vs. the iPhone XR? Sure enough. In everyday use, the iPhone 11 feels more agile, applications open faster, and graphics performance in games is significantly more fluid.

This is even more true when comparing performance with the iPhone XS, which uses the same processor as the iPhone XR. Recall at this point that the iPhone 11 has the same processor as the iPhone 11 Pro, offering results on the same line.

So, basically, for a few euros less, you can get the same performance on the iPhone 11 as the Pro model. If performance is important to you, and the photography section is not so much, then it is a serious alternative to the low price tricky option.

Longer battery life

Apple says that the iPhone 11’s 3,046 mAh battery lasts an hour longer than the iPhone XR’s 2,942 mAh battery, and you can get up to 17 hours of video playback (10 hours in streaming) and 65 hours playing music.

In particular, Apple no longer provides talk time estimates. There were 25 hours for the iPhone XR, and we can calculate that you can reach 26 hours on the iPhone 11

According to an Apple spokesperson, long battery life is achieved by combining a large battery and software and hardware optimization.

To corroborate this data, we use the Geekbench 4 Battery Life test to measure our autonomy and compare with other previous iPhones. The results of our tests showed that the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR have a similar battery life.

In fact, in our tests, the iPhone 11 lasted only a few seconds more than the iPhone XR. Our Geekbench 4 battery life test runs intensive processor tasks (with the screen turned on) until the battery runs out, so it doesn’t simulate real life, but it helps us compare them.

3dmark icestorm iphone 11 3dmark 2

Results occur in minutes. The longer the bar, the better the value.

During the trial period we had with the iPhone 11, we never had to charge the iPhone 11 before the end of the day, despite intensive use with games like Pokémon Go, which we all know is a great eater.

On a typical business day in which you can handle Apple Maps navigation to move around the city, take some pictures, check email with some web browsing, and record odd videos, we make day 24 Finish with the remaining percentage of%.

The only drawback we get is related to its battery and autonomy which includes the charger. Apple still includes a small, slow 5-watt charger with low-end iPhone models.

You should know that you can buy an 18W USB-C power adapter from Apple for just $ 29, the same included with the iPhone 11 Pro. It is a pity that Apple does not include this charger with the reference model.

It went unnoticed, but the iPhone 11 supports wireless charging, so you’ll need to buy a compatible Qi wireless charger.(Review Apple iPhone 11)

In design, if it works for what to change 

When it comes to industrial design, Apple has a difficult time changing. The iPhone 11 is similar to the iPhone XR, with anodized aluminum side finish, screen notch and glass back available in black, green, purple, white, yellow and red.

That said, Apple has opted to introduce pastel color tones this year that are more subtle than the bright colors of the previous iPhone XR.

Thus, the iPhone 11 still has black frames that are thicker than those of the iPhone with OLED display. And as long as this model continues to use an LCD panel (a lower cost component than the OLED in Pro models), thicker bezels will persist to stop the light leakage. 

The most notable design change between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR (in addition to the colors and the bulge of their cameras) is the placement of the Apple logo, which is now centered rather than near the camera. (Review Apple iPhone 11)

Apple iPhone 11 Red 09102019 f

It was rumored that one of the new features of the iPhone 11 would be bilateral wireless charging, and the Apple logo would be centered around marking the location where users should place their devices.

But while we have attended its launch, the new iPhones do not support wireless charging in two directions, something that will have to wait until the new generation if you are thinking about the possibility of charging your AirPods 2.

Liquid Retina HD display

Another important feature that remains unchanged is the screen. Apple is again using a 6.1-inch LCD screen, while the iPhone 11 Pro has an OLED panel.

The iPhone 11 screen (Apple calls it the “Liquid Retina HD” screen) is a retina display with a resolution of 326 dpi, a contrast ratio of 1,400 to 1, and 625 nits brightness. The “Super Retina XDR” screen of the iPhone 11 Pro has a power of 458 dpi, a contrast ratio of 2,000,000 to 1 and offers 800 nits brightness.

If you place the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro next to each other, you can appreciate the differences. The iPhone 11 Pro screen is brighter, the colors are slightly more vibrant, the black looks more real and the details a bit sharper.(Review Apple iPhone 11)

iphone 11 globe foto10 1

The iPhone 11 uses the same LCD screen that was present on the iPhone XR.

However, you should know that the iPhone 11 screen looks great on its own. The color quality, brightness and sharpness are more than satisfactory. Yes, OLED is the best option, something that LCD cannot reach, but many other phones in the market will be displayed like this.


Apple usually receives criticism for the high prices of its products, so a small drawback is always welcome. This makes the iPhone 11 even more attractive, especially when compared to the $ 1,315 of the iPhone 11 Pro model and $ 1,381 of the top iPhone 11 Pro Max model.

You should know that Apple has still decided to put the iPhone X up for sale at a recommended price of € 709, a € 100 difference compared to the iPhone 11.

If you have an iPhone 8 or earlier version and have not upgraded to the previous range of 2018, now would be the time to get a new model. You will find great improvements in processing speed and longer battery life.

You can have more fun with your photos with improvements with dual camera settings and night mode. You have to get used to the iPhone without the start button, as well as jump from Touch ID to Face ID, but after a few days of use, you will forget the benefits of your old model.(Review Apple iPhone 11)

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