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Excellent iPad mini 5 cases

The launch of the iPad Mini 5 was a surprise to many people, especially since it came just a week before Apple’s Spring Event. The fifth generation of iPad mini features many new features like Apple Pencil Compatibility.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have already been built with the new iPad mini – with the starting price of € 449 – it will not be surprising that you want to find a broken screen or scratches on its metal cover. It’s time to protect your iPad with one of these cases.

Smart Cover Case for iPad mini 5

  • PVP: $ 39
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As always, the first place where you have to look to find good covers for Apple products is the company’s website. In it you will find covers like this Smart Cover , compatible with both the iPad mini 5 and the iPad mini 4.

You should know that this case will only protect the front of your tablet , that is, the screen. Although you may be concerned that the back is damaged, this will allow the rear microphone to continue to work. It is available in orange, gray, pink and white.

ESR case for iPad mini 5

Price: $21.90

The company covering the ESR has also prepared a case for the new iPad Mini 5. Although we have not been able to prove it personally, we are still confident that this ESR case will depend on other products of the company.

We particularly like this matter because it comes with a case for the safety of your apple pencil, it is useful to see that iPad Mini is compatible with Apple’s stylus for the first time.

ESR Hard Shell Case for iPad mini 5

Price: $7.90
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If the previous option of ISR has not convinced you, then you can take more interest in this transparent matter. The ESR Hard Shell, as its name suggests, is a very difficult case designed for the iPad Mini 5.

The design of this house has been well thought out, and that the side buttons are still easily accessible. Every time you want to increase or decrease the volume or use the power button, there will be no need to remove the case.

ELTD case with keyboard for iPad mini 5

mejores fundas ipad mini 5 eltd thumb800

With this option, you have one two for one. The ELTD case will save your favorite iPad Mini 5 from potential shocks, scratches or external damage, while the included keyboard will help you work more smoothly with the tablet.

The manufacturer says that there are many advantages over silicon, similar to the keyboard used with your Mac or MacBook. Typing process will be more pleasant and comfortable than before.

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