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In its March event, Apple announced the arrival of a new service: the first stage of the game by membership, which it called the Apple Arcade, and provides users with more than 100 unique titles.

It is quick to determine which video games are meaningful and which are a waste of time. To date, only the developers of games have the opportunity to play them, which means that we do not do it for now.

However, here we compile some of the finest looking apple arcade games of the likes of Hiruinu Sakguchi, Ken Wong and Will Wright. Our criteria are mainly based on the images they had shown in the event.

Beyond A Steel Sky

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The sequence of the classic Benneth A Steel Sky in the nineties was promised. Beyond this video game, in this video game you have to fight against AI system which was active at the end of the original game and looks for topics like privacy or corporate power.

Like the 1994 game, the team of developers worked with Comic Book Illustrator Dave Gibbons to create a creative ambitious world. It is played on the iPhone, although it has the features of console games.


fantasian 1

The creator of Final Fantasy is also the author of Hironobu Sakguchi, Fantasian, a game in which they themselves call video games that should not have been made. Be as it may be, stay as it is.

To get the most possible realism, the developers of this title created a physical set for each scene and then added 3D animation characters digitally. This is the result of a unique game.

Hot Lava

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Hot lava is a mythological game “Mud Lava Hai” is an entertainment for adults, with which you probably enjoyed a holiday. In this case, you will not need to throw in your imagination because the floor will literally be covered in lava.

You should go through many rooms and levels, not being too careful to burn yourself. You can help the furniture, pipes and other things you search for. In general, we like the aesthetics of this 3D game in the first person.

LEGO Brawls

lego brawls 1024x576

Lego never disappoints. The title we get in the Apple Arcade is much more fun and animated than the other games in which there is a lot of introspection and seriousness which is probably not for everyone.

Lego Brolls 2D has a videogame of platforms, as we have seen in the trailer, presents very colorful and vivid graphics. It seems that there will be many options to customize each character, even when choosing weapons.


mejores juegos apple arcade lifelike 1

Dennis Mikan is the talent behind Lifelick, another title that you will find in the Apple Arcade and who has fascinated us with just one glimpse. As Mikan says, there is no other game that uses animal pests as its main attraction.

Lifetime is a game, based on the nature and nature found in nature, whether in the group of fish, birds or microbes. This is the result of all the tranquilizers as well as attractive graphics.

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

maxresdefault 1

Oceanhorn is a roll-playing video game, which is similar to Zelda-recording, it’s not so good, but is anyone like that? -, whose popularity in the world of gaming concerns us to play our predecessor.

OceanHouse 2 gets its history from the original game a thousand years ago. This means that the presence of the Armed Forces will be given more importance, something that can throw those people who were looking for more imagination. Of course, the graphics are beautiful.


best apple arcade games overland 1600 thumb800

Overland is a strategy game focused on an epiclip road trip. Maybe it sounds a bit, but the innovative thing is that events, places and scenarios vary when playing each time.

The Pathless

maxresdefault 2

In The Pathless, you will become a masked hunter, with a bow and a hawk, you should find an island full of forests in order to try to get you the magic. The game seems to combine faster action frames and slow-motion people.

Projection: First Light

rsz projection

Sincerely, we have trouble finding out what projection: What is First Light, but it is indisputable that this image derived from the trailer presented at Spring Apple Event is very interesting. We like it!


mejores juegos apple arcade repair thumb800

To say the truth, we know little about repair. So much so that the developers of the game have not even specified their gender, as they did to others through the message-ambiguous, yes, on Twitter.

However, we have decided to keep it in this list because there are many points in its favor. It mainly emphasizes that its authors are related to ustwo games, which is a responsible study of popular sports in Monument Valley.

Where Cards Fall


Where the card fall tells the story of transition from adolescence to adulthood, where arms are not present and its aim is to kill someone. The main focus of this is that it can be difficult for teenagers and mature ones.

On one hand, we like the game’s isometric visual design, and it uses almost dull color range as it gives the story a more dramatic tone. Do not ignore splendid elements like dissatisfied eyes.

Winding Worlds


Another game that we know is almost nothing after the official announcement of Apple Arcade, winding worlds, a game of adventure is visually very attractive where concepts like friendship or acceptance take special relevance.

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