Excellent deal AirPods and iPhone headphones: Summer discounts

Summer sales are here and they have the best prices on all types of goods including technology. In this article we provide you best deals on headphones compatible with Airpods and iPhone(iphone headphones)

If you need new airports or headphones that are compatible with your iPhone or iPad, then you are in good time of the year to buy them: summer sales have begun.

Although we have not seen discounts as effective as we can see on Black Friday, we have seen offers that have managed to attract our attention. If you can not wait until November, then we recommend that you take a look at the proposals that we show you below.

In which online stores can I see sale offers?

If you prefer to do research for yourself, which products offer a discount, you can visit the online store websites listed below, all you have to do is click on them.

Excellent deals on AirPods and helmets for iPhone or iPad

Apple Airpods 2

Buy on MediaMarket 

Previous price: € 179

Current price: € 161 (€ 18 less)

Bluetooth headset Sony MDRXB50BTL

Buy on: MediaMarkt

Previous price: € 130

Current price: € 90 (€ 40 less)


Apple EarPods with 3.5 mm plug

Buy in: Amazon

Previous price: € 29

Current price: € 23 (21% less)


Second Generation AirPods

Buy in: Worten

Previous price: € 254.99

Current price: € 218.99 (€ 36 less)



Beats Studio 3 Matte Black

Buy in: Fnac

Previous price: € 329.99

Current price: € 280.49 (€ 49.50 less)


Beats UrBeats 3

Buy on: MediaMarkt

Previous price: € 68.99

Current price: 59.99 (€ 9 less)

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