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Excellent comparison MacOS Mojave vs Windows 10

00 ipad mini 6 1 1

> Which operating system should I buy? MacOS Mojave or Windows 10?

It is very likely that you have proposed to read this article to find out what is Windows 10, which does not have MacOS, or vice versa, what features are there in which MacOS does not have Windows.

The fact is that in the last few years, two operating systems have become similar in terms of features. If you are a Windows user who goes to Mac, then we believe that you will not lose anything, and so does MacOS with a change in Windows.

Learning from scratch can lead to some frustration to manage a new operating system, especially when you are already familiar with any other market. The inconvenience of facing the unknown will have to compensate for the benefit.

For anyone who already uses an iPhone or iPad, we believe that if you use Windows, MacOS will be familiar, which, in our opinion, is a good reason to switch to Mac. We’re going to tell you all the differences between MacOS Mojave and Windows 10.

Complete analysis: macOS Mojave vs Windows 10

Windows 10 is now the most popular operating system in the world, with Windows 800 with more than 800 million users left behind. In 2017, there were approximately 100 million users of MacOS (as revealed by Apple).

However, being popular does not mean that you are the best. Here we will see what MacOS has to offer that our Windows friends can only dream, as well as about Windows features that envy Apple followers of the world.

MacOS, formerly known as Mac OS X, has been with Mac computers since 2001. Apple often publishes minor updates, but the most important changes occur once a year, usually in the fall.

The operating system has evolved over time to offer maximum work with iOS. The current version is Mojave, which matches the MacOS 10.14 numbering.

For its part, Windows 10 came in July 2015 for the first time. Since then, Microsoft has released several free updates. Updates usually fall in the spring and fall, but not on fixed dates. In fact, the last one called Windows 10 May Update has been released and we tell you about its news.

In comparison of MacOS versus Windows 10, we will see some of the features of both operating systems which are most useful, which are unique and that work very similarly on both platforms.

Voice assistants: Siri against Cortana

Previously Apple’s voice assistant technology available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV came in Mac with Sierra version in 2016. It was rumored that it was coming to Mac for years. We have always thought that Siri in Mac would be a bit weird, because we can not imagine people talking to their Mac in an office.

However, the ability to search using natural language is useful and usually it is possible for Siri to take an action without the additional steps with the same order, such as “disabled bluetooth” Unfortunately Siri can not activate Dark Mode, which will be very useful.

With Cortana you can ask Siri the same type of questions. For example: “Remind me to end my income details last night” and get a reminder at the right time. And it can also be linked to people and places: “Remind me to call Jim when I come home,” and so on.

One of the differences is that when the Spotlight on the Sir Mac separates from the search function, on one PC you can start typing from the Start menu – and it gives you the same results as you did in the search box Cortana Of You can also write Siri on a Mac, but you need to change the configuration.

Another difference is that Cortana searches the web using Bing (Microsoft’s search engine), in Mac Spotlight and Siri searched using Bing, but in 2017 Apple became more popular in Google.

A useful feature of Cortana is that you can ask him to remember the information, such as his passport number. Then, next time you need it, ask Cortana “What is my passport number?” And you will hear it.

Cortana also offers a daily form that includes your meetings, weather, information about your visit, game results and so on. Cortana can also get information from email, such as flight numbers, and warn you when there is a delay in the airport or traffic.

Cortana can recognize music playbacks, set alarms, record notes, play specific music, launch apps, and give you directions on a map. Siri can do a lot, but unfortunately it is limited to Mac compared to iOS devices.

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For example, you can ask Cortana to restart, shut down, lock or log out your PC, while on Mac, you can not tell Siri to do something like that.

For features, Siri and Corta are at the same level more or less at this time. However, to know our opinion about their associated speed and accuracy, check out our complete analysis.

 Other applications

There is a news app on both Mac and Windows 10. The news app was moved from iOS to Mac at Mojave in the same time when Microsoft added its own news aggregator to Windows 10.

Where Apple has a FaceTime, Microsoft has Skype (which she bought in 2011). However, Skype is not installed by default. You can add 24 people to a group call in Skype, FaceTime takes this number up to 32.

Both MacOS and Windows 10 have mail and calendar applications. Of course, most people know Microsoft for Outlook, but office applications should be purchased separately.

Speaking of which, Mac users can download Apple’s word processing, spreadsheets and presentation applications for free. Windows users must pay for office applications.

Maps is another app that appears in both Mac OS and Windows. Maps came in MacOS with Mavericks in 2013 Maps were available in Windows 8 and when Microsoft released Windows 10, it improved.

Both maps have similar features, for example, they allow you to plot routes and see traffic. The work of Street View and Google Street View in Microsoft is similar, Apple has its closest 3D map.

Both Apple and Microsoft include a music application. Where Apple has iTunes, Microsoft has Groove Music App, a music subscription service that used to be Xbox Music. The music app also connects your own music with any music stored in the OneDrive Music folder.

Developers provide tools to help Microsoft to change the Android and iOS applications. Apple, as we have said earlier, has plans to make it easy for developers to run on MacOS and vice versa to change the iOS app.

OneNote is available in Windows 10. It is similar to evanount, in which you can add text, list, image, map and many more notes. The closest thing to this on Mac is the ‘Notes’, which also allows you to add the above, although many people do not take advantage.


Let’s face it, Apple is famous for its hardware design, so it is expected that the software design is also very careful and detailed. On the other hand, Microsoft becomes more conservative. We dare to say, a bit boring but functional at the same time. Does the design of Windows 10 show this? Let’s see below.


In general, it is always believed that Mac is more secure than a PC. Apple has included a series of security measures, which is a big challenge to attack Mac. These include gatekeepers, which block the software which has not been digitally approved by Apple so that it does not run on your Mac without your consent.

He also created an antimalware security as his malware scanning tool, Xprotect; The software, which is approved by Apple, has an isolation mode as it separates the applications from your Mac system’s critical components, your data and your other applications, so they should not be able to reach anything that is not Do not let them do any harm.

Safari also has anti-phishing technology that detects fraudulent websites. If you visit a suspicious website, this will disable the page and show you a warning.

You will also notice that plugins such as Adobe Flash Player, Silverlight, Quicktime and Oracle Java will not run if they are not updated to the latest version, then another way to ensure that your Mac is safe. FileVault 2 ensures that your data is encrypted and protected by encryption.

00 ipad mini 6 1 2

The latest update of Windows 10 strengthens RanSware security and controls the folders by following the steps given by Mac applications to “protect your files and folders from unauthorized changes to unauthorized changes“.

This means that if unauthorized software tries to access the protected folder of ‘document‘, ‘images‘, ‘movies‘ or ‘desktop‘, then it will be blocked and you will be notified. You can choose from a white list of individual programs to access controlled folders.

 Integration in all mobile and desktop devices

Our laptops and desktops are not the only devices that we use today to do things and be productive, so it is essential that all our devices work well together.

Here we will evaluate how well our Mac and other Apple devices play with their different operating systems compared to Windows devices that share the same operating system.


Apple has a good reputation in terms of user privacy, as the FBI publicly declined to help you to enter the lock code iPhone. It extends to privacy with a new feature that is available with MacOS Sierra (and iOS 10): Intro Privacy.

Differential privacy is a mathematical approach to privacy that collects random elements in a data set in such a way that it is impossible to determine the preferences of a single user or an investigator (in this case, Apple itself,).

Differential privacy is a modern and more complex version of the same idea effectively. Rather than flip a coin, a system adds a sophisticated random value that generates a result that can not be modified by reverse engineering.

For its part, Windows 10 is the most connected and focused on the cloud operating system that Microsoft has launched. For the most part, this is good: the settings of your settings, wallpapers, start menu, and other things can be synchronized on all of your devices.

But if you want to use all your capabilities, Cortana needs access to personal data, and integration with OneDrive means that your files are accessible from any computer, tablet or phone, something that is highlighted Ho.

It may look disturbing and certainly does not compare with Apple’s policies and history. However, the good news is that you can not participate in most of the tasks.

In fact, you can choose to use a local account on your computer instead of a Microsoft account, and if you use Microsoft Edge, you can set the online privacy option to stop individual ads and ad tracking.

Applications and software

Critics praised the improvements in Windows 10 software over Windows 8. However, there are big differences between those included in Windows by Microsoft and those provided by Apple in macOS.

There are many applications that are included as part of MacOS, but instead of covering them all, we will compare in detail the editing and web browsing offers for each operating system.

Photos editing

‘Photos’ is the library application and photo editing for Mac computers and iOS devices. You got new, more advanced editing tools in High Sierra, including more professional filters, color curvatures and the ability to convert a live photo taken with your iPhone into a Gif.

Thanks to ‘Photos’ in iCloud you can access all your photos on all your devices, and if you make an edit on a device, those changes will be recorded on all your devices. (To use this service you will have to pay for additional storage in the cloud, Apple’s iCloud service).

Like Photos on Mac, Windows Photos Photos allows you to store, share, and edit photos. Like ‘photos’ on a Mac, Windows applications are a supplement that you can use on Windows tablets or mobile phones.

The latest addition is the ‘Story Remix’ feature, which Microsoft describes as “the development of the photo app”, which automatically generates movie montages using your pictures and videos using learning and mixed reality.

Windows also adds the ability to attract 3D objects and animations in these ‘stories’. Paint also got updates in the update of Windows. Known as Magic Select, it allows you to edit parts of a photo. It wisely detects its outline, trim them and fills the background on the basis of the rest of the image.

The results are a little less spectacular and professional, which you can use to see with Photoshop, but it complies with the public’s demands.

We are surprised that there are not many functions in Apple’s ‘photo’ in the app ‘Photos’ in Windows. It seems that this is what is meant for ‘paint’ and its importance depends on the skills you have as a photographer to achieve a good result.

Web browser: Safari vs. Edge

There are as many alternatives to Mac and Windows web browsers as the choice of operating system. If you want to use the popular Chrome or Firefox you can do it. After all, how do you compare Safari and Microsoft Edge (successor to Internet Explorer)?

As mentioned at the beginning, one of the new features of Safari in High Sierra was the ability to stop the automatic playback of videos and prevent ads from following you all over the web (such as when you’re looking for a vacation and then all ads for all places you’re going to try to sell you a vacation).

Old Safari features include a reader view that allows you to remove ads from the page (Apple hates ads), the ability for sites to send you notifications within the browser, a read list that allows you to save web pages to see them later (and even offline).

If you have not been using Windows, you may not even realize that Internet Explorer is no longer your default browser. Microsoft redesigned it completely before launching Windows 10 so that Edge took over from IE.

As with Safari, there is a URL and a combined search bar. Speaking of searches, it’s not surprising that Microsoft turns the default search engine into its own Bing.

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not make it very easy to change Bing, and based on the fact that Bing is not exactly a popular search engine, it must be the case that many users are choosing to use a different browser.

However, there are some good features in Edge. For example, it offers a reading view similar to that of the Apple reader, which removes all ads and distracting elements from a page.

As in macOS, there is also a read list function that will allow you to save things to read comfortably. However, unlike the ‘Mac Reading List’ function, you can not check these pages when you are offline.

In the fall of 2017, the Edge update gained the ability to enter full-screen mode. If you’re a Mac user, it’s probably surprising that this has not been supported before.

A useful feature of Edge is the ability to save a group of tabs that you can open later. Edge can also be used as a PDF reader, with refillable fields and the possibility of inserting a digital signature. (On a Mac, Preview is a handy reader and PDF editor).

Both Edge and Safari can take on the dark mode. Edge also integrates with Cortana, the virtual personal assistant similar to Siri from Microsoft. We will see it below.


It’s great to talk about features, but can your system run Windows 10 or Mac OS Hi Sierra, or you have to buy a new Mac or PC to install them? Let’s look at the different requirements for running a commented operating system.

System requirements for macOS

System requirements depend on the version of MacOS that you are running. Mojave, launched in 2018 and requires:

  •  MacBook (as of 2015)
  •    MacBook Air (as of mid-2012)
  •    MacBook Pro (as of mid-2012)
  •    Mac mini (late 2012 or newer)
  •    iMac (late 2012 or newer)
  •    iMac Pro (2017)
  •    Mac Pro (late 2013, more models mid-2010 and mid-2012 with the GPU with recommended metal capacity)

System requirements for Windows 10

Windows 10 also has the same system requirements as its predecessor, Windows 8.1.

  • 1 GHz processor (or faster)
  • 1 GB of RAM for 32 bits; 2 GB for 64 bits
  • Up to 20 GB of hard disk space
  • Screen resolution of 800 x 600 or higher.
  • DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver

Of course, there is a big factor in favor of Windows when it comes to compatibility: you can install Windows on a Mac, but you can not install macOS on a Windows PC. 

MacOS is a free update for all compatible Mac users, and will remain free for the whole life of the product. Since the release of OS X Mavericks in 2013, the Mac operating system is free, so it is connected to the hardware.

Windows 10 was also a free update till July 29, 2016 (from Windows 7 or 8) – but now you have to pay € 145 for the license for Windows 10 Home Edition and € 259 for Windows 10 Edition Pro. If you are upgrading from Windows Vista or earlier, then these are also prices.

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