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Delete key on MacBook: How to delete without the delete key

Delete key on MacBook

(Delete key on MacBook) On some smaller Mac keyboards, like the built-in keyboard on the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, there is no ‘delete‘ key. The keyboard ends where it is in ‘enter‘, which means that the numeric keyboard that usually appears on the right hand side also disappears.

In this article, we answer two questions: why is there no ‘delete’ key on your MacBook and how can you ‘surpress‘ on MacBook without having this key.

What is the difference between ‘undo / rewind’ and ‘delete’?

The ‘undo‘ key (the button at the top right marked with a straight arrow to the left) deletes the character to the left of the text cursor; ‘delete‘ deletes the character to the right.

In most situations, the ‘delete‘ option is more useful, because you are deleting what you just wrote, but when editing a full set of text you may find forward erasing more useful.

Why are there no erase keys on MacBooks?

The reason is simple: to save space and make the notebook smaller and lighter. And also because the ‘delete’ key tends to be used less than the ‘backspace‘ key, in addition, both have a very similar function.

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How to delete on Mac without the ‘delete’ key

On your MacBook keyboard, hold down the ‘Fn‘ button (found at the bottom left of the keyboard) and press ‘Backspace‘ (the key with a long arrow pointing left). This will erase forward instead of backward by default.

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