Delete apps on Apple TV

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In this simple tutorial we show you how to remove unwanted applications from your Apple TV via a home screen or configuration.

Keep in mind that these methods work on the Apple TV 2015 and 4K models: those that run TVOS. Apple TV 2012 and earlier you do not allow the application to be removed (or installing new ones).

The best things you can do is hide the applications so that they stay in the system, but without messing up the interface; We will also show you how to do this.

Using the command, highlight unwanted applications. Press the down to go to the ‘edit mode’ of the touch sensitivity area of ​​the controller: you will see that it works when the app icon starts to waver.

Press the ‘Play / Pause‘ button on the remote control. Select ‘Delete‘ and click on the touch sensitive area of ​​the remote control to confirm

Delete from ‘options’

Open the ‘Settings‘ application and go to the ‘General’ section, then ‘Manage storage‘ and then select the location icon next to the Unwanted app. Click on ‘Delete‘.

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Hide apps on Apple TV

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If you have a third-generation or older Apple TV, then you can hide the application using the same process, as you would like to remove them in the new model.

On the home page, highlight the unwanted application, and then press and hold the touch-sensitive surface until the icon stops, for which you will enter the ‘edit mode‘.

Press the ‘Play / Pause’ button, then select ‘Delete‘ or ‘Hide‘. You can recover hidden applications through ‘Settings’ in the ‘menu‘.

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