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Create a web page on Mac

designer coding client site 1

Creating your own website can seem like a difficult task, but depending on the type of website you choose, it will be much easier than you think. In this article, we tell you how to make a website using your Mac computer.

We will help you create an original website with your own custom domain records, which you can use to add content you want. If you want to do something more complicated, then we recommend learning through a promising web development course.

What you need to start a web page

If you want to create a web page, these are the points you have to take into account:

  • A hosting to host your web page
  • Buy a domain for your website
  • Design and build your page

Obviously, this is what you need to start, because building a web from scratch is a very complex process that we are not going to fully address in this article. We offer you the basic foundation for starting construction.

Hosting for your own website

Web pages require hosting on the server. The simplest way is to hire a place on a server. This will cost you some money, as you want annual and monthly subscriptions.

Here are some of our sites for finding web hosting for your favorites:

  • 123-reg: One of the largest hosting and domain providers in the world.
  • Sightground: With highly reputed and global reputation.
  • TSOHost: Very good integration with WordPress
  • FatCow: They offer good customer service. A very popular choice for small businesses.

These are just a few examples, but there are many other companies that provide these types of services. The one you choose will depend on you, whatever you want to spend and on the web you trust most.

Get a domain for your website

When you have selected a hosting service and you have registered, you have purchased a small portion of the web which has its own IP address (Internet Protocol).

An IP address is based on a series of four sets of numbers separated by dots (like The introduction of this IP address in a web browser takes it through the Internet to the server and returns the website associated with it.

Obviously no one is missing the IP address, so you need to get a name to remember as “”, or that you want to call it. This name is called a domain (though it references strictly to bit, bit ‘’ or ‘.net’).

To do this, you will need to find your preferred name and domain in the Domain Registration site. If available, then you can rent it for one year and add it to your IP address. Now, when a domain joins and logs in, it takes you to your IP address, which will host your website.

There are many domain registration services available, but if you can get a domain registration through a single hosting company, it will be easy for them to connect the domain directly to your hosting service, as well as making changes online will be easy.

How to design a web page on Mac

add themes

Once you have configured the domain name hosting and registration, it’s time to build your website.

There are several ways to carry it out, most basic websites include HTML documents, CSS documents (for design and layout) and image files. If you are planning to enter web design, learning HTML and CSS is not difficult, and getting basic HTML knowledge is a good idea.

If you decide to follow that route, then we recommend consulting the Academy’s HTML and CSS courses. However, most users do not manually code the website and use a program such as a WordPress site or online cms (content management system) to design.

We think that designing a website with WordPress is the easiest way to create a website where you can add articles on a regular basis. WordPress is downloaded from website.

It is different from the website. is used to create an individual page ending in (like, while using to download the entire WordPress system and install it on your site is done.

You can choose among WordPress themes to design your website or search for WordPress topics on Google, you will see that thousands are available (usually paid).

The process of designing pages and content for your website based on the subject you choose will be different, but there is a detailed guide and help available to help you find your way.

If WordPress does not refuse you, then you should know that there are many options. Here are some of them:

Realmac RapidWeaver
Karelia sandvox
The blocs

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