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Configure Mail Mail on iPhone and iPad


One of the most fundamental uses, which the user creates his new smartphone or tablet, is capable of managing and responding to the email at any time and without the use of the computer from the iPhone or iPad.

That’s why, with great potential, you would like to configure an Apple Mail application to manage your mobile or tablet, for business reasons or to manage your personal email. In this article, we will guide you through simple steps to add accounts to your device.

Adding email accounts automatically

iOS 12 offers two primary ways to set up an email account on your iPhone or iPad (the steps on both devices are the same). The first corresponds to the automatic route and that is what you probably use.

Large email service providers such as Google Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and Exchange from their iCloud of Microsoft, Yahoo, or Apple automatically create the main settings by establishing their email account.

To use this approach, open the ‘Settings’ app on your device. Scroll down until you find the option of ‘password and account’. Click on it and you will get the option to add an account.

After clicking on the ‘Add Account‘ option, you will see a list of the main existing providers. Make your selection and then enter your data. Click Next and the system will verify that your account exists.


Once this happens, the manager gives you the possibility to synchronize another chain of additional tasks associated with your account, which usually includes mail, contacts, calendar and notes.

To mark those services in green, click the button that is relevant to you, which you want to synchronize with other devices. In this way, you will not miss any events or notes that you started on another computer or device.

Finally, you can allow continuous activation by clicking on ‘push‘ so that you can synchronize, define how often your iPhone or iPad will connect to the background to examine the developments of these apps.

Note that the battery life of your device should be set to customize that updates are made less often or in some cases, only done manually at user’s request.

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After completing the indicated steps, click on the ‘Save‘ option to complete the creation process and synchronization settings. If you are a newbie in the iOS world, we encourage you to search for all the news that brings the latest version of iOS 12. 

Sending an email

Once the desired services have been configured, it is time to take action. Open the mail application ‘Mail‘ and click on the ‘Write‘ icon that appears in the form of a notebook with a pen located at the bottom right.

Enter the address of the recipient, add a few words in the subject of the email, and click on the blank space below to start writing your message.Mail on iphone

When you are finished, verify that the ‘From’ field has the email address you wish to use to send the message. You can use any of the ones you have previously configured in the ‘Passwords and accounts’ area.Mail on iphone


is that all. Your email account should now be running. 

It may be easy for you to import the previous settings of your iPhone if it is known that you have purchased a new one and do not want to configure everything from scratch. In this case, 

Adding email accounts manually

If it happens that your email provider does not appear in the previous list, you can still configure it manually. For this, you should know some additional details, not just your email address and password.

First, you should be familiar with the incoming mail server’s data, as well as the outgoing mail server. Go to ‘Settings> Passwords and Accounts> Add Account,’ and then touch the last chance of ‘Other’.


At this point, fill in each of the fields that the service requests. It is possible that some of the fields are filled in automatically, which will facilitate the work. Choose between a POP or IMAP account (data provided by the provider), and when finished, save the changes.Mail on iphone

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