Comparison of 10.2 ”iPad (2019) vs iPad Air (2019)

Apple has introduced two iPads (10.2-inch iPad and iPad Air) of the same size as the tablet in its current offer, which go to two different audiences. Discover with us which 10 inch iPad you should buy compared to our model.

Should I buy the Apple iPad 10.2 (2019) or the iPad Air?

That cheapest option is not always the best. You should know that the iPad Air offers a lot more than the 10.2-inch iPad. It is true that they have a similar screen size, but the rest are different and the price difference is not so huge.

We would say that this is one of those cases in which you can pay the price difference, we recommend you for the interesting benefits you get in return.

IPad 10.2 (2019) prices

$ 416 (wifi + 32gb), $ 526(wifi + 128gb), $ 570 (wifi + cellular + 32gb), $ 680 (wifi + cellular + 128gb),

Ipad air prices

$ 549 (Wifi + 64 GB), $ 603 (Wifi + 256 GB), $ 757 (Wifi + Cellular + 64 GB), $ 790 (Wifi + 256 GB), $ 943 (Wifi + Cellular GB / 256 GB)

Full review: Apple iPad 10.2 ”(2019) vs Apple iPad Air (2019) 

For Apple, it seems that the new standard size of its tablets is 10 inches, as it is the size that there are now two models that make it into the market, both the 10.2-inch iPad and the iPad Air, which slightly increases to 10.5 inches.

Both iPads have exactly the same dimensions in terms of width and length, but the Air is thinner and lighter and has a larger screen. Its price is also high and now we will see what is the reason.

That said, should I buy a 10.2-inch iPad and save € 170, or opt for an iPad Air with better features?

We think the added value will only be based on usage for a specific user profile that they will give it to, and not everyone will get the most benefit from it. Read to find out which group you are in based on your work.


There are arguments that go beyond the fact of choosing an iPad Air screen vs. a 10.2-inch iPad because it has higher pixel density. We will see the screen details of both models in depth in the following table:



iPad (2019)

iPad Air (2019)

Screen size

10.2 inch

10.5 inches

Screen type

LED backlit with

Multi-Touch and IPS technology

LED backlit with

Multi-Touch and IPS technology


2160 x 1620 to 264 ppi

2224 x 1668 at 264 ppi


500 cd / m2 max.

500 cd / m2 max.

Other display technology

Unlaminated screen

Laminated screen



Anti-glare coating



Wide color screen (P3)



True tone display

As can be seen in the previous table, there are some key features that make the iPad Air screen distinctly higher quality.

There is a big difference between a fully laminated screen and a screen that is not. If you touch the unlit screen on a standard iPad, you will see that there is a small space between the screen glass and the lower elements of the screen.

When you press it you may notice that it “flexes” slightly inward. This may not particularly bother you, but it is admirable. It simply makes the iPad feel cheap, and the slight difference between where you put your finger and the elements on the screen makes it appear that you’re interacting with less accuracy.

Features and specifications 

There are some features that are similar between the two iPad models: the color options are the same; Both have a Lightning connection port for charging, a fingerprint scanner for Touch ID (both have no Face ID), as well as audio.

To illustrate what has been said, here are the entry-level models of each iPad:

  • 10.2 inch iPad: 32 GB storage, A10 Fusion chip, 8 Mp rear camera, 1.2 Mp front camera, priced at $ 416
  • 10.5 inch iPad Air, 64 GB storage, Bionic A12 chip, 8 Mp rear camera, 7 Mp front camera, priced at $ 603

As you can see, in terms of specifications, there is one major difference between the iPad Air and the iPad 2019: the Air processor is new for two generations. The front camera used for FaceTime is of high quality.

And the entry level storage option on the iPad Air model is twice the capacity. Being a tablet that you probably use in offline mode, you want space to store downloaded movies or series, as well as games for your movements.

By the way, the 10.2-inch iPad A10 Fusion processor is the same as that seen on the previous generation iPad, and in fact, it is similar to what we saw at the 2016 iPhone 7 launch. Therefore, a little old.

A great novelty is that both iPad models are now compatible with the € 179 Smart Keyboard, thanks to the inclusion of the Smart Connector for this. This keyboard allows you to use the keyboard case with the iPad as if it were a laptop.



iPad 10.2 inch (2019)

iPad Air 10.5 inches (2019)


iPadOS 13

iOS 12, will run iPadOS 13


Space gray, silver and gold

Space gray, silver and gold


10.2-inch Retina display (2,160 x 1,620 at 264 dpi) LED

10.5-inch Retina display with True Tone LED (2,224 x 1,668 at 264 dpi)


Apple A10 Fusion

Apple A12 Bionic with neuronal motor


32 GB / 128 GB

64 GB / 256 GB

Rear camera

8 MP rear camera, f / 2.4, Live Photos, no flash, no OIS, panoramic mode up to 43 Mp, 1080p HD video, 720p slow motion video and 120 fps

8 Mp rear camera, f / 2.4, Live Photos, wide color capture, no flash, no OIS, panoramic mode up to 43 Mp, 1080p HD video, 720p slow motion video and 120 fps

Frontal camera

1.2 Mp front camera, Live Photos, Flash Retina, 720p HD video, HDR

7 Mp front camera, Live Photos, Flash Retina, 1080p HD video, Auto HDR


Lightning charging port, 3.5mm headphone jack

Lightning charging port, 3.5mm headphone jack


Fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanner


Bluetooth 4.2, Wifi 5 802.11ac

Bluetooth 4.2, Wifi 5 802.11ac, simultaneous dual band


Gigabit-class LTE (up to 27 bands)

Gigabit-class LTE (up to 28 bands)

Apple Pay (NFC)



Support for

Apple Pencil (1st generation), smart keyboard

Apple Pencil (1st generation)


250.6 mm x 174.1 mm x 7.5 mm

250.6 mm x 174.1 mm x 6.1 mm


483 grams

464 grams


nano-SIM, eSIM

nano-SIM, eSIM

Purchase Link

Order now

Order now


From € 379

From € 549

Price and availability 

The new 10.2-inch iPad costs € 379 in terms of the most basic configuration model, the same as the previous generation of the iPad, a 9.7-inch model that you can still find for sale in some places like Amazon.

The problem with the new price is that it means that for € 170 more you can buy the iPad Air which includes a full range of improvements at the level of performance, in addition to the most basic configuration of 64 GB in terms of 10.2. -Inch iPad 32 GB vs Storage.

If all these models had the same specifications, perhaps it would have made sense to choose the cheaper model. However, despite being recently launched later this year, the 10.2-inch iPad comes with specifications dating back generations.

So, so that models and performance are not included, keep in mind that both the iPad Air and the iPad Mini, launched a few months ago, have better specifications on the 10.2-inch iPad market than newcomers, which have a lower capacity chip.

Design and build quality

If we place a 10.2-inch iPad next to the iPad Air, we will check that they are very similar in size and appearance. The color choices in their finishes are similar (silver, gold and space gray). Both devices have a home button for Touch ID without Face ID.

The dimensions of length and width are exactly the same, although the iPad Air screen has a larger screen:

  • 10.2 inch iPad: 250.6mm x 174.1mm x 7.5mm and weight 483g
  • 10.5-inch iPad Air: 250.6mm x 174.1mm x 6.1mm and 456g weight

Apart from the screen size, the other big difference is the thickness. The iPad Air is 1.4 mm thin, a figure that looks ridiculous but which makes this iPad 27 lighter and more manageable.

The key message here is that the greater thinness and lightness of the iPad Air is probably not a compelling reason to choose it against the normal cheaper model. So, is it worth getting the Air because it has a bigger screen? Actually, the screen is a very good reason. 


Side by side, there are some differences between the 10.2-inch iPad and the 10.5-inch iPad Air, at least in terms of size and manageability. But the differences come in many other aspects.

Even if the iPad Air does not have a larger screen than its similarly sized sibling, and despite being thinner and lighter, it will still be a better option. And that is that we actually find much better components inside the iPad Air.

Frankly, it compensates you for paying the extra € 170 that the iPad Air costs compared to the normal iPad for a variety of reasons for performance and screen quality.

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