Comparison: Apple Maps vs. Google Maps. which is best

Apple is blunt in this regard, saying that the third-generation keyboards for the 2018 MacBook Pro model are unique, so if your computer is the stuff of the previous generation, you can change it with a new one.


Years ago, Google Maps was the only navigation app that iPhone users used to use. But in 2012, Apple added its version of iOS 6 to its browser, which it called Apple Maps or Maps in Spanish.

Since then, both services have become real opponents. In this article, we compare Apple Maps and Google Maps, and know that in terms of reliability, ease of use and features, which of the two is better?

Price and availability

If we only look at the price, then it is difficult to decide on one or the other application because both are completely independent. Now, when the Maps app comes pre-installed on the iPhone, you need to download Google Maps from the app store.

You should know that Maps will remain the favorite app of Apple, so your iPhone will often give this app priority. However, many times this will allow you to choose what you want and also in case of external developer applications.

Step by step navigation

The main feature of both Maps and Google Maps is their turn-by-turn navigation, or step by step in Spanish. This is about voice signals that tell you each step to reach your destination.

In both cases it is very easy to configure, but they present some differences. In Maps, step by step navigation shows you 3D map if you activate it by sliding two fingers while starting your root. This will help you find yourself in space.

If you choose the standard map, we think that the user experience is much better in the Apple service compared to the Google service. It looks like the interface of traditional GPS. You can easily see your current location and the next signal.

The interface of Google Maps is not so obvious, but we like that you have the option of giving voice commands in the app, so that you can use it as a GPS in your car and do not get distracted while driving.

Otherwise how could this happen, you can also use the serie command to ask to take the Apple Maps to a certain site. However, in our experience, the app has not always explained our orders well and it can be dangerous.

Accuracy of the data

When Apple launched its Maps app, it was full of technical problems and wrong information. Some people have compromised their integrity because of this and have also copied in some islands, hospitals and supermarkets.

To be honest, this type of error usually occurs when an app first appears in the market. Apart from this, fortunately these perilous errors have been resolved. But has it reached the level of Google Maps?

Make sure the information is accurate. On the one hand, this company uses data obtained through satellite from Skybox, which it had bought for $ 500 million.

On the other hand, Google has a team of workers to manually check, which respond quickly to the problems detected by users and fix any errors.

For Apple, it tries to make the information accurate, which it accurately presents. It is not surprising that one third of the acquisitions made in 2013 were dedicated companies for making maps like Mapri and Hopeshop.

According to the publication iGeneration, Cupertino has also created a program in the mechanical Ottoman style of Amazon, in which anyone can sign up to verify that the maps are correct and receive 54 cents for each location.

Accuracy and errors

Apple Maps has already left behind the blunders made in its days and in many respects is just like Google Maps. In Maps, you will find more information about roads and local businesses.

However, in Google Maps, some information is removed, especially the name of secondary roads. Of course, both apps are very accurate, though they find more errors in apple maps than Google service.

Based on our experience, it seems that small signs indicating shops and businesses on the map are some wrong and this can lead to confusion. Google Maps sometimes makes the same mistake, but rarely

Exclusive benefits

As we have seen in previous points, there are many similarities between the two browsers par excellence, but we can not forget the differences, those features that make each service unique.

On the one hand, with Maps you can make an aerial route in three dimensions by some of the most beautiful corners of the planet. It can be a good way to travel virtually through those cities you’ve always wanted to visit in person.

On the other hand, Google Maps has the well-known Google Street View function, which once revolutionized the service and serves users to get an idea of ​​what their destination is like. It is also a way to explore the world.

Search and directions of routes

Many people will find that there is nothing like being able to use the navigation app when you want to visit a site. In this regard, you can plan your trip with both apps. Maps provide a walking distance by car, by public transport and taxi. Google Maps also offers bike routes.

When you search for something specific in Google Maps, such as ‘restaurant’, you will be shown the results of the area you are in, generally organized according to the distance they are in but also according to other criteria.

In the Google app, you will also be given information regarding the hours, the description of the place, price band, a photo gallery and user’s score. By touching on one of these results, you can now choose how to get there by different routes

In the case of Apple Maps, the information is presented in a similar way but the list of results is more concise: distance, score, price range and often a single image. As a description you will only have the title of a category of one or two words.

So, in our opinion the Google app would be for those occasions when you need more information, while with Maps you will be able to see more options more quickly and you will also have a better presentation of the map.

When you tap on a result in Apple Maps, it will appear in the center of the screen and you will see additional information such as the address, the phone number, the time, the possibility of booking and short reviews .

In addition to the fact that the list of results is less complete in Maps – perhaps for some this will be a point in favor – it seems that these results are not always the best nor do they conform to the search we have made. This occurs to a lesser extent with Google.

Verdict: Apple Maps or Google Maps?

doubt that Google Maps was much better in all aspects. Apple has greatly improved its service since then and, in fact, we prefer your navigation step by step.

When looking for an address in our area, we are still betting on Google Maps, as it has a more accurate and detailed list of results. In addition, we think that the options listed are much more accurate.

In general terms, then, both navigation apps are very good and no longer have catastrophic errors as in its beginnings, especially Apple Maps. In the end, it will be a matter of personal taste.

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I have appreciated the work of the two sites , Apple and google . However I am so grateful to apple for maintaining its exclusive principle by use of iOS and ensuring that No unscrupulous characters manipulate information or Maps for their selfish ends . Please kindly tell the world that Achia Terence Naco has complimented on this wonderful practice .