samsung galaxy s10 concept design 154779850580

Compared: Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Apple iPhone Xs

samsung galaxy s10 concept design 154779850580

If you compare the profits in the first half of the year in the first half of 2019, then Apple’s sale is not being sold after the announcement of a 15% decline.

On the other hand, Samsung has presented a new family of smartphones Galaxy S at the right time. Especially with the flagship Galaxy S10, it seems that the South Korean company can be on the high heels of Cupertino.

It may be that, what interests we have to analyze is that which of the two models is better. Keeping in mind the price, design, features and design, do not miss our comparison between the iPhone Xs and the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Which smartphone should buy: iPhone Xs or Samsung Galaxy S10?

The magnificent range of features of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 is impressive and in particular exposes its triple rear camera. However, even half a year after its launch, the iPhone Xs is still in the front of the game.

However, it is true that the price of the iPhone Xs is higher than the price of the Galaxy S10, so it would not be surprising that the general iPhone users decide to switch to Samsung, attracted by this much cheaper price

1. Price and availability

Of the two smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S10 is the cheapest with the price of $1,030 . The iPhone Xs, however, is the starting price of $1314 (64 GB), but the cost increases to models with $1,506 and $1,767 , the internal memory is 256 GB and 512 GB.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S10 can be reserved only for now, because the official sale will not start until March 8. You can buy it from the Samsung website or through official distributors like Fnac or El Corte Inglés.

IPhone X has been in the market since last 26 October. Unlike the iPhone X, it’s still available on Apple’s official website, however you can get better prices in online stores like Buy On Amazon

2. Technical specifications

ip5Galaxy S10
OSiOS 12Android 9.0 Pie with One UI
ColorsSilver | Space gray | GoldBlack
screenSuper Retina Screen of 5.8 inches Resolution of 2436 x 1125
AMOLED Wide Quad HD + Dynamic 6.1-inch Screen Resolution 3040 x 1440
ProcessorChip A12 BionicExynos 9820 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Storage64 GB | 256 GB | 512 GB128 GB
Rear cameraDual camera: 12Mp wide-angle lens (f / 1.8, OIS) + 12 Mp telephoto lens (f / 2.4, OIS)Triple camera: Ultra-wide-angle lens 16Mp (f / 2.2) + 12 MP wide-angle lens (f / 1.5, f / 2.4, OIS) + 12 MP telephoto lens (f / 2.4) , OIS)
Frontal camera7Mp camera (f / 2.2)10Mp camera (f / 1.9)
Biometric securityFace IDIntegrated finger scanner 2D facial recognition
DrumsNot available3,400 mAh
Wireless chargingYesYes
Dimensions143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8 mm
Weight174 g157 g

3. Design and manufacturing quality

Apple has not introduced a lot of new features in the iPhone Xs compared to the previous models, so X has very similarities with X, especially when it comes to design: both are just bezel, include front nock And do not start any buttons.

On the contrary, the Galaxy S10 easily distinguishes itself from the S9. The S10 also has a Nokia, but the front camera is included in the top right corner of the screen. Bezel is also less fat and the screen is at 93% surface.

It would be necessary to argue that when a video is being visualized in full screen, then what’s more disturbing: the iPhone Xs footprint or Galaxy S10’s camera hole Samsung is in favor of the presence of headphones ports that Apple has terminated.

dhe haivan 1199533 unsplash

4. Benefits

The Galaxy S10 presents impressive features and in this sense it takes advantage of the iPhone Xs, which went on sale a few months ago. What’s more, Samsung usually provides better specification, while the apple focuses on the user’s overall experience.

Next we will compare the main features offered by both models, such as the overall performance of the camera or smartphone. This should help us determine which equipment is better.


With the new additions to the Galaxy S family, it seems that Samsung has focused primarily on offering excellent cameras. The main difference with the iPhone Xs is that there is a triple camera behind the Galaxy S10.

Specifically, this rear camera is made of 12-wide-angle lenses with an aperture of f / 1.5-2.4, with an apture of f / 2.2, 16 MP has an ultra wide-angle lens and a lens is 12 MP telephસ્તic lenses. . With aperture of f / 2.4

User experience is great when using three rear cameras and switching from one lens to another. This change happens without problems or stops, although we will need to have a thorough analysis of the S10 to determine the quality of the image.

On the other hand, the iPhone Xs “only” has a dual rear camera. Even so, the photographic quality is excellent and in particular a color reproduction for reality is very accurate. You can use portrait mode in both front and rear cameras.

Thanks to the neural engine, the iPhone Xs camera receives good results in unfavorable light conditions too. In this sense, if the ‘smart HDR’ mode is used, good portraits can be obtained even after being shadowed.

photo 1542022641309 5ca56697494a


As always, Samsung manages to win the battle of Apple’s performance, at least on paper. On the other hand, this does not mean that both the smartphones are very powerful and do not present a problem of speed.

Xs A12 bionic chip allows you to use any app in the app store without problems, and everything indicates that it will be the same for years. The S10 has twice the RAM and a very fast processor that responds well to the tasks.

Wireless charging

Both models are compatible with wireless charging, however you can use only the smartphone to charge other devices with the Galaxy S10. To do this, you only need to activate the wireless charge, reverse it and keep the device at the top.

5. Software and applications

IPhone X comes with iOS 12 installed, the version of Apple’s operating system introduced the previous fall. They presented some novels like FaceTime Groups or Memoji, but focused primarily on improving app speed and stability.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S10, this is clearly an Android operating system, especially its version of Android 9.0 P, which is called the Forest UI. It also includes features to control the timing of your mobile usage.

In general terms, Android is a system that gives the user the ability to optimize the interface to a greater extent than iOS. According to the opposition, iOS is somewhat safe system and some applications are usually first for iOS and then to Android.

daniel korpai 1318731 unsplash
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IPhone Xs or Galaxy S10 ?: Our verdict

As we are commenting, the features included in Samsung Galaxy S10 set the bar a lot, especially in view of the triple camera located behind. Still, the iPhone Xs gets ready well over time.

The modern and elegant design continues in the iPhone X – though it is similar to the iPhone X – as well as Apple’s flagship cameras are also excellent. Thus, it seems that betting on one or the other is a matter of taste.

The user should think that whether he likes a smartphone with iOS or Android and also if he likes whether or not the iPhone X is a runner, then he is more opposed to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S 10 How to solve it with the camera introduced in the screen

Another determining factor would be value. Apple loses battle here The initial price of the iPhone X is € 250 more than the new Samsung, so that Apple lovers of the world can be tempted to switch to Android.

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