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Change the PlayStation Network login


Sony PlayStation 4 is possibly the most popular console available at this time, figures above 82 million units sold since the launch in 2013 with PS4 Pro.

While many games available for the platform are single-player, those who want to play online with friends need to login on an account and PlayStation Network (PSN) platform.

When you sign into the PlayStation Network, do you want to change email, related passwords or identities? And if you want to change your identity in the network? You should know that Sony has changed this process from April 10, 2019 and this is the easiest way to do this.

How to change your PSN email address

It is always recommended that you have an updated email address with your PlayStation Network Login, because this is where you will get the chance to recover new games, PlayStation Store receipts and retrieve your password if you forget it.

What do you do when you change your email? Do you need to create a new PlayStation Network Login? Fortunately not. In fact, changing the email account associated with your PSN login on PS4 is very easy. proceed as follows:

  • Turn on your PS4 and select the user account associated with your PSN.
  • Go to ‘Settings> Account Management> Account Information> Login ID’ and enter your PSN password to verify that no one is accessing the account illegally.
  • Enter your new login ID (also known as the new email address) and select ‘Confirm’.
  • You should now receive a verification email through the new email address you previously entered. Click on the included link to verify the change.
  • Now you should be able to sign in to your account with the new email address.

It should be noted that if you are changing the login of a sub-account, the master account must authorize the change by entering your password.  

How to change your PSN password

In fact, this is a similar procedure for changing your PlayStation Network login password on your PS4, although it will only work if you already know your current password. proceed as follows:

  • Turn on your PS4 and select the user account associated with your PSN.
  • Go to ‘Settings> Account Management> Account Information> Security’ (the system will ask you to log in to verify that you are accessing the account) and select ‘Password’.
  • Enter your new password and write it down in a safe place.
  • Click on ‘Continue’ to save the new password.
  • Now you should be able to log in with your new PSN password.
  • What happens if you can not remember your original password? If you happen to have forgotten your PSN password, you can change it through a PC, Mac or mobile device through the ‘I forgot my password’ section of the Sony website , following the instructions on the screen.

How to change your PSN Online ID

There was a time when it was not possible to change your PSN’s ID online for some time as it could affect the ecosystem of the PlayStation Network. With the new updates on April 10, it is now possible to change your online PSN ID through a PS4 console or a web browser.

How to change your PSN ID on your PS4

  • Go to the configuration section of your PS4
  • Select ‘Account management> Account information> Profile> Online identification’.
  • Enter your new identification form.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to make the changes.

How to change your PSN ID through web browser

  • Log in to your PSN account and select PSN Profile from the menu.
  • Select the ‘Edit’ button that is next to your ID.
  • Enter the form of identification you wish to use.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to confirm the change.

There was a problem changing your ID because all the headings did not accept the function, which means that the change of ID can mean access to achievements, trophies or even some games.

Sony did a beta test of this facility at the end of 2018 so that it can be ensured that everything is working properly for the majority of its user base and now it has been officially issued to all service members. .

However, Sony mentions that some older games may not be compatible with the name change function. All PS4 titles published on April 1, 2018 have been developed to develop their ability to support name change

For extra security, it is possible to check this list of proven games in order to make sure that your favorite game can be played with the revised ID.

Sony has also published a section of frequently asked questions which is the most common in relation to identity change.

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