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Change the faces your iPhone recognizes in ‘Photos’

alice donovan rouse NH2BpbIBUEo unsplash

Apple’s application ‘Photos’ has become a very useful and intelligent app as it is able to recognize faces in all your photos and tag related people. Thanks to this, you can group several images of a particular person, which can be very useful.

But apparently, this app is not perfect, which means that you may need to mis-identify yourself, in which case, you fix the error manually. The problem is that it is not even clear how to make such improvements.

Of course, once you know how to do it, you will realize that it is a very simple task. Below we explain the steps you should follow to fix or remove incorrectly identified faces in the iPhone ‘Photos’ app.

Find faces in ‘Photos’

The first thing you will have to do is find the person (or face) in question. To do this, open the ‘Photos’ application and tap the’ Albums’ option at the bottom of the screen, then scroll up until you find the ‘People and places’ section and then tap the box marked’ People ‘.

faces your iPhone

Here you will see a sub-album for each person that ‘Photo believes he has identified in one or more images. Touch a face and you will see all the pictures in which the ‘photo’ looks like this person is visible.

Change faces labeled in ‘Photos’

To change someone, touch the ‘Select’ option at the top right of the photo. Now you will see a new pop-up option at the bottom of the page titled ‘Show Face’. Touch this option.

Now the photos will show you the areas of each image in which you think you see that person’s face. If you find a label that is not correct, tap the image and then the ‘Share’ icon in the lower left corner. iphone

faces your iPhone

The ‘Share’ menu will appear, but this time there is an icon named ‘Not This Person’. If you tap on this option, you will end the relationship between the photo and the person.

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