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Black Friday : The new Echo Dot 4 available on Amazon at 50%

echo dot 4 review with clock thumb800 1

That’s right, the new 4th generation Echo Dot is available on Amazon with a 50% discount. This is somewhat surprising since Amazon’s new device went on sale only a few weeks ago. 

The reason for this reduction is the week of Black Friday, in which as you know, technology brands take the opportunity to offer you their products at cheaper prices. 

It’s a good time to buy Christmas gifts (see our guide to gift ideas if you have run out of ideas), to treat yourself or to buy that product that you have needed for so long. 

However, in this article we highlight the offer on Amazon for its latest smart speaker model, the Echo Dot 4. 

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Where can I buy the Echo Dot 4 at half price?

As you can imagine: on Amazon. The original price of the product is € 59.99, and currently you can buy it for € 29.99, that is, 50% cheaper. 

If you’re interested in Alexa devices, it’s not the only discounted Amazon device. We recommend that you take a look at the Amazon website to consider the possibility of choosing another smart speaker in case you are looking for other requirements. 

For example, the Echo Show 5 is available for € 44.99 instead of € 89.99. Although the Amazon Echo Show 5 is from 2019, it still offers good quality at a fairly good price. 

If you want the latest Echo Show 8 model , you can also get it discounted on Amazon for € 64.99. 

The Echo Show differ from the Dot by its screen. It is true that the screen allows you to make use of extra tools such as watching videos or the lyrics of a song while Alexa plays it, however, the Dot will be more than enough if you want to listen to quality audio and give Alexa commands. 

In addition to the Alexa smart speakers, you will also find discounts on products such as the Fire TV Stick or its e-book the Kindle. We recommend that you visit this link to see all the Amazon device offers.

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