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Black Friday : Best Deals on Gaming and Video Games

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Any occasion is good to enjoy a good discount, and more so if it is when buying products that are usually expensive, such as consoles, video games and any gaming accessory 

Luckily, these sales are possible to enjoy irresistible offers thanks to the selection of promotions that we have selected in this article. Don’t miss our little buying guide either to make sure you take advantage of these discounts.

How to choose a gaming offer ?

The best way to be successful when buying any product is to have as much information as possible. That is why at ontrendingplus we have an extensive list of buying guides in which we explain everything you need to know about the gaming world .

The best gaming gifts

We start with a generic shopping guide in which we give you ideas to buy a gift for that friend or gamer friend . This article will help you decide on a keyboard, mouse, steering wheel, headphones …

The best mobiles to play

Today, there are many of us who play daily with our smartphone , either while watching TV or on public transport. For the most demanding games, you will need to have a mobile suitable to play.

The best gaming laptops

If you want to play with your laptop, you should make sure you have a device that combines performance with autonomy. In this classification of the best gaming laptops , you will find laptops from brands such as Razer, Asus or Acer.

The best gaming monitors

It is also important to have a good monitor in order to fully enjoy the richness of video game visuals. This selection of models compatible with Nvidia and AMD graphics cards will be very useful to you.

The best gaming chairs

If you are going to spend hours and hours playing on your computer, you better have a good chair. We recommend opting for an ergonomic chair that allows you to sit without any part of your body suffering.

The best headphones for gaming

Video games usually also have spectacular sound effects, and that is precisely what makes them offer a much more immersive experience. Now, keep your neighbors in mind and get a headset so you don’t disturb.

The best virtual reality headsets

Speaking of immersion, there are few games more immersive than virtual reality. To enjoy them, you need one of the helmets that we have selected in this article from brands such as HTC, Oculus or Google.

The best games for Nintendo Switch

On our website, you will also find lists of the best games for various platforms. An example is this article about Nintendo Switch, one of the most popular consoles due to its great flexibility of use.

Where to find a good gaming offer ?

In addition to being attentive or attentive to this article, we recommend you regularly take a look at online stores such as Amazon , Fnac , El Corte Inglés , MediaMarkt , eBay , Carrefour or, of course, Game , to find gaming offers .

You will find the biggest discounts during certain dates such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or the winter and summer sales. That does not exclude that you can also enjoy promotions during the rest of the year.

Before starting to buy a discounted product, we recommend that you do a little research on the market. Only then will you know if it is really a good offer and that there is no better promotion in another store.

Best Black Friday 2020 gaming deals

1. Xiaomi Black Shark 3 (5G)

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From: Amazon

Before: € 639

Now: 589 €  (8% less)

If you are one of those who plays at all hours and anywhere, then you will need a mobile that is up to the task. This Xiaomi has been designed with this in mind and its Adreno 650 GPU will not disappoint you.

2. HP Pavilion 15-ec1000ns

mejores ofertas gaming hp pavilion thumb450

From: Fnac

Before: € 869.91

Now: € 739.42  (15% less)

You don’t need a powerful desktop computer to play your favorite PC games. This HP gaming laptop  will also work for you, and you can also transport it everywhere so you can start a game wherever you are.

3. Keep Out Xgm32lv2

mejores ofertas gaming hp keep out thumb450

From: Carrefour

Before: € 217.22

Now: € 181,74  (16% less)

This 32 “monitor is ideal to complement any gaming computer tower  thanks to its 1920 x 1080 resolution, a brightness of 250 cd / m2 and a contrast of 5,000,000: 1. In addition, it has connections such as HDMI or VGA.

4. Lenovo T730-28ICO (256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Core i7)

mejores ofertas gaming ordenador gaming thumb450

From: MediaMarkt

Before: € 1,997

Now: € 1,497.75  (25% less)

The ninth generation processor of this Lenovo tower makes itself felt, as well as its Pro level graphics that will make any gamer fall in love  . Of course, remember that it is a FreeDo computer, which means that it does not have an operating system installed and you will have to decide which one you prefer.

5. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

mejores ofertas gaming amazon raton thumb450

From: Amazon

Before: € 39.90

Now: € 32.50  (19% less)

Every good  gamer needs a mouse that is up to the task. This Logitech will not disappoint you, nor will its price now that it has an exclusive discount for this Black Friday.

6. Logitech G213 Prodigy

mejores ofertas gaming teclado thumb450

From: Amazon

Before: € 81.99

Now: € 39.90  (51% less)

Do you want a gaming keyboard  at half the price? Here you have it: this Logitech G213 Prodigy is all you need. In addition to having the typical style of this type of keyboard, it is resistant to splashes (for those long nights of games) and also has several multimedia controls so that you can easily play or pause a video or a song.

7. Logitech G533

mejores ofertas gaming amazon auriculares thumb450

From: Amazon

Before: € 114.99

Now: € 91  (21% less)

The gaming experience  would not be complete without good headphones that allow you to listen to the sound of the video game in all its splendor, as well as interact with your teammates.

8. Trust GXT 608

mejores ofertas gaming amazon altavoces thumb450

From: Amazon

Before: € 57.30

Now: € 35.99  (37% off)

If you prefer the sound to reverberate throughout the room, then you will need specially designed speakers. This is the case of these designed by Trust, with a style that will appeal to the  most authentic gamers .

9. Sony Playstation 4 + FIFA 21 + BlackFire BFX-10

mejores ofertas gaming ps4 thumb450

From: MediaMarkt

Before: € 396

Now: € 354.99  (10% off)

It’s true: the PlayStation 5 is here. But to be honest, it’s going to cost you a lot to get one. If you settle for the previous model, you can also take the  FIFA 21 and a pair of gaming headphones  with this Black Friday offer.

10. Sony DualShock 4 + FIFA 21

mejores ofertas gaming amazon dualshock thumb450

From: Amazon

Before: € 84.95

Now: € 74.90  (12% less)

Do you need a controller for your PS4? Well now you have one with some discount next to FIFA 21 . What more can you ask.

11. Sony PlayStation Plus Subscription Card (12 months)

mejores ofertas gaming ps4 suscripcion thumb450

From: Fnac

Before: € 59.99

Now: € 44.99  (25% off)

The future of game consoles is increasingly heading towards the digital world. That is why it will be very useful to get a subscription to PlayStation Plus like this. And yes, now you can have it 25% cheaper.

12. Microsoft Xbox One S

mejores ofertas gaming xbox one s thumb450

From: MediaMarkt

Before: € 279

Now: € 223.20  (20% less)

Although the new generation of Xbox is here, you may not be willing to pay its launch price and prefer to save a bit with a discount like this one on Black Friday available at MediaMarkt. To play!

13. Logitech G920 Driving Force

mejores ofertas gaming driving force thumb450

From: Amazon

Before: € 239.99

Now: € 199  (17% less)

But to enjoy an authentic gaming experience  , you don’t just need a good game console. Good accessories like this racing wheel and these pedals are a must. It will seem like you are in a real race.

14. Nintendo Switch Lite

mejores ofertas gaming nintendo switch lite thumb450

From: Amazon

Before: € 239.90

Now: 225 €  (6% less)

If you are one of those who prefers to play video games on the move, then you will not find a better console than the Nintendo Switch. And if you have a somewhat tighter budget, what better than the Lite version and a Black Friday discount.

15. The Last of Us Part II

mejores ofertas gaming amazon videojuego thumb450

From: Amazon

Before: € 47.90

Now: € 43.95  (8% less)

Fans of PlayStation video games can have this something cheaper as long as they have an Amazon account and take advantage of this Black Friday offer.

16. Call of Duty: Black Ops III

mejores ofertas gaming call duty thumb450

From: GAME

Before: € 39.95

Now: € 14.95  (62% less)

Do you have the Xbox One? Then you’ll want to find out why the Call of Duty franchise  is so popular with one of its top-rated titles. This discount also includes a set of pins that true fans should wear.

17. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

mejores ofertas gaming animal crossing thumb450

From: Fnac

Before: € 54.99

Now: € 49.99  (9% off)

What’s new in  Animal Crossing couldn’t be better, if you like relaxing, endearing video games with truly beautiful animations. It is on its way to becoming a Nintendo classic.

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