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Best Review : iMac 21.5 ” of (2019)

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21.5 inc iMac (2019): is it worth your purchase?

With the new Intel Core processor joining in its configuration, a large amount of RAM, and the most powerful graphics card on the market, the new iMac of 2019 has been aligned with market demand, and guarantees more performance.

However, since 2012, its design has not changed (more than 7 years only), so we will not deny that we had something else to expect. We have to wait for new generations to see where Apple directs innovation.

Retail price (PVP)

$ 1,299 Model reviewed $ 1,499

Review of the iMac 21.5 “(2019)

In 2018, the iMac came two decades after its inception, which is why we were created expectations that Apple will have the opportunity to launch a new iMac with updating its iconic desktop computer and completely new.

Over the years, Apple is reducing bevel in other devices like iPhone, iPad Pro or MacBook Air, which makes us think the time for the iMac was approaching. Unfortunately, Apple has changed many things, but only keeping in mind the same form of 2012 teams from within.

In this way, the most important changes come in the form of processors, graphics card options and RAM. Next, we will see all this in more detail but we can guess that the 2019 iMac is more powerful than the previous generation of 2017.

At the end of the day, this section may be that makes interesting for most users, the new Mac meets the performance demanded by the most modern applications instead of introducing modern applications.

In this review, which we offer now, we focus on the top of the 21.5-inch iMac range, with its 8-core and 8-core Core i5 processor.


The prices of the iMac of 2019 remain the same as in previous years. In fact, the price has not changed in Spain since 2016. Below, we show you the latest 21.7 “IMAX model prices presented in 2019:

  • Core i5 processor dual-core 7th generation and speed of 2.3 GHz, 1 TB hard drive, 8GB RAM and Iris Plus 640 chart. Price: € 1,305.59. (Model 2017).
  • Core i3 processor quad-core 8th generation and 3.6 GHz speed, Retina 4K screen, 1TB hard drive, 8GB RAM and Radeon Pro 555X. Price: € 1,499
  • From 8th Generation to 3.0 GHz Speed, Retina 4K Screen, 1TB Fusion Unit, 8GB RAM, Core i5 Six-Core Processor with Radeon Pro 560X Price: € 1,699

Personalization Options:

  • Core i7 processor with 8 core at 3.2 GHz + € 240
  • 16 GB RAM + € 240
  • 32GB RAM + € 480
  • Radon Pro Vega 20/4 GB + € 420
  • 256GB SSD + € 120
  • 512 GB SSD + € 360
  • 1 TB of SSD + € 840

Actually, it would be surprising that Apple had reduced the price of its equipment. However, we do not think that they have done well in keeping the 2017 model in a clearly archived catalog.

With it the entry price of 21.7 inch iMac was fixed, which was launched this year in 2019, although there is no lack of retina 4K screen and it has not been updated since the end of 2017. The call effect will get it but it is still cheating.

And it is that this practice has not happened for the first time, because Apple had left the old MacBook Air model for sale when it updated the border in 2018. Despite being the 5th generation of Intel Core Processors 2015, the cost of Air is € 1,105.59, compared to those of the new processor € 244 less.

apple 21 5 inch imac 3a 2 3ghz dual core intel core i5 28mmqa2h 500x500

We feel that the only purpose of these models is to set lower entry costs than normal to get more attention. Therefore, we strongly advise anyone to buy an iMac, buy retinal models and consider spending 244 euros more.

Design and construction quality

We have already said that we expect iMac devices to come up with a new design. And we are not merely mentioning change for change, due to the fact that he has maintained the same format during the previous years.

IMac is still a modern and innovative form of machines, at this point that it does not seem that the years go by them. However, there are areas where there is still room for improvement. It is a case of regulation based on the height of the screen and your height.

It is rare to shop around an office equipped with iMac equipment and it is not to see how some users keep books or boxes under their bases to adopt appropriate and ergonomic heights. Despite being able to bend slightly forward, it is frustrating because it is not able to adjust its height.

Retina display is also surrounded by an inch wide bevel, while the bottom part has a 2.5-inch aluminum section with the company’s logo. We would like to try to reduce these edges, as is the case with laptops already.

karl block 1299284 unsplash

If you measure the diagonal of the screen, then its entirety is 24 inches, while the actual visual field remains in this model, which we tested at 21.5 inches. So, if you want a bigger screen, then you should choose a 27-inch, very large size.


Technically, the screen is another different element. In fact, the 21.5-inch iMac model has not been updated which lacks 4K resolution support, the remaining 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

Jumping is important to acquire the 21.5-inch IMAX model of 29.019, given that 4K support guarantees the original resolution of 4,096 x 2,304 pixels. They also offer 500 nits of 10-bit display and screening.

This means that they are 43% brighter than the previous models and are able to reproduce one billion colors in comparison to the millions of colors introduced by the previous generation of iMac 2.3 GHz, the entry-level model of 2015.

william iven 11250 unsplash

So, the screen is a great reason to update your previous computer, especially if you use iMac for a professional environment.


As we have already indicated, only changes in the iMac of 2019 are in. I.e. in the choice of new processor, better graphics card and faster RAM, at least 6-core models and 6 GHz speed. Let’s see the various possible configurations that start with the CPU.


In 2019, the new 21.5-inch iMac is beneficial to the eighth generation of Intel Core Processor, which is named Coffee Lake. They replace Kobe Lake in the 2017 iMac.

The biggest advantage in terms of number of processor cores is. For the first time, there is a choice of six cores at a speed of 3 GHz. A team instead of an i5 with a Core i3 means that it is not able to use Turbo Boost to reduce or reduce the speed on demand.

To get an idea, the iMac 6-core and 3 GHz speed model with the active Turbo Turbo can reach up to 4.1 GHz. If you work with video software or applications such as demanding apps, then this additional core is an advantage.

Processor Mac Mini is similar to the 2018 configuration, but with the disadvantage that these devices rely heavily on integrated graphics and flash storage.

What are we missing in 21.5 “iMac of 2019? Well, we can combine the maximum configuration of Core Core 7 with the speed of six cores and 3 GHz, while if we choose the 27-inch IMAX, then we 9.6 GHz ninth generation Core i9 processor option, scalable up to 5 GHz


We have run a benchmark in the new iMac that there is a difference between the 2017 generation. At that time, we reviewed the 21.5 “iMac with the 3.4GHz quad-core CPU and the Radeon Pro 560 graphics like the machine. Looking at this time, it was the top model within its range.

In the 2017 3.4-GHz model we got a score of 4,894 compared to 4,374 in single-geekbrain test. This is despite the fact that the individual core has slow pace at this time.

2019, 21.5in iMac:3.0GHz 6-core, Radeon560X2017, 21.5in iMac,3.2GHz quad-core,Radeon 5602019, 27in iMac,3.0GHz 6-core, Radeon570X2018, Mac mini:3.2GHz 6-core, Intelgraphics0120002400060001800020890141062094324670

We also run the Unigene Valley Benchmark, and in that case, we have comparable scores from other Macs (although it is worth noting that these parameters were obtained with earlier versions of MacOS).

This is where you can actually see the difference between the iMac and the Mac mini with your integrated graphics with your discrete graphics. Let’s say that they leave Mac Mini in Tata’s case of graphics.

If you are running a graphics-intensive application, these discrete graphics options are an important advantage of the iMac range compared to the Mac Mini and the 13-inch MacBook Pro, as both offer integrated graphics.

Note here that the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 offers discrete graphics options similar to the new 21.5-inch iMacs, although in that case, the Radeon Pro 555X comes with 4GB of storage instead of 2GB.


There is a final change between the 2017 and 2019 models. Apple has adjusted the RAM from 2400MHz to 2666MHz, but only at the top of the range of 3 GHz models. Fast RAM will accelerate memory operation and transfer data faster.

The main factor to consider 21.5-inch iMac is that its RAM is not easily expandable component compared to the 27-inch IMAX model, in which you have a gate to add new modules. Therefore, make decisions in the initial moments of purchase.

Officially, RAM can not be updated inside the 21.5-inch iMac, but it is not completely true. Regarding the 2017 iMac, iFixIt saw that RAM was located in a hatch behind the memory logic board, rather than being welded to the motherboard instead.

Therefore, RAM is expandable, but it is not something that we advise to try at home, something that will also void the device’s warranty. We believe that the situation is similar in 2019 and Apple has not decided to combine the RAM instead.


In relation to storage, things have not changed much so that can be frustrating. A 1TB hard drive is still the standard option in the entry level iMac with a speed of 2.3 GHz, but with the 5,400 rpm technology, it is far from the new standards.

This can mean a pull on performance presented by other components, so try to avoid buying models with conventional hard disk configuration.

Fortunately, despite the price increase we have more options to choose from. For those who demand large storage of 1 TB, the Apple Fusion Unit provides, which combines the mechanical hard drive with a small amount of flash to speed up the processes.

However, the best option is to make the jump into an SSD, even if you have to be prepared to forgo the storage space. It is enough to see how the mac mini’s behavior with SSD has improved in comparison to the older model that it did not have.

Apple improved the speed of SSD, saying it was 50% faster with the speed of 3 Gbps. Even if you have an iMac with the SSD of the year 2017, then you will experience increased performance due to this fact.

Connectors and ports

There is still no major change in the 2017 iMac generation, however, if you are upgrading from the previous model, then you should know that you get two Thunderbolts 3 port (duplicate as Type C USB port) will do.

istock 1003832968

You will also find four old USB-A ports, something that has been appreciated by the other devices in the brand, considering its demise, as is the MacBook Air.

Many will see it as an old technique, but they are still necessary to connect rats, keyboards and other devices on our Mac, which is why we have to resort to the port hub or additional adapter. Do not mention that the iPhone charger cable is still of this type.


Through the conclusion, we expected a new and innovative design in the iMac of 2019 but we were left with the desire. If the present design was right, it would be merciless, but it is not so.

Bevel on the screen is a very big and useless place. Neither are they ergonomic because in addition to regulating the angle of vision, we can not regulate altitude. The base screen has been fixed, so they do not wander apart too.

It is clear that the MacBook is currently responsible for most of Apple’s Mac computers sales, but still, we would appreciate some innovations in the desktop system that users should use in their day’s work or home.

Apple comes for those looking for an increase in update performance, and in this sense, the 2019 iMac is at the height of the MacBook Pro. Six core processors, the fastest RAM and the best graphics add to the positive

These are valuable updates that justify purchasing, but in general, users expect very good news in next-generation iMac devices.

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