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Best new Netflix movie releases in November

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Now more than ever we have to spend more time at home than before. Surely this is the reason that leads us to use more than ever platforms to watch series and movies like Netflix. 

As you well know, Netflix’s movie catalog is quite large, you would have to spend a lot of time glued to your TV screen to be able to finish watching all its movies (is this really possible?). 

However, we always like to enjoy new titles in the catalog. This month we have been pleasantly surprised to see new movies incorporated such as Pet Sematary or Hitch. 

If you want to know what our new favorite Netflix movies are this month, read on!

1. Pet Sematary

  • Premiere: November 9

Based on a novel by Stephen King, Pet Sematary or Animal Cemetery, it tells the story of a family that upon moving discover a mysterious piece of land near their new home. A tragedy happens and a series of terrifying events unfolds that they cannot stop. 

2. Hitch

  • Premiere: November 1

Hitch is one of the most prestigious coaches in New York. He calls himself a dating specialist, capable of helping even the most mediocre person to conquer the person he most desires. However, a client will appear who will make it very difficult for you. At the same time, a journalist will come into your life to prove that the dating specialist is a phony. 

3. The aviator

  • Premiere: November 1

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, The Aviator tells the story of Howard Hughes, the producer who with what little money he had moved to Hollywood and became rich. It produced some of the most popular films in the 1930s, and most of all, it had a huge role in the world of aviation.

6. Poseidon

  • Available: November 1

Poseidon is the huge ocean liner on which they are celebrating New Year’s Eve. However, a huge wave is coming towards the ship causing it to capsize. Passengers will have to fight to survive, if they have any way of doing it. 

7. Hostel part 2

  • Available: November 1

One of the classics of gore cinema, Hostel II tells the story of three young Americans who study in Rome and are invited by a classmate to go with her on an exotic getaway for the weekend. As you can imagine, the getaway doesn’t end as planned.

8. Urban legend

  • Available: November 1

There are many urban legends that tell scary stories, however, they are just that, legends. Or not? One day, this group of friends will begin to see how all these horrible legends come true. 

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