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Best iPhone X and iPhone Xs Screen Protectors of 2020

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Has the screen of your smartphone ever broken  ? If so, then surely you know how people suffer in such a situation. If you have been lucky enough that it has never happened to you, surely at night you have nightmares just thinking about the possibility that one day your iPhone also has a broken screen.

To avoid any minor scratches, there are screen protectors on the market that will change your life forever (or at least that of your beloved mobile phone). Next, we list some of our favorite protectors for iPhone X and iPhone Xs, which you can complement with a nice case .

Tech21 Impact Shield Screen Protector for iPhone XS

  • $ 29.95

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This Tech21 screen protector offers a layer of protection for your iPhone XS monitor that, despite being flexible, will stop shocks and absorb the pressure exerted on the screen.

The best part is that if, for any reason, you scratch the protector while wearing it, it will remove scratches almost magically. Behind this ingenuity is a technology devised by manufacturers called BulletShield, which they claim to use in bulletproof glass.

Moshi IonGlass Screen Protector for iPhone XS / X

  • £ 34.95

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Moshi products stand out for their high quality. This is also the case with your IonGlass screen protector for iPhone X or iPhone XS. As assured by the company, it is stronger than tempered glass and steel.

After trying to scratch it with scissors, we were positively surprised that in fact we could not scratch the protector at any time, no matter how much pressure we applied. We are convinced that the Moshi IonGlass will be the ideal one for you.

Spigen Glas.tR Screen Protector for iPhone Xs

  • $ 34.99

protector pantalla iphone

This Spigen screen protector only has one layer, but the fact that it is made of glass makes it tough enough. It presents a tempered glass film that also prevents you from leaving your fingerprints.

Best of all, it’s thin enough that you can use almost any compatible case at the same time. You can use this protector, which comes in packs of two, with both an iPhone X and an iPhone Xs.

Peel Glass Screen Protector for iPhone Xs

  • $ 29

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The tempered glass of the Peel screen protector covers the entire surface of the monitor and even reaches the edges. That makes your iPhone feel like it’s protected even if you’re not wearing a case or cover .

It is also very easy to place it and, for those who like the appearance of the Apple smartphone as it is out of the box, it can be the ideal complement since you will not even notice that you are using it.

TOZO screen protector for iPhone Xs

  • $ 8.99

Similar to other manufacturers, TOZO’s protector is made of glass and covers the entire surface. In this way, you will not only protect the screen from possible bumps and falls but also the edges of your iPhone X or iPhone Xs.

The only but that we find about this accessory is that it makes your smartphone somewhat bulkier than originally, which means that it may no longer be compatible with very tight cases.

Anker screen protector for iPhone X and iPhone Xs

  • $ 9.99

protector pantalla iphone

Anker is one of the most trusted manufacturers of mobile accessories. This tempered glass screen protector comes in a pack of two and can also be purchased from Apple.

It uses dual defense technology to isolate the screen from potential impact. In addition, this protector makes the glass shatterproof, meaning that when it breaks, its pieces stay together and do not fall.

ESR Screen Protector for iPhone Xs and iPhone X

$ 10.99protector pantalla iphone xs

The tempered glass that ESR uses for its screen protectors can withstand a force of 10 kg. It is very easy to apply it on the iPhone monitor. All you have to do is use the frame that surrounds the protector to fit perfectly on the screen.

This protector is resistant to scratches and will also prevent you from leaving fingerprints when using the mobile. In addition, if the glass breaks, its pieces stay in the same place, preventing further damage.


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