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Best helpful iPhone data recovery programs

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Like the owner of any other smartphone, your iPhone is loaded with valuable documents and information: photos, videos, music, contacts, text messages and important emails, or even files you use at work.

If your device is broken, lost or stolen it becomes very important to make your iPhone as a backup mode. You can do this through iCloud or from your Mac or MacBook.

But what happens if it is broken, lost or stolen and you have not made a backup copy (or you cannot find it or it is corrupt) thanks to the data recovery program, it is still possible to recover all this information is.

In this article you will find many applications that you can use to retrieve this lost information. However, remember that none of the software on this list guarantees 100% data recovery.

Which software to choose to recover the deleted data on an iPhone?

As you will see below, data recovery programs are generally expensive, but this should not come as a surprise as people are prepared to do whatever they can when they are very desperate to recover lost valuable information. .

However, before launching to spend a lot of money, we recommend to see if there is a trial version. At the same time, please note that these may not include the function you need to retrieve all the data.

Unfortunately, the data recovery software industry is full of programs they want you to get money for. That is why we have included only three applications here. The rest we have tried is not incredible.

Be very careful with what you have read on forums and other platforms. Sometimes comments are posted by the bot. You will only want to trust the recommendation of the person who has actually tried it and who is definitely not a robot.

Is the software safe to download?

It’s important because any downloadable software on the Internet should not contain any viruses or malware. We first download the installation file of each software and upload it to Comodo File Analysis to check if it contains viruses or malicious processes. Once we confirm it’s clean, we then install it on our PC (Windows 10) and MacBook Pro (macOS Mojave) for further evaluation.

Can you reach out to their support team for questions?

Another factor we take into consideration is to see if the developer provides adequate technical or customer support. This is important because data recovery is a sophisticated business, you may encounter various circumstances when you have no idea about how to proceed. A supportive team behind the product can give you a hand and solve your problems.

1. Dr. Fone

  • $ 69.95

Wondershare Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS and Android v9.2

Dr.Fone on your iPhone To enjoy the benefits of the program, you must install this software on your Mac or PC and connect your Apple smartphone to the computer. Now you are ready to start searching for deleted or lost files.

This program will allow you to recover files of all types (photos, messages, calendar alerts, call history, notes, WhatsApp documents …) from your iOS device, but it can also scan your iCloud account and iTunes backup would be able.

Its interface is intuitive. You do not have to spend to navigate it. You have to select recovery mode, choose the type of file you want to search and start the scan. It usually takes between five and ten minutes, don’t expect immediate results.

As we have said, we cannot 100% guarantee that it will work, but our experience was very positive. You can try the free version, but we advise against it. You can recover lost files just by paying.

2. Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

  • $ 47.99
mejores programas recuperacion datos iphone stellar data recovery thumb800

Our third recommendation is Stellar Data Recovery, presented as a program capable of recovering your lost files on both the iPhone and iPad. You can also do this with iTunes or iCloud backup.

You’ll see that you can find lost photos, videos and contacts, as well as call history, text and voice messages, and even your favorite web pages. You can also get information from apps like WhatsApp, WeChat or Viber.

Like the other programs on this list, the company has developed data recovery software for both MacOS computer users and Windows computers or laptops.

We also have connection problems with Stellar, but the free version will help you know if it is worth using this program. You can scan your iOS device and preview the files it can recover.

3.  EaseUS MobiSaver

  • Free version; Pro version costs $ 59.95
mejores programas recuperacion datos iphone easeus mobisaver thumb800

Dr. With Fone, the EZUS Mobiserver app will attempt to recover deleted files from an iOS device, iCloud account, or iTunes backup. You can download an app compatible with MacOS or Windows.

We had a problem scanning our iPhone. The app detected a problem with the cable, although it was the one we used with other programs that did not show any kind of error.

Instead, we were able to scan old backups saved in iTunes. EaseUS managed to locate thousands of deleted images and messages long ago. Mind you, it’s a long process, so make yourself comfortable.

The free version of EUS is worth a bit. Other programs only allow you to scan documents and will ask you to pay to retrieve them. On the other hand, it will let you recover one photo and five contacts.

4. FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery

  • $79.95

AiseesoftFoneLab 1

Allowing you to recover lost or deleted contacts, messages, memos, and media files in minutes, FoneLab gives you fast and reliable recovery options. This software supports three recovery modes. You can recover from the iCloud Backup File, the iTunes Backup File, or from the iOS device. FoneLab is able to recover up to 19 different types of files created on all iOS devices. The software supports file preview — which means you can actually “steal” some of the found pictures after the scan. It also comes with backup functions that enable you to restore items quickly and easily. One unfortunate outcome of using iTunes or iCloud to restore your data is that the services can overwrite the data on your device. FoneLab for iOS can help you get your data back without overwriting anything. This software also has a system recovery feature and a data backup feature that only requires a few clicks to execute. You can use it on a Windows PC or an Apple Mac machine.

5. Leawo iOS Data Recovery

  • $69.95

LeawoiOSDataRecovery 1

Leawo claims to be able to recover 12 types of data from iTunes or iCloud backup, and it includes four main recovery modes: “Recover from device”, “Recover from iTunes backup”, “Recover under DFU mode” and “Extract from iCloud Backup.” Besides, you can also use the software to backup important data in case of any future data loss. The Leawo support team is available to take email requests, as well as via Skype and phone support during normal business hours.

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