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games for iPhone and iPad augmented reality (AR) games for iPhone

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games for iPhone and iPad iOS 11 brought a series of new features including ARKit. This allows iOS developers to integrate high-end augmented reality experiences into their efforts with little effort, and was further improved with the advent of iOS 12.

The functionality is available for many iPhones and iPads, and when combined with the Metal 2 API, it gives impressive results that will surprise most users.

Of course, one of the most important areas of augmented reality development is the game, remember the introduction of augmented reality in Pokémon Go and the inclusion of that event? We loved the idea of ​​seeing Pokemon in real life, and interest has grown since.

Two years after the initial launch of ARKit, the App Store has several augmented reality games that leverage this technology. We’ve spent some time playing augmented reality games on iOS, and here is our best pick.

If augmented reality is not your thing, check out our selection of the best free games for iPhone or iPad.

Top Excellent augmented reality games for iPhone and iPad

The Machines

01 the machines thumb555

Machines is one of the most polished multiplayer experiences for iOS we’ve seen so far. Transform your Tabletop (or any other flat surface) into a very elaborate battlefield where you will direct your machine team against your friends whether you are connected online or if you are in the same room.

You must fight strategically on the map, knocking down towers, enemies, and your opponent’s base to win the game.

It is very detailed in terms of both visually and spatial audio, as you will hear different sound effects as you move away from different elements of the approach and board strategy game. For now there are a limited number of maps and heroes or heroines, but this will change in the next update 1.3.0.

Machines are a perfect example of the future of augmented reality, and we can’t wait to see how it improves in the future.

You can download The Machine by clicking on this link.


06 ar rise thumb555

ARise is a new game built from scratch for augmented reality, and it is amazing. Think of ARES as equivalent to augmented reality from a highly popular perspective: Monument Valley, as you lead a mini-center down winding paths and overcome gaps by changing your perspective.

This requires that you physically move forward and change the camera angle to find the correct path. Only three ‘episodes’ are available at this time, but the developer has promised that is still going on and will be published via free updates in the coming months.

Download ARise then you have to click on this link.

Angry Birds

02 angry birds ar thumb555

After years of Angry Birds on iOS, you can throw red, chuck, bombs and blues to those annoying pigs in your living room in a wonderfully augmented reality.

While the main experience of Angry Birds remains, throwing birds into structures to throw them down, the game takes a fresh perspective on augmented reality.

This allows you to physically walk and examine complex structures that you have to destroy in order to progress, looking for weaknesses and other surprises that may give you some benefits.

There are over 40 levels available at this time, with more coming in the future. It is also completely independent, and although there are some F2P mechanisms, these are not as aggressive as some of the games we have encountered in the past.

Download Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs by clicking on this link.

Stack AR

07 stack ar thumb555

It’s true that Stack AR won’t revolutionize augmented reality games on iOS, but it’s also surprisingly addictive as a good way to show your friends how great augmented reality can be.

This is a basic game that allows you to stack blocks in the real world with the touch of the screen to get the highest tower possible.

Once the game is over, you’ll see how your finished tower rises from under the ground in all its augmented glory. Not much, but it is good for newbies in the world of augmented reality.

Download Stack AR via this link.

AR Zombie

03 ar zombie thumb555

This is a survival horror game, in which, of course, you have to save your house from a zombie invasion.

After setting up the game (placing various windows and doors in your physical environment), you’ll encounter 3D zombies that will break your stronghold and try to eat your brain. The goal is to protect against zombies for as long as possible using a variety of weapons with limited weapons, while you repair and strengthen your defenses.

It is very fun and works best in a large and empty environment. Oh, and a tip from us: map virtual doors and windows to your actual doors and windows, it makes the experience more realistic.

And although all of this should be done at this time, the developers have promised future updates that will bring features like story mode and even multiplayer.

Click this link to download the game for iOS.

Domino World AR

08 domino world ar thumb555

Are you one of those people who will watch a 10-minute YouTube video of a complex domino course? Do you have the patience to make it yourself? Of course not, but with Domino World AR, this is not necessary.

The application requires you to create complex, detailed and completely insane domino fields in your environment without the slightest effort and risk of demolishing them prematurely.

There are lots of accessories and toys that can be used to give it an extra touch, the only limit is your imagination.

It’s not for everyone, especially at 1.99, but if dominoes were a very appreciated part of your childhood, it’s worth for iPhone and iPad 

Click this link to download Domino World AR on iOS.

AR Dragon

04 ar dragon thumb555

If you like taking care of your little tamogotchi in the 90s, then you’ll like AR Dragon. It is a concept similar to retro technology, where users are tasked with taking care of their own augmented reality dragon. You have to control him every day, feed him and play with him or he has to be released and fly away.

You’ll unlock new foods, toys and skins. As your dragon grows, you’ll see how it grows in size from a child to a teenager and, ultimately, to a giant dragon.

You can download AR Dragon by clicking on this link.

Zombie Gunship Revenant VR


For fans of the Zombie Gunship series, we suggest the latest in the collection: Zombie Gunship Revenant VR. As the name itself suggests, the game has an AR mode that lets you take your device to the virtual battlefield and achieve the goal of getting close to the zombies.

Add a different dynamic, as players are used to scroll around the map, and you must bring your iPhone to the surface just as close as you want to zombies. The ZG Revenant AR is one of the many currently available wave-based AR shooters, but is one of our favorites.

You can download the game by clicking on this link

Follow Me Dragon

05 follow me dragon thumb555

If you are trying to remember to feed your AR dragon every day you feel too much, you may like the game Follow Me Dragon. Like AR Dragon, it has beautiful dragons, but these dragons have much more character. They will dance, jump, pose for photos, look for you and fly from one place to another in their environment.

You can adjust your dragon’s color to be unique, and an integrated camera allows you to take pictures of your companion in the real environment where you for iPhone and iPad 

You can download Follow Me Dragon by clicking on this link.

Conduct AR

10 conduct ar thumb555

Conduct AR is a great-looking train strategy game that comes to life on your desk and entrusts you with the smooth running of increasingly complex rail lines in the Wild West.

The gameplay is fairly simple, but it takes some time to master, especially in the final levels, which have juggles with multiple tasks at once.

Transport passengers on time, earn stars and progress through the range of levels currently available – if you are a fan of miniature trains, these may be the best 3.99 Euros you have spent.

You can download the game for iOS by clicking on this link.

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