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Apple’s requirements for default external apps in iOS 14

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Apple has released a new online support document detailing the specific requirements that developers will need to adhere to in order for their apps to be used as the default application in the new iOS 14.

We have discovered it thanks to Federico Viticci, who has published it on his Twitter account:


In iOS 14, users will be able, for the first time, to choose in the iPhone preferences which web browser and which email app they want to use by default. Until now, in most cases users have been forced to use Safari and Mail.

App developers must comply with Apple’s guidelines and then ask the company to give them that permission.

“The system uses the default web browser on iOS when the user opens an HTTP or HTTPS link. The fact that this app becomes the main user input to the Internet causes Apple to require that web browsing apps meet specific functional criteria to protect user privacy and ensure adequate access to the Internet, “says Apple.

These guidelines for browsers say that apps must reach certain benchmarks , as well as certain levels of privacy. They must also offer full access to the web like Safari does. Basically, in order to be a default app, you cannot ignore any of the features that Safari offers.


The requirements for being a default email app aren’t all that complicated, but Apple also asks developers to offer basic privacy and internet access.

We hope that most browsers and alternative email apps are ready to be used as default when iOS 14 is released with the arrival of the iPhone 12 , most likely in October.

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