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Apple Watch includes Family Setup in watchOS 7

watchOS 7

Apple took advantage of its last event to tell us about Family Setup, a function that will be incorporated into watchOS 7 thanks to which the Apple Watch experience will be suitable for the whole family. 

As you surely know, the main functions of the Apple Watch are related to health and fitness, in addition to communication. You will also know that an Apple Watch makes sense when used with an iPhone … or so it was until now. 

Thanks to Family Setup, if your son or daughter has an Apple Watch, you can configure it from your own iPhone (as well as configure your own Apple Watch). 

In this way, your sons and daughters will also be able to communicate through their Apple watches with those who are in the Family Setup plan in the family. 

In short: Family Setup aims to keep the family closer than ever. In addition to communication, it offers key functions that your sons or daughters can enjoy without still having their own iPhone. 

Here we tell you more about the most important tools that will come within Family Setup with watchOS 7. 

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1. Keeping the whole family connected

As we have explained, an iPhone will no longer be necessary to take advantage of an Apple Watch. Some of the main functions will be to communicate, such as: 

  • Make and receive calls
  • Facetime
  • Send and receive messages
  • Send emails
  • Use the Walki-Talkie app with other Apple Watches
  • Use Memoji App 

It is worth mentioning that thanks to parental control, it is possible to control which contacts the boys and girls can have in order to use all these communication apps. 

To use some of the features mentioned, each person with Apple Watch will need to have their own cellular plan and their own Apple ID. 

2. Apple Pay: pay with Apple Watch

One of the most used features in the Apple Watch is Apple Pay, the possibility of being able to pay in stores where you accept contactless payments just by bringing your Apple watch to the dataphone. 

In this way, it can sometimes be much safer for your sons or daughters to pay using their watch before they carry cash with them. The functionality called Apple Cash Family will allow parents to transfer money to their children’s Apple Watch so they can make payments. 

You can control the money they spend if you activate the option to receive notifications on your smartwatch each time they make a payment. You can immediately see the purchase they have made in your Wallet app. 

3. Find people: share your location

If your sons and daughters are still young, you will like to know that thanks to Family Setup and the Find People app you will be able to share the location and receive continuous updates on the location of your children. 

The Maps application will help your little ones learn to move safely while you watch the route they take. 

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4. Activity and physical exercise

Since this is one of the main functions of the Apple Watch in adults, you may worry that your daughter or son will become too obsessed with calories at too young an age. 

For this reason, Apple has adapted the Apple Watch for boys and girls by changing the calorie counter to monitor minutes of movement instead. They will receive extra credits if they do physical activities because, although it is not good for them to obsess, it is healthy for them to learn that it is important to do physical activities. 

5. Health and safety

Apple is already in charge of mentioning it at each of its events: Apple Watch has managed to save lives thanks to its security-based functions such as SOS Emergency. 

By simply pressing the side button you can access emergency services, guardians will receive notifications if their children (or very elderly parents) have requested an emergency call. 

We have found the Medical Record function useful, they can carry your most important medical data, such as blood group or allergies in case you need to access them at any time. 

6. Zero distractions: School hours

You may be thinking by now that your son or daughter wearing an Apple Watch will end up becoming a distraction and prevent them from concentrating on classes or study times. 

Apple has thought of everything, as Family Setup includes School Hours, a tool that will help kids focus when needed. 

When this function is activated, a yellow circle appears on the clock. While active, access to applications is restricted and ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode is activated. 

Parents can activate this tool whenever they want from their iPhone on their sons and daughters’ watch. The child will receive a notification five minutes before this study time begins. 

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