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Apple’s latest tools for app developers

WWDC is primarily an event designed for developers and developers of apps. How else can it be, the inaugural keynote also dedicated a section to talk about development.

In this sense, Apple introduced new technologies and tools that make it easy for dedicated people to create apps for iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and recently released iPadOS.

The company’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federge, was in charge of presenting these revolutionary tools in society, including development environments, augmented reality and more integration between the iPad and Mac.

The creation of apps is made easier with SwiftUI and Xcode 11

With SwiftUI, a new tool in Xcode 11, Apple’s objective is to offer an environment where creating sophisticated interfaces for applications is easier than ever, which can then be used in any of their operating systems.

Some tasks have been automated, such as dark mode, reach or compatibility, with languages ​​written from right to left. The speed of the platform has also been improved, some developers would appreciate.

In addition, you’ll find many useful possibilities to preview the application when used on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and Apple TV, although it seems that you can do it on Mac or MacBook for now Are.

Greater integration between iPad and Mac

Apple has made it easier than ever to bring an iPad app on its MacOS platform. It is possible with Xcode, with which you can add Mac features to the app development project designed for tablets.

If you are a developer or developer, you may also be interested in knowing that you can work on both versions of your application with the same team. Undoubtedly, it adds great efficiency to the development of the application and will help you save time.

More possibilities for apps with augmented reality

Apple also presented the news of ARKit 3. On the one hand, with Motion Capture you can capture the movement of people in the app, while with People Inclusions you can see virtual content in front of you and create a more realistic experience.(apple tools)

A special emphasis was placed on the RealityKit tool, which includes really amazing animation effects and superrevistic rendering functions. On the other hand, Reality Composer provides RA for those who do not know anything about the 3D design.

Creating apps for Apple Watch without iPhone

On the other hand, improvements have also been introduced that will make the process of making applications for applewatch very easy. What’s more, with the new WatchOS 6 you can design an app that does not need an iPhone to tools

It is possible to develop smart applications from the beginning of Core ML in Apple Watch Series 4. For example, it is now possible to use Apple Watch to play audio content from third-party applications.

Core ML now supports machine learning

Now, it is also possible to create applications that use machine learning models that can accurately identify vision, speech and natural language that has never been seen in Apple products.

In this way, thanks to the update of Core ML3, many personal applications can be created for the user while protecting their privacy. In addition to Create ML, these models can also be made without writing codes.

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