Apple to bring Face ID and Touch ID login to Safari


touch id

At this year’s WWDC online event , Apple announced that they were working to bring Face ID and Touch ID technologies to the web through their Safari app for iPhone, iPad, and macOS.

At the moment, Apple’s two biometric authentication methods are only largely incorporated into the app’s registry. If you access the services through the web, you still have to click in the search field and type your username and password or trust an auto-complete service or a password manager. 

These can be authenticated with Face ID or Touch ID but they are at the end of the chain of a process instead of being the authentication process itself.

Touch id The new tool is based on the common web authentication feature, but has not been implemented on the web for iOS. It looks like a small update, but if your iPhone, iPad, and Mac can authenticate you after logging in for the first time with just your biometric data, it means you won’t have to rely on storing all login details with a password manager or the Apple’s own keychain.  

Developers will have to incorporate the feature into their websites, but adoption is usually quite fast for Apple software . We hope to see you very soon.

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