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Apple patents anti-reflective glass for iPhone and iPad

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Apple introduced the nano-textured glass option with the launch of the Pro Display XDR monitor in late 2019, then added this same option (at a high cost) to the 27 ”iMac display. Now it seems that the company is looking for a way to treat its screens more to minimize reflections.

Apple has just issued the patent “Antireflective Treatment for Textured Enclosure Components” (“Antireflective Treatment for Textured Attachment Components”). The patent includes notebooks , tablets , smartphones , wearables and other electronic devices, which could suggest that Apple may be considering adding nano-textured glass to other devices.

The patent refers to a “textured area”, especially a “subtracted surface” with a set of outward protrusions. Each of them has a thickness of about 750 nm or more and less than 10 microns. Apple Insider suggests that the patent describes methods of etching on glass, which could reduce reflectivity by preventing light from reflecting off.

This information suggests that Apple’s era of bright displays may be ending – good news if you’ve ever been frustrated that it’s too bright and reflective on your iMac, MacBook, iPad, and iPhone.

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