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Apple HomePod 2 and HomePod mini: features, rumors, dates and prices

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Do you want to know what Apple has on their sleeve on the following homepages? In this article we analyze all the information and rumors related to HomePod 2 and next generation seri and software which will improve the work of existing units.

There is a lot of discussion on the net these days that Apple could launch a small, cheaper version of its smart speaker. There are also reports that a new home page will be introduced with Face ID this year, which we also analyzed.

New HomePod: release date

The Homepod was announced with the celebration of the WWDC in the month of June 2017, but it was not available until February 2018 when availability and sale became effective.

Thus, it is unlikely that Apple will make a technical change in its new version of the HomePod 2 speaker. What seems to be clear and considering the movements of its competitors, Apple can offer a small and inexpensive unit.

In March 2018, the Economic Daily News, a Taiwanese publication, published a report with many predictions about Apple’s product roadmap. With the new iPhone, iPad and MacBook, the website predicted that the new HomePad will be launched in the second half of 2018.

Obviously, the launch was not correct, but there are many other rumors that a cheap homepod can cook food in the company’s oven. Other Bloomberg sources say that Apple is working on a new version.

As you know, Apple has recently introduced the new AirPods 2, however, especially during the presentation at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino on March 25. However, the new homepad should wait for the company’s new announcements, which can match the celebration of the WWDC.

The event that coincides with the initial Worldwide Developers Conference in English is already a celebration date, and will be the week from 4 to 18 June, 2019 at the McNrg Convention Center in San Jose (California), a center where The Coupterino The company has organized other versions earlier, such as in the year 2017.

What can we expect from the WWDC of 2019

In the 2017 WWDC, Apple announced the new version of iOS 11 and MacOS 10.13 High Sierra, as well as updates to TVOS and WatchOS. With this, we want to indicate that it is a time of year in which the company announces important news related to the world of its operating system and brand developers.

In this way, there is no need to estimate that the 2019 WWDC will have news about the updates of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. It is still impossible to know that these releases related to software updates will be with the release of hardware devices.

If we take as an example that happened in 2018, and recently launched on March 25, the company gives priority to different incidents and does not mix software releases with new hardware releases.

New HomePod: Price

Barclays analyst Blaine Curtis believes that Apple will launch a cheap homepot in 2019, with which it will try to gain more market share, the sale of the homepad has been disappointing with less than 5 million units.

The price of the first-generation homepad available in white or space gray is currently € 349 in the Apple Store. Generally, it is expected that version 2 of Apple product is the same, but rumors are expected to be cheap.

The report of Economic Daily News, supported by Rosenblatt analyst Jun Zhang, states that the price of the new homepad will be around $ 150 and $ 200 from the current model.

An additional report of May 2018 suggested that the success of the homepod would be $ 199 (€ 176). It also says a lot that some retail shops and retailers have offered the offer with a discount of € 100 on the purchase price. This indicates that the new one will spend a lot less.

New HomePod: Design

The new HomePod 2 can be smaller than the current model, as well as being cheap, as we are estimating. In this way, the new device will be called HomePod Mini because the brand is usually used in other product areas.

However, other media shook away from the possibility that Apple used the Beats brand of its speakers to connect with the new product that was running Siri, marking the differences in its homebod model.

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New HomePod: New features

When original homepages hit the market, it had to criticize users for lack of certain features, which were near competitors (Amazon Echo or Google Home), along with Siri’s limitations.

The homepod software was updated at the same time as the launch of iOS 12 last September. Updates have given us new features for Smart Speakers, which we will give in detail:

  • Siri improvementsMake phone calls directly from homepod
  • It allows listening to voicemail in the homepad
  • It is possible to direct the homepad to find an iPhone and reproduce the sounds
  • Set more than one timer at the same time
  • Change Wifi Network to which the HomePod is connected
  • Better language support
  • The ability to transmit audio to the FaceTime group call
  • Find Songs by Characters
  • Activate Siri’s Shortcut via HomePo

Siri improvements

It is expected that Siri will bring new improvements in the usability, especially when controlled by different people or members of a family. In fact, to manage Siri through the homepad, it should be able to identify several accounts with different recognized voices.

The lack of more versions of Siri in different languages ​​also shows that Apple is facing some challenges in the development of its voice assistant. This can mean that your homepad can not be sold all over the world.

Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities, says that if the Apple Smart Speaker wants to compete with Amazon and Google in the market, then the company needs to improve its voice support capabilities and increase language compatibility.

Finally, another great limit is the Siri control posted in HomePod to ensure more consistency of streaming music services, something that their competitors do. Although you can use AirPlay to stream from Spotify, it does not provide full support.

Face ID

Another potential feature may be support of Face ID, something that has been predicted for some years, but has not yet come true. In addition, Apple has transferred this security feature released with the iPhone to the MacBook Pro computer.

Dewey Ho, President of InventeCe Tools, stressed months ago that ‘Engineers are designing smart speakers who will not only come up with voice recognition, but will also include features like face and image recognition.’

These features related to artificial intelligence are designed to make life easier for people and to ensure more disposable. Previous version of the HomePod firmware suggested that Face ID can be used to authenticate individual requests.

Gestures with hands

Thanks to the face-detecting technologies in the homepad, the device can detect gestures that the user remotely makes. Therefore, it would be possible to increase the volume to the homepad or to prevent playback with a single gesture.

Yuanta Investment Consulting analyst Jeff Pu predicted last year that Apple could launch HomePod with 3D camera sensor. Apple acquired PrimeSense Company in 2013, a company behind the speed tracking technique used by the Xbox 360.

In this way, the user can use different sensors and cameras to interact with the homepot, can interpret gestures that you can display in the air. Can also provide visual information in response to LED gestures on the speaker.

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