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Apple announces new event for September 15

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Mark Gurman was right. The Bloomberg journalist   was right in assuring that a new Apple event (and not new products) would be announced this week. Now we know that it will take place on September 15 . 

It is true that Gurman specifically said that we would begin to receive invitations to the iPhone 12 launch event  , and this is unknown for now if it is true. Apple  never anticipates  what it will announce  at its events. 

It is possible that the company will introduce a  new iPad  and the  Apple Watch Series 6 , products that the leaker Jon Prosser assured that we would receive yesterday  (by the way, it has taken the defeat among experts quite well). And the iPhone 12 may not arrive until October. 

In any case, it is an event with invitations and everything. It is true that it will be virtual, so Apple has not needed to give much advance notice. You want everyone to be available, probably because the iPhone 12 (or some models) will be announced. 

We doubt that the event will focus on the Apple Watch and that it will announce the new iPhones in a statement afterwards. However, it should not be ruled out that two separate events are held, although it seems somewhat unnecessary.

There are many products that already need an update. In addition to the iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone, we know they are working on a new Apple TV, AirTags, a  video game controller , a new HomePod, and new AirPods, in addition to the  Apple Silicon . 


We don’t know yet which ones will be announced next week, but as always we can analyze the invitation for clues. The slogan doesn’t tell us much (“Time Flies”) , but we can get something out of the Apple logo. 

You’ll see it’s blue, as was the #appleevent hashflag emoji  , and that could anticipate dark blue products  . That has already been rumored about the iPhone 12, but we would like the AirPods to be (although unlikely).

The design of the logo itself is quite unique. It has a kind of calligraphic effect, from which you can follow the stroke of a digital brush. Calligraphy is always a nod to art and products for creatives, so we would bet on a new Apple Pencil or a compatible iPad. 

In any case, there is less than a week to know with which products Apple will surprise us. Don’t miss the event next Tuesday, September 15 at 10:00 a.m. (local time), when it’s 7:00 p.m. in Spain.

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